Book Report | February 2014

This past month has been a whirlwind of activity and I haven’t had nearly as much time to indulge in some good reading time.  Tragic, indeed!  I did manage to finish two books and fortunately, they were both quite good, so I do at least have those to share with you!

The Beach House

by Georgia Bockoven

I really liked this book!  The Beach House was an easy read that centers around a charming beach house in a quaint town on the California coast.   Julia, one of the central characters, owns the beach house with her husband, but she’s suffering from his untimely death from the previous year.  Traditionally, she and her husband have rented it out over the summer to three families that return year after year.  With the passing of her husband, she’s unsure of what to do with the beach house and the story follows not only her process of rediscovery, but the lives of the families that return to the beach house year after year.  They each have their own issues – some positive, some not so positive – but the beach house and the love within those walls embraces each family as they make their way through their holiday.  It’s a great summer read!  Or, like me, if you read it in the winter, it’ll make you feel just a tad warmer!


A Hopeless Romantic

by Harriet Evans

This was a very sweet story! It reminded me a lot of Bridget Jones Diary.  Like Bridget Jones Diary, A Hopeless Romantic is set in London and centers around a young woman not having much luck in the dating world.  While she’s not as hopeless as Bridget (and I mean that in the most loving way!), she’s hopelessly romantic (hence the name of the book) and lives her life thinking each man she meets is her knight in shining armor.  Trouble is, these illusions keep her from seeing these men for what they really are – losers!  Fortunately, most of this is in her past and we only get to meet one of these before she swears to turn over a new leaf.  The man she meets soon after sweeps her off her feet, but she resists, thinking she just has her head in the clouds!  It’s an endearing story and definitely one I’d recommend if you want an easy chick lit book to pass the time.

Hopefully next month, I’ll have a tad more time to bury my nose in a good book.  It’s been too long since I sat down on a Saturday afternoon and just let myself get lost in a good book for several hours!  I’m thinking it’s high time I indulge and treat myself to an afternoon of just that!  If it’s been awhile since you have done that, why don’t you join me!

If you’ve missed any of my past book reviews, be sure to check out my Book Report page where I have corralled them all together!

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