Loving the NEW Lensbaby Mobile Lens

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE using my iPhone to take photos while out and about.  Don’t get me wrong, I can’t live without my big girl camera (i.e. my dSLR), but besides the convenience, I just love the extra option of filters and apps to really get creative.  My favorite accessory these days for my iPhone is the new Lensbaby Mobile lens that was just recently released.  It’s A-MAZING!

So, what is a Lensbaby?  Just in case you don’t know what a Lensbaby is, let me give you a quick explanation.  Lensbaby has historically only provided lenses for cameras with interchangeable lenses (i.e. dSLRs).  In a nutshell, they’re tilt shift lenses that allow you to move your point of focus around and have everything around it blur out.  I have one of the Lensbaby lenses for my dSLR (and plan to add another to my kit soon!).  It’s a very creative lens and a whole lot of fun!  So, when they announced a small version for mobile phones, I HAD to have it!!

Here’s how it looks on the iPhone (but you can also use this on non-iPhones):

With the regular Lensbaby lens, the optic part of the lens swivels and pivots so you can point the lens exactly where you want to shift the focus.  Since the mobile lens is pretty small, you can’t pivot the lens itself, but you still have that functionality via the free Lensbaby camera app (I’ve linked the iPhone app, but there is also an Android app for non-iPhone users).

Here’s a look at how the app looks (and this was a quick test with my coffee cup, so not a masterpiece in the making!)…

It’s really easy to move the point of focus…just use your finger and move it around on the screen!  In my test image above, I moved it to the intersection of the bottom 1/3 lines on the right.

Here are a few photos I’ve taken with my phone using this lens to give a little taste of how it looks (it should be noted that I’m still practicing and learning, though!)…

Another cool feature of this lens is if you have other magnetic lenses for your phone, you can use those WITH the Lensbaby lens!  This little lens is magnetic on both ends, so after attaching it to your phone, you can then stick another lens (like a macro or telephoto lens) on the other end to multiply your options for creativity.  I LOVE that!!

I keep this lens in my purse with me all the time and I’m always looking around for what I can take a photo with using this lens.  I might border on the edge of obsessed, but I’m okay with that!!

If you’re into phone photography or if you just want another option for taking cool photos for your Instagram feed, I definitely encourage you to give this a try!


So what about you…do you tend to take phone pics and keep it clean and simple (i.e. minimal, if any editing), or do you like to play it up and have a little creative fun with your phone pics?

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