8 Gifts for the Girl that has Everything!

Do you have someone on your Christmas list that is a tad hard to shop for?  Maybe she already treats herself throughout the year and doesn’t have a long “I want this” list.  Or, perhaps she’s rather practical and doesn’t want much in the way of ‘things’.  Well if you have a sister/friend/mom/girlfriend/co-worker/whatever that fits this description and you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what to get her, check out my top 8 favorite things that she’ll want wrapped under her tree this year!

I’m a firm believer of buying things for people that they not only want, but they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves.  In other words, I’m not a ‘practical’ gift giver!  One thing I love about gifts is that I can look back on them in years to come and remember the person that gave it to me!  Do you really want someone to think of you whenever you look at a vacuum cleaner?  No!  So scratch that off your list!

Get her something that will make her happy!

This random list of items are things that range in price from pretty cheap to a little pricey (depending on your budget and for whom you’re shopping!).  I can vouch for the awesomeness of each of these items…I own them all and LOVE each and every one of them!! 

For several of these items, I’ve already done reviews on them in the past, so I’ve linked you right back to the prior review for you to learn even more about it!

For the Writer…

If you have a journaler or a notebook lover on your list, then take note of these two fantastic gifts!

Quotations Notebook Set
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I LOVE this little notebook set!  I like to keep a small notebook in my purse to jot down reminders or a shopping list and this little set fills that need perfectly.  

If someone on your gift list loves notebooks, they definitely need this set wrapped and under the tree!  They’re like the small moleskin notebooks, only with much cuter and unique covers!  

Speaking of those covers, the quotes that adorn the front of each notebook are encouraging and uplifting and will remind her to be her best each and every day!  Each notebook has 32 lined pages ready for all of her thoughts and reminders!  

Gold Refillable Journal
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I ordered this refillable notebook last year in a beautiful teal and have loved it SO much that I recently ordered this gold one.  Gold is THE color right now, so if your fave girl is loving all things gold, then this notebook is a must!  

What I love about this notebook is that it’s refillable.  So, as she writes and fills up the pages, she can pop another one in after she fills one up and keep on going (refill notebooks can be ordered from Paper Source)!  The refillable notebook is spiral bound and lined…perfect as a journal, for taking notes, jotting down ideas or inspirational notes, or whatever strikes her fancy!

For the Traveler…

If your favorite girl likes to hit the road for either work or fun, these gifts are definitely must haves!

Mighty Purse
Read my Review | Buy it Here

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I have been using the Mighty Purse for the past few months and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  While this is a little pricey, it is worth the splurge and is a serious game changer for staying charged while on the run!  

Hidden in this fabulous leather clutch is a backup mobile battery!  After instagramming, tweeting, texting, emailing, and everything else, our phones take quite a hit!  To stay in the game, just pop your phone in this wristlet and plug it into the battery on board and in no time flat, you have a fully charged phone.  The battery holds enough to easily charge your phone 2+ times.

Midori Traveler’s Notebook
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This little notebook is so much more than just a notebook!  It’s a travel necessity!  Although, this is one of those beauties that doesn’t need to be confined to just traveling…I’ve been using mine everyday for jotting down project ideas, blog topics, favorite quotes, and more!  

But, I’m particularly excited about jotting down my travel experiences when on my next trip!  It’s perfect for hanging onto ticket stubs and receipts, and boarding passes.  You can notebooks for planning the day’s itinerary and for recording your memories at the end of each day.  And it’s all wrapped up in this gorgeous rugged leather!  

ZAGG iPad Keyboard Case
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If your girl has an iPad, she NEEDS this!  I’ve used various wifi keyboards for my iPad, but this one is hands down THE best!  Not only is it a keyboard, it’s a very sturdy case for the iPad.  It essentially turns it into a little laptop.  

It’s crazy sturdy and the keys are nice and solid.  It also holds its charge forever.  Seriously, I’ve only had to charge the keyboard two or three times and I’ve been using this since early January!  Love, love, LOVE this keyboard case (and yes, the do have one for the iPad mini and in black).

For the Lounger…

If your girl likes to take it easy and relax from time to time, you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts!

Leopard Slippers
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Image Source

These are my favorite slippers and they’re a fraction of the cost of most fur lined slippers these day! Plus, they’re leopard print and have sequins (which I didn’t think I’d like, but they’re subtle…I promise!). These are perfect for the girl that wants toasty, yet stylish feet this winter!

Candle (Honey Apple scent)
Buy it Here

I don’t know any girls that don’t like candles. I’m sure they exist, I just don’t happen to know any! So, a candle is always a safe bet for a gift! However, this candle is my all time favorite!

The first one I ever bought was several years ago at a apple farm not too far from where I live. I LOVED it, so when I went back the following fall, I picked up 2 more. This past fall I found they no longer carried it and I almost cried!  Fortunately, I found them online and have since ordered 4 of them to be sure I never go out of stock!

The scent that I love is the Honey Apple…it’s slightly sweet, but not over the top. It’s just a nice refreshing scent that fills the room without being overpowering or too candle-y.

Nespresso Espresso Machine
Read my Review | Buy it Here

This is definitely the big splurge on the list, but if you really want to impress your favorite girl and she’s a coffee lover, this is a must buy (and they have different models and they’re all awesome!)!

This is the BEST home coffee/espresso maker. It uses pods that you can order through Nespresso.  I use this in combination with their milk frother and prefer this over a Starbucks coffee any day of the week!



I hope you have enjoyed my list of gift ideas for your favorite friend/girlfriend/sister/mom/whomever!  Whether she’s a journaler, traveler, or girl of leisure, these items will definitely make your gift, her favorite!

Next week, I’m planning to share MY Christmas list (just in case you need a few more ideas later on!).


Your turn, friends!  What is your go to gift for those tricky folks on your list this year?  I’d love to hear some other ideas!  Leave a comment and let me know!

**Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these items or companies.  I am merely sharing things I love in hopes they may also bring you or your loved one as much joy as they have brought me!


  1. 2

    Tanya Patxot says

    I like this thanks my mom is sooooo hard t o shop for. She has everything she want and I go through this every year for Christmas Birthday etc. I will have to take all these and put it in a basket lol

    • 3

      Vicky says

      Awesome!! I have a few people like that on my Christmas list and yes, it can be sooo frustrating! Unfortunately, the ones on my list tend to be the men, so I’m still slightly clueless! Good luck finding some surprises that your mom will love!!

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