Jean Straps | Review

Jean straps?  Huh?  What does that mean (you might be asking yourself!)?  Well…..allow me to explain!  I just discovered these babies  recently and they’re my latest ‘gotta have it’!

Now that it’s fall, ahem, boot season, these are must haves!  Every girl knows what a pain it can be to tuck your jeans into your boots, right?  Either they bunch around the ankle, or, if you’re working with boots that have to be pulled on (the worst!), then you can’t always get them to actually go all the way in…they kinda stop 1/2 way while your foot keeps going, then you’re left with a muffin top of jeans over your boots!  Not a good look…

Jean Straps are basically little stirrups you attach to your jeans and they hold them down and in place – even for pull on boots!  I saw these online a couple of weeks ago and decided to give them a try.  It took about a week to get them through the mail and I gave them a try for the first time yesterday and LOVED them!  I’m wearing them again today!

Here’s a couple of pictures to give you the idea of how they work.  All you have to do is attach one end of the stirrup to the hem of your jeans on one side, as I’ve done in this photo.  It doesn’t damage your jeans, but it does provide a nice, secure attachment:

Then, just repeat on the other side and your stirrup is in place!  Now, it’s super easy to slide your foot into your boots and your jeans stay put!

You might be asking how comfortable are these things?  I noticed them when I first started walking around yesterday, but they weren’t uncomfortable.  After a hour or so, I didn’t even notice them anymore.  Now, my jeans tend to be long, so the strap doesn’t have to stretch too far.  I imagine if I had a shorter length, which requires the elastic to stretch more, it might be a tad more uncomfortable.

Overall, I’m a happy girl!  I only ordered one pair, but I can see the need to possibly order a back up pair for when I need to wash these, or if I misplace them (oh the horror!).

I’m gearing up for a low key weekend without too many plans (except baking some cupcakes!).  I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend, though.  The past few have been very busy and the next few coming up are looking to follow suit, so a lazy, quiet weekend is just what I need!  Have fun doing whatever you have planned and I’ll see you back here on Monday…




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