Birchbox Sample Box {November 2014}

It’s that time, folks!  Last week, I received both of my sample boxes and today, I’m going to let you peek inside my Birchbox Sample Box!  Every month I eagerly await for my new box to arrive and it’s like Christmas morning!  Sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s not (but the misses are usually few).  This month…I’m a pretty happy girl!

Do you know why I love these sample boxes so much?  Well…ok…the obvious is true…I love to try the samples!!  But, what I love even more than that is the opportunity to try so many brands and products I would never have found or been exposed to without Birchbox.  Some of my all time favorite products that I cannot live without….yep, introduced to me by Birchbox (you can check out my all time faves on my All Stars page – 3 out of the 6 hair/makeup products were Birchbox finds)!

I also love how Birchbox mixes it up.  Sometimes it’s predominately skin care, sometimes it’s hair related, sometimes it’s a mixed bag!  I’ve received nail polish samples, perfume, lipstick/gloss, eye makeup products, and the list goes on and on!  I’ve even some off the wall things like a new pair of earbuds, awesome tea bags, ponytail holders, and hair clips!  This variety is what has me ripping the package open as fast as I can when it arrives on my doorstep each month!

So…now that I’ve pumped you up, are you ready to take a peek inside and see what I got this month?!

Here we go!

1. MAKE Dual-Phase Eye Makeup Remover – This eye makeup remover is very good.  A quick swipe with a bit of this on a cotton ball and my eye makeup was gone in a flash!  It promises to moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes and I definitely felt that my skin was a little less thirsty.  I, however, tend to prefer eye makeup remover pads since I don’t really like how liquid versions get in my eyes.  But, if you do like this type of remover, then I would recommend it!


2.Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream – I’ve only used this for a couple of days, but fortunately, it’s a very generous sample size, so I’m going to keep on for another few days (or as long as the sample holds out!).  So far, I like this day cream, especially now that it’s getting colder.  It is a bit heavier than typical day creams, almost more like a night cream, but with my skin getting a tad dryer with the colder air, it drinks it in and removes soft and hydrated throughout the day!


3.  the Balm Cosmetics Cindy=Lou Manizer (Highlighter) – I haven’t really embraced the highlighter craze yet.  I’ve tried many and I think it really boils down to not knowing the best way to apply it!  I either put too much on, or I don’t see it at all (so..what’s the point?!).  With that said, this highlighter is probably one of the best I’ve tried, since it’s not quite as light as some of the others I’ve tried.  That means it’s a little more subtle.  But, I still don’t love it!  When I see the shimmer on my face, I can’t help but try to wipe it off!

4. Harvey Prince Hello Shampoo – I love to try shampoos and conditioners, but I don’t often find ones that I love!  While this shampoo is a good one, it doesn’t knock my recent favorite new find off the top of my list!  I don’t necessarily have any feedback on it either positive or negative.  My hair felt clean and unweighted, but I didn’t look in the mirror after drying it and say ‘Wow! That shampoo is amazing!’ (which IS what I said after I first tried my new fave shampoo last month!).

5. Harvey Prince Hello Conditioner – I have pretty much the same review for this conditioner as I do for the shampoo.  It’s definitely not a bad conditioner at all!  It’s just not as moisturizing as my hair needs!  While I don’t have straw dry hair, it does benefit from a richer and a more deep conditioning treatment.  If  your hair can’t stand the heavier types of conditioner, than this might be a good option for you!

BONUS! Sometimes, Birchbox throws in a bonus item and I always love it when the bonus item is something chocolatey!  I was a little anxious and ate this before I did the photos of what came in the box (oops!).  But, let me assure you this piece of Pink Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt Caramel by Vosges Haut-Chocolat was divine!!  It was a square of dark chocolate filled with a pink himalayan sea salt burnt caramel.  Perfection!!  I checked it out on Birchbox and it’s a little pricey, but if you want to make a good impression to a hostess or give a extra special gift to a chocolate loving friend, this is the stuff!


Overall, a good month!  While I probably wouldn’t order the chocolates for myself, I am looking over my Christmas list to see who might enjoy a box of this as a special little treat!  The shampoo and conditioner, while not something I will order is definitely good enough for me to add to my travel stash for an upcoming trip.  The highlighter…I’m going to keep playing with this one and see how it goes…I just might order this one!  Same thing goes for the day cream…I’m going to keep using the sample and this one might end up in my shopping cart soon!  As for the makeup remover…this is the only sample this month that I won’t buy or continue using to finish off the sample.  

One last note on the awesome-ness of Birchbox!  Each month, you can type up a review for the items you received in exchange for 10 Birchbox points (per review).  After you get 100 points, you earn a $10 credit on a future order.  Since I received six products this month…that’s 60 points right there!!  Also, when you order anything from them (not including the monthly box), each dollar spent earns one Birchbox point.  You can let your points accrue, so if you have 400 points, you have a $40 credit! 

This means….I NEVER pay full price for one of the pricier items.  For example, my all time favorite mascara is $42 from Birchbox.  That’s a LOT for mascara!!  I’ve never paid more than $22 for it, which is still a little pricey, but is definitely worth every penny.  So, the Birchbox points really put some of the pricier items into a more reasonable reach.  Love that!

If you are not a current subscriber and would like to try out a Birchbox Sample Box…just click HERE to sign up!

[Full disclosure…the link to sign up is a referral link and I get 50 Birchbox points if you sign up using my link.  For a limited time, they’re throwing in 50 points for you too, so don’t wait!]


So friends, what little things do you like to do or buy for yourself that make you feel like a kid on Christmas morning?  Do you like to treat yourself from time to time?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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    Love it! I haven’t gotten my November box yet but I did get October and the Beauty Bar box. I’m still working on going through products. I hope I get chocolate as that sounds AMAZING!!! xo Liz

    • 5

      Vicky says

      Hey Liz! Isn’t it fun playing with the products?! :) I’ll cross my fingers that you get a piece of that chocolate because it’s awesome!!! xo!

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