September Goals

Hey there, friends!  September has arrived…can you believe it!?  This month, we usher in Fall and say goodbye to Summer (unless you’re one of our south-of-the-equator friends!).  With a new month dawning, that means it’s time to set my goals for the month…


I’m a big believer in goals and I find when I take the time to make them, it gives me a road map to follow.  I’ve also found that sharing those goals with at least one person helps me stay accountable and will make it more likely that I stick with it!  One of my very good friends and I have recently starting filling this role for each other.  We’ve starting meeting on a monthly basis (sometimes twice a month) to go over our goals for our respective blogs.  We end each meeting by stating our goals that we want to achieve before the next meeting.  Essentially, we’re making ourselves accountable, and darned if we don’t meet those goals and then some! (go us!!)

Long story short, I have learned the power of sharing any goal that I feel I might cop out on and not finish.  Once I’ve voiced that objective, I don’t want to look like a failure (okay…loser) by not accomplishing it, so it motivates me to stick with it.  Why am I telling you all of this?  Because going forward, on the first of each month, I plan to share my goals with you for the month ahead.  I’ll also recap on my progress from the previous month’s list and share any tidbits and advice for jumping over hurdles to make things happen!  Hopefully, you guys might be inspired to set your own goals (if you’re not already)!

What do I want to accomplish in September?

Fitness Goals
I used to be really good at working out 4-5 times a week.  Then, my beloved gym closed earlier this year.  Summer is also my busiest time at work, so my workouts took a hit and I let it slide off my list of priorities.  Not.Good.  So…it’s time to get moving and get back into a regular workout routine!  While I can’t go back to my wonderful gym, I can still move more in other ways.

Objective #1: 30 day walking/moving challenge
We all know the drill…walk, walk, and then walk some more.  It’s good advice and I love walking, but when you have a desk job, getting the recommended 10,000 steps a day is HARD.  My goal this month is to hit in the 7,500 – 10,000 range each day.  This is a big goal for me and I’ll have my Fitbit charged and ready to keep me going!  This, out of all of my goals for this month has me the most nervous for actually achieving.  That’s why I’m shouting it out to the internet to make myself accountable!!  I’ll be tagging pics along the way in instagram to track my progress and keep myself motivated, #rlf30dayMOVE (be sure to follow along with me!)

Objective #2:  Go to 8 spin classes
I used to spin on a regular basis.  In fact, I’d get myself up at some ungodly hour and hit the gym for the 6:00am spin class almost every morning!  But, that was several years ago, and that wakeup call is just not going to happen anytime soon!  But, I did just treat myself to a 10 class pass at a new spin studio near my home through Groupon, so no excuses now!  My goal is to do 2-3 classes a week, but I am traveling the first 2 weekends this month (Th – Sun for both).  That will make hitting 8 classes a bit of a challenge, but just means I’ll have to be sure to do 3 classes a week later in the month!  I apologize now to my soon to be very sore tushy!

Small note:  on the days that I plan to spin, since the Fitbit only tracks steps, I’m going to try to input activity for the spinning to accommodate for the workout.  I’m not quite sure how that works, so on those days, my steps may be under my goal, but I’ll still be moving a ton!

Objective #3:  Go to 2 yoga classes
I love yoga and years ago, I used to do it 3-4 times a week.  Earllier this year, I was doing it about 5 days a week, but at home.  I’ve been meaning to get my butt back into a studio because the energy and the vibe just can’t be replicated at home.  So, this month…I’m going to try to get at least 2 studio classes in (and a few more at home, too!)!

Organizational Goals
Objective #1:  Clean out spare bedroom and organize the closet
My spare bedroom has become more of a storage room than a useable sleeping space.  I think there’s actually a bed in there somewhere!  I’d really like to get that cleaned out and organized in September.  I’m beyond sick of seeing how messy it is in there (even though I keep the door closed to avoid having to take a look)!  However, with traveling scheduled for 2 out of 4 weekends, this may be a bit ambitious, so if I can at least get the junk cleaned out, I’ll call that a success and I can focus on the organizing in October.

Other Goals
Objective #1:  Make a donation of goods to my favorite goods charity
This should be an easy one to cross off the list since I plan to clean out my spare bedroom!  I typically donate my goods to the Vietnam Vets.  What I love about them is you can schedule it online and they come to your place to pick it all up!  They’ll even leave you a receipt for your taxes (blank) or you can have one sent to you via email.

Objective #2: Get started on my fall projects
I love DIY projects, especially this time of the year…fall projects and Christmas projects usually break me out of my crafty funk and gets me back into DIY mode!  I have a few things in mind…I just need to narrow those down and make them happen!  I typically make the mistake of waiting until October (for fall projects) or December (for Christmas projects), then never get them done because I’m out enjoying the seasons!  So, this year, I’m planning to get started early!

Objective #3:  Decorate for fall
I like to get my home decorated for fall by the end of September so it’s in the spirit once the calendar flips to October!  I don’t have a ton of fall decorations (like I do for Christmas), so this is generally a quick project.  But, since all of my decorations are stored in the closet in my spare bedroom (see Organization Goals above :))…it’s even more reason to make that goal happen!

Objective #4: Buy at least ONE Christmas present
I always admire those people that have all of their Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving.  How do they do that?? By planning ahead and being organized, I suppose!  I’m not usually one of those people.  I love to shop at Christmas time, but I feel I get more thoughtful gifts for people if I’m not buying in a rush with a deadline looming over my head.  For the few years where I have done the bulk of my shopping before December, I generally enjoy the holiday season so much more since I’m not stressed out and having to go shopping when I least feel like it.  SO!  This month, I want to get at least one Christmas present bought to kick things off!

How will I Make Myself Accountable?

If you want to follow along with me on my progress, I’m going to be snapping photos and sharing them on Instagram using the tag #rlfSept14Goals.  Feel free to follow me or to check them out!  For my fitness goals, just look for my photos tagged with #rlf30dayMOVE!  You can follow me HERE!


So, now that I’ve shared my goals with you, what are YOUR goals for this month?  How do you plan to make yourself accountable?


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    Hi Vicky, popping over from Clever Cookie school to say hi. Your blog is lovely and fresh.
    So my goals are to take more photos, exercise more and tweak my blog. Small list but I think I can achieve all three.

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      Vicky says

      Hi Astrid! Thanks for stopping by! :) I like your list…love that you’re on the right path and are feeling strong about reaching those goals…Clever Cookie will definitely help with tweaking your blog ;). I need to learn to keep my list short…I pile on way too many and never end up achieving everything. With a shorter list I could probably focus my time better, LOL.

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