Book Report | November 2013

Hello!  Since I love to read and I love to share a good read even more, I’ve decided this will become a monthly feature.  Once a month, I’ll do a round up of the best books that I’ve over the past month.  I anticipate having two or three books to share each month.  I also intend to create a “Books” link at the top of my blog where you can refer back to all of the books I’ve reviewed in case you want to refer back to any of them.  I hope to have that added within the next week, so keep an eye out for that!  Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the two books I’ve selected for this month!

Murder in Thrall

by Anne Cleeland

Murder in ThrallMurder in Thrall, by Anne Cleeland, was a great book!  Despite my past few reads which were historical fiction, this one is set in modern day London.  It’s a wonderful ‘who done it’ with a little bit of romance thrown in to spice it up a bit.  I found the main character, Kathleen Doyle, a first year Scotland Yard detective, very likeable and I really wanted to get to know her better! The murders and subsequent investigations definitely left me stumped and the person whom I thought was the culprit turned out not to be, so that made for a surprising ending. Always the best way to end a book, right?!

As for the romance side of things, it’s not over the top.  The book is still very much a mystery first with a side storyline which focuses on the romance.  The relationship that develops is a bit unconventional, but I like that it wasn’t a ‘roll your eyes’ kind of love story.

I read this book in a matter of days since I couldn’t put it down.  I have it on my list to check out other books by this author since I really liked her writing style!


Thinking of You

by Jill Mansell

Thinking of You by Jill MansellThis was a reallllyyyy good book.  Thinking of You, by Jill Mansell, was a light read, but I would hesitate on calling it ‘Chick Lit’.  It’s definitely in that spectrum, but I thought it had a bit more substance that then traditional ‘chick lit’ book.  It’s set in current times in southern England.  The main character, Ginny, is a 38 year old single mother of 18 year old Jem.  They seem to have an awesome relationship, so the book’s main focus is on Ginny finding herself after her daughter leaves the nest for college.  She goes through some ups and downs, but fights through each one with humor and grace.  I really liked her and found her to be someone with whom I could be friends.  The overall story was enjoyable and I liked seeing Ginny’s growth and acceptance of being an independent woman now that her daughter is starting her life on her own.

I also enjoyed that her daughter had a storyline of her own.  She and her mother have several parallels, but it’s interesting to see how they each deal with things in their own ways.

I definitely got pulled into this book and looked forward to stealing time to dive back in to see what happened next!

I’m currently in the middle of another great book.  It’s for my next book club meeting in December and so far, it’s a fantastic read!  I already have this on on my list to share in my Book Report for December, so stayed tuned!

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