Checking in on my Fall Bucket List!

Back in September when fall was just getting started, I shared my bucket list for things I wanted to do!  Since we are now officially 1/2 way through fall, I thought I’d check in on things and see how I’m doing!  

Fall Bucket List Revisited via


My Fall Bucket List

1. Pick pumpkins
Do mini pumpkins count?  Yes – I accomplished this one!  No – :( oh well…better luck next year

2. Bake my favorite Cranberry, Chocolate Chip, Walnut Bread
This is going to happen this weekend!  I’ve already bought the cranberries…yay!  LOVE this bread, so can’t wait to whip this one up!

3. Go for a hike or walk in the woods while the leaves are all kinds of orange, red, and yellow: 
Check! I even have an instagram pic to prove it!

4. Eat Apple Cider donuts (even better…make my own!):
Check and Check! Not only did I make my own baked version, I also indulged in a few from my favorite apple orchid (forgot to take pics of them)!

5. Drink Hot Apple Cider:
Yep! Enjoyed a cup of this while noshing on the apple cider donut at the apple orchid in October (and….forgot to snag a photo :()

6. Watch the Charlie Brown Halloween TV special:
FAIL! Did that even come on TV this year??  I never saw a commercial for it!

7. Decorate my house with fall decor:
COMPLETE! I don’t do a ton of decorating for fall, so I didn’t think to get a photo, but will do so ASAP and instagram it so you believe me!

8. Finish a knitting project:
Not yet! Ummm…I should probably get on this one since I haven’t even picked up my needles yet. 

9. Take photos in Central Park, NYC:
FAIL! I really planned to head into the city one weekend in October, but it just didn’t happen. I do have to go into the city 1 or 2 days a month for work, but when I wrap up the day I’m just ready to get home, so I doubt this one’s going to happen this year.

10. Buy roasted chestnuts from a street vendor in NYC:
FAIL! Same as #9, BUT I will likely accomplish this one around Christmas, since I will likely go to the city to check out the lights and decorations.

11. Attend a Fall Festival:
Check, check, and check!  I out did myself on this one! I think I attended 3 festivals this year!  At least I grabbed an Instagram photo at one of them (gotta get better at snapping the pics!).

12. Roast pumpkin seeds:
FAIL! I doubt those mini pumpkins (see #1) produce any seeds for roasting.  Oh well!  I’ll tackle this one next year!

13. Listen to Thriller on repeat more times than I can count!
DONE! And I tweeted it!

14. Participate in a 30 days of Gratitude project in November:
Hmmm…it’s the 5th day of November and haven’t started this one yet…so I’m going to get on this one TODAY! Watch my twitter feed for daily updates (and to encourage me on!).

15. Bake something Apple flavored:
COMPLETE! Thank goodness for those apple cider donuts!

16. Do a DIY/craft project involving acorns:
Oops…I forgot about this one. That’s okay! Time to put my thinking cap on and come up with something for Thanksgiving :).

17. Read a book in front of the fire on the first cold night of the season:
Not yet…it hasn’t been cold enough for a fire yet (and THIS may be my first item on my Gratitude list – see #14). This one will definitely happen once those temps drop!

18. Paint pumpkins (real or fake!):
FAIL! What can I say, I just didn’t get around to it this year.

19. Take fall photos:
DONE! A few I even captured on Instagram – here & here!

20. Take a night walk to enjoy the smell of fires burning in the neighbors’ fireplaces:
Not yet…since it hasn’t been cold enough for me to get a fire going, my neighbors haven’t done it yet either. But, it’s coming, and probably sooner than we would like!

So, the results? Half way through autumn and I’ve…

  • COMPLETED 8 out of the 20 things
  • WORKING ON 6 out of 20
  • FAILED 5 out of 20
  • Not sure if I completed or failed 1 out of 20 (#1)

Not too shabby! I don’t know if I’ll quite finish the remaining 6 items, but I will definitely knock off several of those, so I’m feeling pretty good about things!
As I mentioned in my original Bucket List post…I didn’t set out to accomplish everything on the list, nor will I feel bad for not completing every item. It’s really just to be sure that I’m engaging in things that I know will allow me to enjoy the season and look back on everything fondly.


Your turn!  How is your Fall going?  Have you been taking time to enjoy the season?


    • 2

      Vicky says

      Hey Liz! I look forward to apple cider donuts all year! hehehe
      I’m a list girl, so I whenever I can do a blog post with a list…I’m in blog heaven! :)
      Thank you!!

    • 4

      Vicky says

      Great idea for New Years Resolutions, Brooke! And I hear you on the apple cider donuts! I wait {im}patiently all year for them :).

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