Winter 2015 Bucket List!

Do you have your winter activities planned out yet?  Just in case you missed it during all of the holiday activities this past weekend, winter officially arrived (on Sunday).  Yep…time to bundle up, heat up that hot chocolate, and basically do all things that are warm and cozy!  In spirit of the season that, I thought I’d share my winter bucket list!

Here’s the thing about bucket lists…they’re a place to jot down all of the fun things you want to accomplish!  It’s not a place for chores (like cleaning out the garage or doing your taxes).  I like to put together a bucket list at the beginning of each season to fully enjoy the season and not miss out on anything that will make it fun!

I have to admit, though, writing up a winter bucket list is a rather challenging exercise for me.  Why?  Well…to put it bluntly…I don’t like winter (although, ironically, I LOVE winter clothes!!) and since I grew up in the South, I’m not into winter sports (I tried skiing once and it did NOT go well).  But, that’s the fun in thinking up a bucket list!  It forced me to look at the upcoming cold months with a new perspective….a positive perspective!  

While, I probably will spend most of my winter hibernating inside as much as possible, I do hope to get outside in the snow and enjoy it!  Why not? I live in Connecticut, so once the white stuff starts falling, I better find ways to enjoy it since it tends to stick around for awhile!


Your turn!  What do you have on your bucket list for this winter?  Tell me all about in the comments below! I’d love to learn some new things to add to my list!


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      Vicky says

      Ooohhhh…homemade potato soup! That sounds yummy and perfect for a cold winter afternoon!! I’m the same as you only it’s that I LOVE winter clothes but hate being cold, lol. Stay warm and enjoy the soup, Rose! :)

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      Vicky says

      Hi Gigi! Sounds PERFECT for the week of Christmas!! Yes, there’s something about being in the midst of having to stay in because of the snow that is quite enjoyable. It always feels so cozy to be inside looking out at the snow piling up outside :). Stay warm and have fun with the snow! Happy Holidays!

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    Tanya Patxot says

    That’s a great list…. Hmmm I want to take beautiful snow pictures, read a book, cuddle by the fire place, have a romantic dinner with wine just hubby and I and hmmmmm stay inside hahahha

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      Vicky says

      Sounds like a great list, Tanya!! Love the romantic dinner with just the hubby idea…definitely make that one happen! :)

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      Vicky says

      Yay! :) I don’t know how much I’ll get done, but at least it gives me something to aim for! When it snows and I want part of me wants to go out and walk in it and the other half wants to stay inside wrapped in a blanket, this list will {hopefully} give me the extra push to get myself outside!! lol
      I’d love to hear what ends up on your list (I feel like I still need more on my list so I need the inspiration!!).

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