What to do in Salt Lake City, Utah!

It’s time for another quick travel review!  This time, let’s talk about Salt Lake City, Utah.  As I mentioned on Monday, I recently traveled to this lovely city and I highly recommend adding it to your U.S. bucket list if it’s not already on there!

Last week, I spent three days in this beautiful city for the Click Away Photography conference.  It’s a beautiful city that is well laid out with a numerous things to do.  I had been to Salt Lake City about five years ago and I can’t say I remember anything particularly impressive about it, but I think I either wasn’t paying attention, or they’ve really outdone themselves by adding new things around town!

I have a feeling they cater to a lot of conferences, so if you are scheduled to attend a conference here in the future, rest assured that you will be able to enjoy it and take in the sights at a wonderful location.  In a lot of cities, the conference/convention center is located outside the city and you’re kind of stuck there!  Not in Salt Lake City!  It’s right downtown with several beautiful sites within a very short distance away.

Temple Square

Since the conference I was attending had some breaks in the schedule and included various photo walks around town, I had several opportunities to explore the city! I thought I’d share the places I visited in case you are planning to visit here in the near future.

Where to Sleep

Hilton Salt Lake City Center

Image courtesy of hilton.com

I really liked the Hilton.  It’s one block from the convention center, so it was very convenient.  The room was HUGE and the king size bed with the abundance of soft, fluffy pillows was heaven.  The bathroom also had a very large sink area, which I love.  It gives me plenty of space to spread out all of my products!  My other favorite perk…there’s a Starbucks was located in the lobby.  Score!!  This was very convenient for my morning coffee addiction!

My room at the Hilton…

I ordered room service my first night there since I was exhausted from my late arrival the night before and my very full first day at the conference.  I also had a cocktail party to attend that evening, so running around town trying to find something to eat was just not on my agenda!  Fortunately, the Hilton had a wonderful menu with plenty of options.  Now, since it was room service, it is more pricey than at a restaurant, but for the sheer convenience of staying in my room in my yoga pants, I took the plunge!  I ordered the turkey sandwich with gruyere cheese and some other standard sandwich toppings.  While I could’ve ordered fries (or even sweet potato fries!), I selected the house made potato chips (I was trying to keep it somewhat healthy!).  Everything was yummy and I’d definitely recommend their food if you want to stay in the comfort of your room!  I ordered right during the dinner rush and it took about 45 minutes to get my order, but not only did I anticipate this, they also warned me about this when I called to place my order.

The staff was very friendly always went out of their way to speak and ask how your stay is going.  In fact, two days after I had ordered room service, I ran into the guy that delivered my food in the elevator.  He recognized me and asked  how I had enjoyed my dinner!  I don’t know if he has an awesome memory, or if no one else orders room service, so it was easy to remember!  Either way, I was impressed!  I had zero complaints about this hotel and wouldn’t hesitate to stay here again if I find myself back in Salt Lake City.

Things to See & Do

While each of the things I mention below were, for the most part, included in the conference I was attending, none of them charged an entrance fee or required tickets for entry.  That makes each of these adventures easy on the wallet!

Temple Square

Temple Square

Temple Square is truly a gem in this city and if you find yourself in Salt Lake City for any length of time, be sure to take a stroll through this area.  In the center of the square is the Temple, which is a towering church with gorgeous architecture.  You can’t go in unless you’re Mormon, so I can’t comment on how it looks inside, but the grounds around it are filled with manicured lawns and gardens with all varieties of colorful flowers.

Temple Square

There are several statues depicting the history of the Mormon church.  Also, as you’re strolling around, you are likely to witness numerous brides and grooms having their photos taken.  This doesn’t just occur on the weekends, but thoughout the week!

Statues in Temple Square


Utah State Capital

For one of our photography excursions, we went up the hill to the Capital building.  The views here are breathtaking.  It’s so wide open and vast!  The architecture is stunning and if you look closely, there’s a walking path across the road that takes you down to a few very picturesque memorial buildings.

Utah Capital Memorial (across the street from the Capital)

Wheeler Historic Farm
Another off site excursion was to Wheeler Historic Farm.  This was about 15 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City.  It has numerous walking paths, flower gardens, sheep farm, grazing cows, and historical buildings that represent a working farm from long ago.

Baby Sheep!

A trail at Wheeler Historic Farm

I thought this was a lovely outing and I don’t believe there was any entrance fee, so if you’re in the area with kids and in need of a low cost option that allows the kiddos to play outside for awhile, this just might be the place for you!  You can easily spend an entire afternoon here and if you bring a picnic lunch…even better!

Wheeler Historic Farm


Outdoor Mall in the center of Salt Lake City

Right in the center of the city is an outdoor mall.  It’s lies in between Temple Square and the convention center, so it’s perfectly located for a mid-convention break.  It’s lovely for walking around and it has a nice selection of shops if you’re in the mood for browsing (so this may or may not be a ‘free’ activity for you!).  And…if you are attending a conference and want a few more options for lunch besides the sandwiches offered at the convention center, just mosey on over to the food court for a variety of places!

Park City

Park City, Utah

As the last event of the conference, they bused a large group of us out to Park City, which is a ski town about 30 miles outside of Salt Lake City.  I’ve always heard this is a lovely city and it didn’t disappoint.

Main Street in Park City, Utah

It’s a typical ski town and I can only image how lovely this is when covered with snow in the winter.  We had about 1-1/2 hours to explore and I didn’t waste anytime getting a few shots in (well, after I got over my fear of pulling out my camera!).  The Main Street seems to be where all of the action is…numerous shops and boutiques, restaurants, candy stores, and galleries.  While my main objective was to take photos, I will admit that I popped into a few stores to browse!

A restaurant in Park City, Utah


Your turn!  What’s your favorite way to kill time in a city where you’re either attending a conference or visiting for work?

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