Planner Reviews: How the Best Ones Stack Up!

I am a total planner addict!  I’m a shameless jezebel when it comes to planners.  I’m {almost} ashamed to admit that I rarely stick with the same planner for an entire year!  I discover new ones throughout the year and they lure me away with their promise of organization and their tease of keeping my life on track.  But it never lasts!  Another sweet, sweet planner is just on the horizon to taunt me some more!  If you’re like me, today’s post will either be a god send or a nightmare! I’m going to walk you through the pros & cons of several of the cult faves and perhaps even introduce you to a few new players!  Time to buckle up your wallets, friends!

Over the past several years I have tried them all, my friends!  Erin Condren’s Life Planner…check; the Day Designer…check; Passion Planner…check; ARC’ed printed DIY planner…check!  

While ALL of these planners are fabulous and have many many pros, they just weren’t quite “the one” for me.  I feel a little like Goldilocks, only instead of trying to find the perfect bowl of porridge (or chair or bed), I just keep searching for the perfect planner!

The perfect planner has to exist, right??

I *think* I may have found it for 2015, but since I’ve yet to start using it, I can’t say just yet.  But before we get to that one, let me walk you through the others that I have tried.

BONUS! Since I’m sharing a LOT of info here, I’ve put together a handy dandy PDF with the pros/cons for each of these.  You can download that at the end of this post, so be sure to stick around!

Erin Condren’s Life Planner

The monthly view…

If you are even remotely into planners, you know the Life Planner! It has a cult-like following and with good reason.  It’s an AWESOME planner and I used it for about 2-1/2 years before the love affair ended.  That’s the longest I’ve stuck with a planner, so it should be a top contender if you’re in the market.

The monthly view…

What I loved about this planner…
  • This planner is not flimsy at all.  It’s very well made.   It’s sturdy and high quality and will easily carry you through the year with minimal damage (unless you’re really hard on your stuff!!).  
  • There are many different covers to choose from.  I LOVE that she has numerous different options for the cover, including the ability to customize the colors, add photos, and even add text of your choosing.  Since I had the Life Planner, she now offers the ability to interchange the covers, so if you are like me and have a hard time deciding on one, now you don’t have to (genius!).
  • It’s colorful.  Some people don’t like this, but I loved it.  I loved that it was colorful and fun and it made writing in my daily tasks more enjoyable.
  • I really love the concept of splitting the days into 3 sections – morning, afternoon, night layout.  That just really worked for my brain!
  • Plenty of extras.  There are plenty of lined pages for notes, blank pages for doodles, and 2 types of pockets to corral loose notes and papers.
  • Plastic tabs for each month.  I like to be able to flip between the months and these tabs are not only sturdy and durable, but it makes adding future appointments and notes a breeze!
What I didn’t love about this planner…
  • The days are  a little cramped for me.  I needed more space to write for each day.  I like to jot down my to-do’s for each day and that just needs a bit more space than what is given in the Life Planner.
  • There wasn’t anywhere to really probe me on my goals nor a place to easily write them down for each week/month (there is a section on each weekly view, but it seemed to me to be more like a space for a quick list…I like have a bit more space to think through my goals).

The weekly view…

Note:  I didn’t include a photo of the cover because for some reason, I selected the most boring cover the last year I used the Life Planner (2013)! I couldn’t make up my mind so I went the safe route.  Also, they added a few extra things on the weekly pages, but for the most part the feel and overall layout is essentially the same.  Be sure to check the Erin Condren website for the latest layout, though!

If you’re interested in buying a Life Planner from Erin Condren (or any of her other products) and its your first purchase, you can save $10 on your order with this link –> Save $10 on your FIRST Erin Condren order!

Passion Planner

Passion Planner is another fantastic planner!  I used this for about 5 months earlier this year and even did a detailed review back in March.  Even though I stopped using it for my daily planner earlier this year, I’ve picked it back up and I’ve been using it as my blog planner for the past few weeks and am loving it for this purpose!  I’ve already ordered a smaller version for 2015 to use specifically for blog planning and I can’t WAIT until it arrives!

The monthly view…

What I loved about this planner…
  • This planner is dedicated to helping you reach your goals via goal mapping and monthly goal check-ins.  I LOVE this and for blog planning, this is really helping me focus on what I want to accomplish.
  • The weekly view is chock full of good features.  There’s a space to note your focus for the week (as well as for each day); a section to list your various to-do’s for the week; a large area jot down notes, drawings, or brainstorms; a place to note good things that happen during the week; and daily planning with half hour notations to really plan your time efficiently.
  • The monthly view shows the calendar for the month, and provides space to list your goals along with the action items for meeting these goals.
  • There are also pages at the end of each month to reflect back on the month.
What I didn’t love about this planner…
  • There is no space for my daily to-do’s.  As I explained above, this is a big issue for me with planners.  I need a space to write out all the things I need to do each day.
  • While not a bulky or heavy planner, it is a large planner.  It is nice to have full size pages, but I didn’t like having to carry around a large planner in my bag everyday (update: this is now available in a mini size).  
  • Lack of color…the entire planner is in black and white.  This is a very small dislike, but still something I noticed.
  • There are no tabs for each month.  I remedied this by adding my own, so this wasn’t a deal breaker, but I would’ve loved having tabs already attached with the cover accommodating them so they’re neatly tucked within the size of the cover.

The weekly view…

Seriously, though, this planner is amazing and if you are trying to achieve major goals in your life, this planner is definitely one to consider!  If you want to see more photos and get more details, be sure to check out my prior review!

ARC’ed Printed Planner

Since I wasn’t having much luck finding the perfect planner, I decided to go the route of buying a PDF planner, printing them myself, and using the ARC notebook system to bind everything together.  This worked pretty well since I could select the specific pages I wanted to use.  Etsy has a ton of useful options!  The pages seen in these photos are the Rainbow Planner by A Bowl Full of Lemons.

The monthly view…

What I loved about this planner…
  • I could customize this to exactly (well, almost ‘exactly’) what I wanted.
  • I could move pages around or add in other pages as I saw fit.
What I didn’t love about this planner…
  • Printing out all of those pages!  This became a big annoyance very quickly.  I would generally only print out about a quarter’s worth of pages, which I’d then have to punch with my ARC puncher.  This was soooooo time consuming!  I started to dread the end of the quarters knowing it’d mean hours of work to keep my planner going (my printer is a bit of a pain, which was the big source of my frustration).
  • I don’t have a professional level printer, so my pages never looked high quality.  It looked like I had printed my own planner.  This may not bother some, but it really annoyed me!
  • Like the Passion Planner, this was a big planner and I started to get into the habit of leaving it at home because it took up so much space in my bag!  This is the exact opposite of what I needed, so I finally ditched it!
  • I thought by printing my own pages, it might be cheaper than other planners, but between the ink, the paper, and my time, I actually think it was a lot more expensive!

The weekly view…

Day Designer

The Day Designer is another really popular planner these days and it’s what I’m currently using until the end of 2014.  I still really love this planner, but it’s just a bit more than what I need.  It’s beautiful, it’s nice quality, it looks nice, and it has a ton of space for keeping track of things.

The monthly view…

What I loved about this planner…
  • Each day is on it’s own page, so there’s PLENTY of space for writing everything down!
  • On each daily page, there is a section with hourly time slots for appointments to plan out your day as well as a section for noting your daily to-do’s. Hallelujah!  The to-do list is what got me so excited and it’s definitely my favorite feature!!
  • Space on each day to note what you are planning for dinner, 3 main tasks that must be completed, money notation, and other notes.
  • Durable tabs for each month.
What I didn’t love about this planner…
  • This is a very big planner!  It’s not as long & tall as the Passion Planner, but it’s easily the heaviest and bulkiest of this entire bunch.  Even though I love this planner, I hate carrying it in my bag everyday. 
  • Each day is on it’s own page.  I know I listed this as a pro, and it is, but it’s also a con.  While the weekends share a day, it’s still a LOT of pages to accommodate each day having it’s own page!  That means there is no room for any other frills or extra pages.
  • Lack of color
  • The pages are a little thin (due to the number of pages needed) so if  you’re not careful, your pens will bleed through.

The day view…

Design Love Planner

The Design Love Planner is my new wonder planner for 2015 and I’m SO excited about it!!  I’m going to come back later this week with a more detailed post showing all the bells and whistles, so for now, I’ll just give an overview of my likes and dislikes.

The monthly view…

What I loved about this planner…
  • It’s size…it’s the smallest of all of the planners I’ve used in the past few years and I LOVE that!
  • Despite it smaller size, it’s packed full of well thought out pages – there are to-do list pages, appointment pages, monthly pages, and more!
  • It has pages like the Life Planner that separate the day into morning, day, and night.
  • There are pages for monthly goals, budgeting & expenses, and notes.
What I didn’t love about this planner…
  • No monthly tabs, but I can fix this by adding my own tabs.
  • Lack of color.  While I’d love a bit more color, I don’t think it’d fit with the overall design and it’s a small complaint.  The functionality and layout is much more important to me!

The weekly view…

The to-do view…


So, that’s my planner review wrap up!  Each of these planners served me well for the duration I used them (well, except the last one…haven’t started using that one yet!).  I highly recommend every single one of them even though they didn’t quite work for me (here’s hoping the last one is a perfect fit!).  If you like the look of the Design Love Planner, be sure to come back later this week when I’ll give you a much more detailed look at this little gem!

Update: Here’s my full review on the Design Love Planner:  5+ Reasons Why I Love My Design Love Planner!

Also, be sure to check out how I use my Design Love Planner to plan my week, with my 5 Tips on How to Successfully Plan Your Week!

To make it SUPER easy to compare all of these, I’ve created a handy dandy cheat sheet for you! Feel free to download it and print it out to refer to it later!
After entering your email address the page will refresh with a link to the PDF!

Here’s a little sneak peek for ya…

Your turn!  What is your choice for keeping your life organized..a paper planner or are you all digital?  Leave me a comment and let me know!


    • 48


      Thanks Sheila!! I just checked out that link and what have you done to me, lol! That looks amazing!! I love how you can customize it to make it to your own liking. I’m just going to try to pretend that I did not just see this awesomeness, lol. Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment!! I’m not sure yet if I’m going to thank you for leaving that link, hehehehe ;).

  1. 49

    Lydia says

    Where can these planners be purchased? Specifically Erin Condren’s Life Planner and the ARC’ed DIY planner. Also, where are these pages printed? Seems a huge hassle, but perhaps if I took the time and did it all at once it would be less painful.

    • 50


      Hi Lydia! I included links to where you can buy the various planners within each section. For the ARC’ed DIY planner, yeah…you have to print them yourselves (or have them printed)….that’s one of the things I talked about as a ‘con’ for the DIY Arc’ed planner :). Hope that helps!

  2. 51

    Debbie says

    I’m a planner addict also–I’ve been using the PLANNER PADS planner for 15 years- for me it stands head and shoulders above the rest. It comes in four sizes, so you can choose your preferred size. I like the Executive size. It’s laid out in a weekly format with lots of room to write. The style is called “pyramid” Style.
    In the top section you write general goals and tasks for the week- sort of brainstorming. In the center section u plug in items pulled from the top section into the selected day. The bottom section is an appointment layout. There is plenty of room on the right side and top to write notes and lists. There are extra blank pages at the beginning of each month. You clip off the top corner of the page when you move forward, IF all of the tasks are complete. If some are pending, leave the corner on until they are resolved.
    There are many accessories available, such as monthly tabs, extra sheets and vinyl envelopes to attach to the inside front and back covers for storage. I love it!

    • 52


      That sounds awesome, Debbie! I will definitely had to check that out! I love the idea of tearing the corner off if all tasks are done, but leaving it if not…what a great way to not lose track of tasks, but not have to rewrite them every single week! Thanks for telling me about it! :)

  3. 53

    Melissa says

    Thank you for this overview. I am a planner hoarder! I’ve always struggled finding one that fits my needs. I run my own business and I use my planners to track payments and expenses also. This past year I have been using a planner from inkwell press. I really love the customization they offer. I believe 2015 was their first year in business. You should check them out also (

    • 54


      Hi Melissa! I’m always happy to hear of other planner addict/hoarders out there!! Makes me feel like I’m not alone, lol. I recently saw inkwell press and I’m very intrigued!! I could easily order myself 3 or 4 planners for each year and be a happy girl, lol. I do want to take a closer look at that one, so thank you for the reminder! I also very recently saw another new planner on the market…Me and My Big Ideas ( They’re so cute and use the arc type discs to bind it (which I love!). Apparently, you can pick these up at Michaels, but I haven’t gone to check that out yet (in all honesty, I’m slightly scared too, since I KNOW I’ll likely walk out of there with basket full of new planner supplies, lol. So glad you stopped by & that you left a comment!! Thank you!!

  4. 55


    Great post! I work for a company who designs and manufactures student planners. I’d love for you to do a review of our products on your blog. Check out our website, and let me know if you’d like me to send you any samples. Thanks!

  5. 56

    brandee says

    I’ve looked at every store that sells the Design Love and Day design planners, and they are sold out everywhere! Design Love won’t be restocking until 2016…tears!!! Have you heard of any places besides the links provided that sells either? I didn’t see anything on Etsy, but haven’t checked Amazon. I want to check them out, I’ve been a planner addict since the age of 16..(over 21 years), and I can’t function through the day without one. If it’s not in a list, neatly binded in my beautiful planner, it doesn’t get done. Thank you for introducing me to a couple of new ones to try!

    • 57

      Vicky says

      Hi Brandee! I am exactly the same way when it comes to my planners…I need a list, I need it nicely binded, and I need it to be pretty! LOL. I am so sorry to hear that the DLP is sold out everywhere! I know the DD is restocked and sold at various times throughout the year (with different start dates) but they do tend to sell out quick, so I’d be sure to follow them on FB/Twitter/Instagram if you can. They usually announce in advance when they’re going to go back on sale so you can pounce on it! Good luck!!!

    • 59

      Vicky says

      Hi Carina! I bought my DD last summer, so I not sure I am remembering it 100%, but I want to say it was around $60, but I do remember the shipping being pretty pricey (I think it brought it into the $70 range). Hope that helps and I’m sure she’ll have more in the coming months!! Good luck!

  6. 60


    I just discovered the Design Love Planner today and bought it right away! I’m currently using my EC planner but I find it very bulky, with little places to write to do lists. I d like the compartments like the plastic zip tho.

    I’m excited for the DLP, love the monthly goal settings, can totally use the weekly lists for my business goals and the weekly day/night for what/when I ant accomplished. Hope it’s not too heavy!

    • 61

      Vicky says

      Hi Jilliane! Now that it’s officially the New Year, I’ve just started using my DLP and so far I am loving it!! It’s definitely not heavy (but I’m switching from the Day Designer, which is *very* heavy!). Those to-do list pages are fantastic and will probably be my most used pages in the planner. I hope you enjoy it!! :)

  7. 62

    Toft says

    Wow! This was a super in-depth review. Do you tend to prefer bound planners to ring-binders? I love the space and portability of bound planners, but I’m drawn to the customization that ring-binders (such as filofax, kikki.k, and paper chase) offer.

    • 63

      Vicky says

      Hi Toft! I definitely hear you on the customization factor of the binder style planners, but, personally, I’ve never been a huge fan. I’m not really sure why that is, either! :) The customization factor was one of the reasons I tried out the ARC system and while I love my ARC notebooks…I didn’t love it for my planner. For some reason, I definitely need it to be either bound by wires or book-style like the Passion Planner (as long as it opens flat!).

  8. 64

    Anika says

    What a wonderful post! I’m currently using the Kate Spade planner and I love it but I have to carry around a separate notebook for my to do’s – I’ve been lusting over the Day Designer for a while now but all the designs I like are all sold out… maybe next year!

    • 65

      Vicky says

      Hi Anika! I’ve seen the Kate Spade one online and it’s SO pretty! I haven’t tried it (yet! :)). For the Day Designer, she usually sells them throughout the year (with different starting dates), so definitely check back in since she might release some during the year! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  9. 66


    eeeeek this was such a great comparison. I too am obsessed with planners. A fellow Planner Addict!! I’ve tried them all as well! I never use one planner for the entire year. I see pretty and it’s ALL over. I do have my plan for next year, I just hope it works out, for you as well :)

    • 67

      Vicky says

      I’m telling myself this is the year to finally STICK with ONE planner, Michelle! LOL Let’s see if that happens! I completely agree that ‘pretty’ totally knocks me off course and suddenly, I NEED it! LOL I’m going to try to put blinders on this year with regards to planners (although I do have one more to talk about next week, hehehe).

  10. 68


    I really want to be a person that uses a planner. But I’m not. I read somewhere a long time ago that it’s best to not have multiple calendars for yourself (I used to have a work planner and then a personal planner) So. Since I live in my phone, I put everything in my Awesome Notes app. It gives me the ability to set reminders, recurring events or obligations, add to calendar or reminder, and create folders. So I’ve got folders for my blog and things that need to happen there. Folders for work. Folders for health. A weekly folder, a monthly folder, a quarterly folder. Everything very neatly organized there.

    But seeing everyone setting up their planners makes me want to go out and get one. There are lots of these that look like they could be fun for a week or so before I leave it somewhere (which is what has happened to every other planner I’ve ever had). *sigh* Totally jealous of such awesome planners and folks ability to make them work for them.

    • 69

      Vicky says

      Hi Jen! While I do love my planners, I wish I could make an online version work for me. It’d be easier than carting something around and certainly cheaper! LOL…but alas, I think better when I can write it on a piece of paper!! For me, having a separate personal vs. blog planner works because I tend to compartmentalize my life. It’s sort of like I don’t like food on my plate to touch other food, LOL. I tend to keep different aspects of my life in tidy little separate piles (probably not the healthiest thing!!). I will have to check out the Awesome Notes app and see what it’s like!! :)

  11. 70


    OH MY GOSH I NEED MANY OF THESE! I am obsessed with planners! Hahahah I’m usually good with keeping one planner for the year, but this really has me tempted to use a bunch for different things. I’m loving the life planner, the passion planner and the day planner!

    Adding these to my Christmas List!! hahaha ! Thanks for such a wonderful review! :)

    • 71

      Vicky says

      Hi Jennifer!! There are SO many great planners out there, it’s definitely a challenge to limit to just 1, LOL. Hope Santa treats you right on Christmas morning and surprises you with one (or 2, or 3!). :)

  12. 72


    I’ve always used the standard leather cover Filofax for my daily planners because the day to a page was enough room to jot down notes or to-do lists of things that needed attention, or as a reminder, around the appointment times. They are always spacey enough, but apart from the different covers they are always just black and white inside, and there’s no weekly view options.

    One thing worth mentioning is that many people have this crazy obsession for dressing up their planners. It’s not just the Kikki K crew that do it but if you do searches on YouTube you can see people personalising their planners with all sorts of cool stuff that not only brings some colour to a black and white planner but also adds some flexibility. With different sort of planner refills you can add in weekly views (to planners that have a inner binder, bit tough luck on the book style ones), you can use sticky-note todo lists etc.

    I’m still on the search for my perfect planner that I want to keep using. I have considered the Passion Planner as the next thing to try but it doesn’t really look like something that you can really dress up. However, it would be really great to keep on top of my Uni stuff with. Thank you so much for sharing these, it’s really great to get an inside look into the different sorts of planners that are around.

    • 73

      Vicky says

      Hi Tilly! Yes…I’ve seen how crazy people can get with decorating their planners! It’s quite impressive! I’ve tried to do some decorating, but I’ve realized it’s just not my thing. I tend to jot down things while out and about and I don’t want to have lug supplies around with me to keep it all consistent, LOL. I do use different colored pens for different things (errands, to-do’s, appointments, etc.). But, you’re totally right…I should invest a bit more time into it in 2015 and do a bit more on that front :). Thanks so much for stopping by!

  13. 74


    I’m weird about planners too but never thought about the what and why. You really broke it down. I already bought one from Target to figure out my editorial/blog life and I use Stephen Covey’s for work every year…we shall see! I’ll come back here if the editorial one doesn’t work out. Thanks!!

    • 75

      Vicky says

      Hi Lysandra! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m not familiar with Stephen Covey’s planners (although I’ve heard the name), so I’ll have to check that out :). Hope the ones you bought work out for you!!

  14. 76


    Holy Cow, Vicky!!!! This is an incredible post!!! I have been looking for a planner over the past couple of days and it’s been driving me crazy!
    I currently use Evernote and other online planners but it’s been frustrating because of unreliable internet access. Thanks thanks thanks for this post!! I discovered the design love planner after seeing it on your instagram. It looks amazing!

    I need to re-read this post and research the other planners you raved about!

    • 77

      Vicky says

      Hey Sue Ann!!! Thanks so much! I’m so glad this is helpful :)..yay! I am a huge Evernote user, but more for notes and ideas. I just love having a pen & paper to write down my schedule and paper clip in my appointment cards. Cant’ wait to see what you decide to go with for 2015! :)

  15. 78


    I have tried quite a few planners myself. I can never seem to find one that I *absolutely* love yet. I did order a passion planner for 2015. So we will see how that goes. I recently picked up a moleskin planner as well. I look forward to hearing the rest of your review!

    {huge hugs}

    • 79

      Vicky says

      Hi Niki!! I think you’ll really like the Passion Planner…it’s such a well thought out design! Let me know how it goes!! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  16. 80


    Ahhh thank you so much for this post! This is just what I needed as I transition into different job roles and need to be better organized with my day. I GREATLY appreciate this post and how detailed you went with it all. I will definitely be looking into the life planner, and your newest 2015 planner, the design love planner. So excited to get a new one!!!

    • 81

      Vicky says

      Hi Courtney! Yay! So excited this is helpful for you! You can’t really go wrong with any of these planners, it just boils down to which one is the right fit for you and your needs! Best of luck in your new job roles..that’s an exciting way to start off a new year! Thanks so much for stopping by :)…

  17. 82


    Why do you do this to me?!?! Lol just kidding 😉 Like I needed MORE temptation to buy yet another planner when the one I already ordered for next year hasn’t even arrived yet! My Passion Planner should be arriving soon I hope! I carry a tote bag to work along with my purse so I’m thinking I might be ok with the size but not happy about it not having monthly tabs. I’m going to do the same as you and add my own. Can’t wait to get it!! Thanks for giving me insight to other possiblities!!! xox Liz

    • 83

      Vicky says

      LOL…I’m SO sorry Liz!! The full size Passion Planner is definitely the lightest and least bulky of the ‘big planners’ which I think is definitely a pro for that one. I think you’ll LOVE it!! I can’t wait to get my smaller one and start putting in my blogging goals for 2015. I’m really happy I found another purpose for the Passion Planner because I seriously love it and was sad when it wasn’t quite working out for me for my overall planner! Can’t wait to hear what you think!!
      One of my friends is also a big planner addict and she’s the one that sent me a link to the Design Love Planner which I got for 2015. I had already preordered a new Day Designer and I was like NOOOOO! Why did you send this to me??? Fortunately, the DD people were really nice and cancelled the order and credited my account back, but I told my friend that she is NOT to send me anymore links to any other planners! LOL Glad to see I’m not alone in this crazy obsession ;).

  18. 84


    Love your blog. I am so excited about so many different products on here. Can’t wait to choose and planner and get started. Thanks for being so thorough and informative! Super helpful.

    • 85

      Vicky says

      Hi Britt! Yay! So glad this was helpful! It can be such a hard choice to find a new planner since you know it’s major commitment!! Good luck on your journey and let me know which one you picked! :)

  19. 86


    I love these planners! I’ve always been cheap with myself when it comes to buying myself notebooks. But it’s easier to be inspired if you have a great place to keep your ideas!

    • 87


      Hi Vanessa! I know what you mean about being cheap. For a long time I just couldn’t rationale spending that much money on a planner! But, once I finally did it, I realized to spend the money on one that works for me is worth the money in the end (well…I’m still getting there with regards to finding the ‘right’ planner, but with each planner I get one step closer, LOL). Thanks for stopping by!!

  20. 88


    Oh great review! I’m a planner junkie as well, and get distracted by the next pretty planner that I don’t find myself using one the whole year, which is a total bummer. Have you heard/checked out the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. I think I’m going to check that one out. :) Thanks for sharing!

  21. 89


    I am obsessed with planners! I currently use the Day Designer and I love it! I’ve had my eye on the Design Love Planner and I think that will be my 2015 planner :) I’m so excited about it! Do you also decorate your planners? I have a large collection of stickers and washi tape.. I go a little crazy with the decorating lol You have inspired me to do a post about planners and staying organized!

    • 90


      Hi Kelsi! I always have the plan to decorate my planners a little bit…I have stamps and washi tape, etc. But I never remember to actually stick with it!! LOL I do use colored pens with certain colors for specific things (black for my to-do’s or general notes; red for appointments; green for errands; blue for workouts; and pink for anything fun!), but that’s about as ‘crazy’ as I’ve gotten! LOL I’d love to see your planner post if you do one!!


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