Bye bye 2014! It was a Good Year!

December 31…the end of another year.  Whenever I come to the end of something, I can’t help but reflect back on it, so that is what December 31 means for me.  I like to pause and look back on everything before I start looking ahead to the next year.  With that in mind, bear with me as I reflect on my blogging journey this year and share my favorite posts from the year!

As I look back over this past year, I see a huge change in my blog posts.  When I originally started this blog, I only intended to share products and things that I loved.  Mainly because when I love something, I want everyone to know how awesome it is so they can love it too!  

After doing this for the first 8 months or so, I became a little burned out and started lacking in things to write about, so I took this past summer off.  I wasn’t sure if I would return to blogging or not, even though I really missed it!  I knew something was missing, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was (come to find out…a LOT of things were missing!).

Blogging via

After recommitting to blogging and giving my website a complete overhaul, I was ready to go!  This time, I joined in on some blogging challenges which really pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I started writing about more than just products and things.  I was encouraged to write about topics that I felt strongly about.  This helped me to start finding my blogging voice.

As I scrolled back through all of my posts from 2014 to find my favorites, I wasn’t surprised that the majority of them are from the past couple of months after my blog rebirth.  I’m also not surprised that most of them are not about products and things (even though I still enjoy writing about those!).  

My 8 favorite posts of 2014!
What’s Next?

My favorite blog posts are the ones that I’m most proud of and that I enjoyed writing the most.  For some, they are also the ones that had me questioning myself before I hit the publish button to be sure I wanted to put that out there for all the world to see!

From all of this, I’ve learned something…these types of posts not only fire me up, they seem to connect with folks and that’s what this is all about, right?

So, for 2015, I plan to continue offering more of these types of posts while still staying true to my original intent in setting up this blog…sharing products and things that I love! 

I look forward to 2015…I have a lot of ideas and plans bouncing around in my head that I am busy trying to organize and grow beyond just the idea phase!

I hope you will continue to visit me this year and I really hope you leave me comments, connect with me on social media (twitter, instagram, Facebook) so we can become blogging buddies!  

For those that do visit me on a regular basis…THANK YOU for your support and friendship!


Your turn…when you look back on 2014, what’s your biggest take away?  Where do you feel you grew the most?  I’d love to hear more about, so leave me a comment below!


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      Vicky says

      I agree!! Blogging is so much more fun now with blogging friends! :) In addition to the friendship, I’ve really enjoyed learning so much from you fabulous ladies!! (I should’ve remembered that and noted it in the post!). Here’s to a fantastic 2015 for everyone!

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