Choosing to Take Care of Yourself – Just Do It!

Hi friends!  It’s Friday (big sigh…)!  I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that Friday, and the weekend, has arrived!  It has been a long & tiring week!  My brain has been a bit fried this week, my sinuses are rebelling, and sleep has been a long lost friend.  So! I’m feeling a little less inspired than usual and I’ve, reluctantly, been a little quieter on the blogging front.  I do have plenty of ideas for the upcoming weeks, but for today we’re just going to keep it simple and talk about intentionally taking care of YOU!

I’m a go-getter.  I like to fill my calendar with things to do, I am a huge list maker and regularly fill my to-do list with more than I can accomplish (I’m okay with that…it keeps me motivated and I know from the start that I won’t accomplish everything!).

I multi-task everything!  If I’m waiting for a pot of water to boil (which, admittedly, is a rare activity for me), I’m cleaning up the counters, or catching up on social media, or updating one of my multitude of lists!  If I’m “watching” TV, I’m never just sitting there like a bump on a log with my eyes glued to the screen.  I’m writing a blog post, reading emails, working on a crafty project, basically…something!

If you’re traveling down Stress Street, hang a right at Relax Street!

It’s not that I’m overflowing with energy, it’s just that I have so many things that I love to do and so many things that I feel like I need to be doing that I find it hard to just sit and relax and focus on one single thing.  What can I say…I’m good at multi-tasking and I enjoy it! 

[I am a member of Massage Envy, so I do take time to get a massage once a month which is amazing.  I also take time to work out, so I do get physical and mental releases :)].

I don’t get sick that often (seriously, like rarely!) and I’m very grateful for that, but when I do start feeling under the weather, it’s hard for me to slow down and take it easy.

 I’m trying to be better at listening to my body and doing what it’s telling me it needs instead of letting my brain override it and push through with my detailed to-do list.  

It’s not easy.

This week has been a test for me!  I’ve had very busy weekends the past few weeks, I’ve been taking an amazing blogging workshop, I’ve started working on ideas for hand made Christmas gifts, and I do work full time.  

I’ve been getting up early before work to do things, staying up late into the night to finish things, and I’m starting to feel the constant on-the-go.  

Sometimes you just have to take a break.

To make matters worse, I also have crappy sinuses…thanks to my job right out of college where I traveled almost every week, for about 3 years!  That much flying, especially with the occasional head cold does a number on your sinuses, let me tell ya!! 

So…this week, between the stress, the lack of sleep, and probably the January temperatures that have descended on Connecticut, I”m physically feeling a little worn down and crappy!

Basically, my body is SCREAMING for a break!

I don’t do breaks well!!

Tonight, I was supposed to hang out with one of my very dear friends.  We were going to have a long overdue crafty night!  I’ve been so looking forward to it!!  But, when I woke up this morning, my body was begging me to cancel and plan an early night to bed.  

Finally, I decided to listen to my body and I emailed my friend and told her the situation.  Fortunately, she’s awesome and amazing (which is why I love her so much!) and she totally understood.

Crafty time with friends is a lot of fun…unless you’re not feeling well.

So, today, I’m skipping the gym during lunch (and writing up this post instead!) and tonight, I’m going to wrap up in a cozy blanket in my warmest PJs, watch an early movie (or a Gilmore Girls marathon), eat some comfort food, and go to bed early!!

Sometimes you just have to choose to listen to your body in order to take the best care of yourself!  

With the holidays quickly arriving, things are going to start getting crazy busy!  Parties, shopping, decorating, baking, wrapping gifts, etc.!  All of this on top of everything else that you normally do means you’re going to hit that wall at some point during the season (I promise!!).  When you do, I strongly encourage you to listen to what your body is telling you it needs and honor it.  You might have to say ‘no’ to something, but in the end you’ll be in better shape for everything else that follows!

Stay healthy, stay strong, and stay happy, friends!


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    I totally hear that! Sometimes we are just on and on and on… when we need to be off. I used to have a membership to Massage Envy and that was a great little breather! Now I just try to have time when I just kick back and do “nothing”…and I will tell people that I am doing “nothing” tonight and can.not.wait! 😉

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      Vicky says

      That’s awesome Karen! I love staying busy, but you’re totally right…I need to get better at taking time to just kick and do nothing! :)

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    AHH I totally relate to this post! It’s nuts! When I do take breaks, i feel restless, and guilty! GUILTY! REALLY?!?! Why are we like this?

    I’m so glad you’re getting your peace. Relax, sip something warm, and read. :) You’ll love it. Don’t go catching the flu, either! It’s times like these when we run ourselves to the ground and the universe forces us to relax by getting us sick (okay, its not the universe, it’s totally mine for walking around with no socks).

    Take care, and enjoy!

    Kayla @

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      Vicky says

      Hi Kayla! I can completely relate on feeling guilty when taking a break!! Crazy, right! I guess we’re just so used to doing things & getting things done (and having a lot that needs to be done!) that taking a break feels like cheating or being lazy, when it is so far from that!
      I went to bed crazy early last night (for a Friday night!), got a good night’s sleep and now I’m up bright and early and ready to tackle the weekend!! :) Lesson learned!

  3. 5


    I have been in pretty much the same boat the past few days. I hardly ever get sick but an inconsistent sleep schedule, sleep deprivation, stress and basically constantly pushing myself to get things done took it’s toll. It’s so difficult to feel motivated when you start feeling run down. Anyways I now have blogging stuff to catch up on!
    Hope you’re feeling better.

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      Vicky says

      Thanks Ashley! I got a nice long night of good sleep, so feeling like a new woman this morning :). I think those of us that rarely get sick and push ourselves just don’t pay attention when our bodies start to get run down. We’re so used to pushing through things and then we let it go too far and bam! We’re full on sick! We’ll learn…eventually, LOL. :)
      I guess there’s comfort in knowing there are others just like me!

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    Isabella says

    Yes, Vicky, listen to your body! It knows what’s good for you and when you need a break.
    I’m sometimes a non-stop worker, while at other times I’m a lazy ass watching movies and tv series without even trying to do anything else. (GILMORE GIRLS ROCK!)
    And one more thing about breaks: if you’re CONSTANTLY working and if you don’t allow yourself time to pause, the first time you go on a holiday or really relax, you might get struck down with a flu. Because that’s just how we react when our bodies are relaxing after the longest time full of stress.
    So be good to yourself :)
    Take care xx

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      Vicky says

      Hi fellow Gilmore Girls fan! 😉 I NEVER thought about working non-stop and then getting sick while on vacation. That has totally happened to me! Hmmm….I’m so glad you mentioned that Isabella…makes perfect sense, but never occurred to me. Guess I need to start listening to my body more (especially right before a vacation!). Thank you! :)


  1. […] Choosing to Take Care of Yourself – Random Little Faves. This is important to remember. Above I said that I don’t sleep so getting up early to write isn’t that big of a deal. But. This week, two mornings out of my five, I got up and started my routine – even had a cup of coffee & started a page in my notebook – but I quickly realized that the much better option for me – the option that prioritized taking care of myself – was to go back to bed and sleep for an hour before going to work. So that’s what I did. Looking at those empty pages in my notebook is hard; I won’t lie. But that’s what I needed to do. […]

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