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A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an awesome online shop that creates custom journals, notebooks, cards/stationary, and memory keepers (boxes to store mementos).  I fell instantly in love with their cute designs and customization options!  This was right up my alley!  This wonderful little place is called Paper Coterie.  Have you ever heard of it?  It was new to me, but I know I’ll be a return customer!

I ended up ordering two things – a custom journal/notebook and a few memory keeper boxes.  Would you like to see?  Yes?  Okay!

My Life Journal

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The My Life journal is a spiral bound notebook with lined pages.  The cool thing about this notebook (and really, all of their notebooks) is that you can upload and add your own pictures!  You can even resize and reconfigure the layout to whatever suits your fancy.  I decided to change up their suggestion of 12 mini pictures on the cover to 4 mini pics and 2 larger pics.  You can also customize the text that’s added to the bottom (or completely remove it!).  I liked their example of ‘My Life’ with my name (FYI – I’ve blurred out my last name for privacy reasons), so I just altered the font and colors.



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The journal comes with a protective, translucent plastic cover and an elastic band to hold it closed.  The cover with the photos is a thick cardstock, but I’ve found it to be very sturdy because of the protective cover!






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You can also add photos to the inside of the cover!  I stuck with their suggestion of 12 mini photos (so you could opt for this layout on the front as well).

Pretty cool, eh? I ended up ordering another one of these for a friend for Christmas. I can’t WAIT to give it to her!





Memory Keepers

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My second purchase was a few memory keeper boxes.  I don’t know about you, but when I go on vacation, I like to keep things like maps, business cards from hotels & restaurants, you know, all those little things that remind you later of the details of the trip!  I always have grand plans to convert them into a scrapbook, but I never seem to find the time to make that happen.  So, I end up with a bag of mementos that just get forgotten.  Well, no more of that!  I decided to get a separate memory box for the various vacations from the past few years.  Now, I can store all of those little things but without having to invest much time in it!  Win – win!


Just like with the journal, you have a lot of control over what you want in the design.  I opted for boxes without photos, so I simply added text to indicate the trip & dates.

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The inside has plenty of space and closes securely (although, if you dropped it, it might not be secure enough to stay closed, but it’s closed tight enough to prevent dust or bugs from entering).






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When they arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see each box stored in a reusable drawstring bag (those will be repurposed for future travels!).  The quality of these boxes are fantastic and I couldn’t be more thrilled with them!






Overall Impression

I would definitely order from them again.  Shipping wasn’t too long considering they’re having to print and assemble these after you order them.  They were packaged very carefully and the quality is very nice.  They happened to be having a Back to School sale when I ordered all of this and everything was 40% off.  Right now, they currently have another 40% off your purchase, so if you’re interested in their products, definitely watch their website for one of these sales (or sign up for their emails)!

Enjoy the rest of your day and stop back by on Wednesday for another fun review!  I’ll be sharing my latest Birchbox and review each of the items I received.


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