7 Tips to be an Organized Blogger!

Are you new to blogging?  Feeling a little overwhelmed yet?  If so, then today’s post will be just the thing for you!!  I’ve rounded up a few pointers that have really helped me to stay on track, so I am excited to share with you 7 tips to be an organized blogger!

7 Tips to be a More Organized Blogger via randomlittlefaves.com

While there are COUNTLESS tips for getting started with blogging and navigating the first few overwhelming months, these seven tips are really focused on helping you organize your time!  

As a new blogger, finding time to blog is, in my opinion, one of the biggest challenges after you have your site up and running!  Between writing content, networking with other bloggers, promoting through social media, it’s enough to make your head spin (Tip:  If you’re really new to the game, just focus on building good, strong content for now!  Promoting, networking, etc. can come later when your feeling more comfortable with everything and your blog has a nice cache of content for people to peruse though!).  

There are definitely more time savers out there and if you have some to share, I’d love for you to leave a comment for me and everyone else!  But, for now, let’s get things started with these seven tips!

Tip #1: Always be prepared to jot down ideas

7 Tips to be a More Organized Blogger via randomlittlefaves.com

It doesn’t matter if you’re a digital girl or a pen and paper girl.  

Always, always, ALWAYS have something on hand to capture the random ideas that will float in and out of your head throughout the day.

Having ideas at the ready will help you save time (i.e. be more organized) when you need to plan out some posts.

Once you get into a groove and you’re in the blogging mindset, not only will topics pop into your head at the strangest times, but photo ideas, changes to your blog, thoughts on branding, etc.  The list goes on and on and I promise you, as you’re going about your day, you’ll be faced with inspiration and you won’t be able to stop what you’re doing and write out a blog post.

So…when these moments strike, don’t just rely on your memory to come back to later!  Whip out your little notebook, your mobile phone, your tablet, basically whatever works for you!  If you have your ideas all stored together, you can easily come back to it when you’re stumped, or when you do have a chance to sit down and spend some quality time with your blog.

Personally, I use both a physical notebook and Evernote.  I use a Midori Traveler’s Notebook to help corral my ideas throughout the day, and as I narrow down specific topics for future posts, I transfer that to Evernote.  

Tip #2: Get yourself a calendar and USE it!

7 Tips to be a More Organized Blogger via randomlittlefaves.com

I don’t care if it’s hanging on your wall, tucked in your planner, or an app on your computer/phone/tablet.  

You need a dedicated blogging calendar!

After you have various blog topics in mind, start planning it out!  Some posts will need prep work (DIY projects, recipes, etc.) so you can’t always wait until the last minute.

With your calendar in hand, start jotting down which topics you’re going to post on which days.  If you’re going digital here, that makes it a little easier in that  you can easily move things around or delete a topic if you change your mind.  If you’re using a paper calendar (my personal preference!), you have a few options – use a pencil (that’s what I do) or use mini post it notes.  

Using a calendar to help you plan your upcoming posts will keep you organized by…
  • Allowing you to plan ahead on when to write your posts, take and edit photos, etc.
  • Helping you see if you have any gaps in your schedule – if so, you can start brainstorming ahead of time (which means you’re likely to come up with stronger content than something you slap together at the last minute just to get something posted – tip:  never do that!)!
  • Highlighting your topics so you can quickly see if you’re posting too much on a particular topic (unless your niche is very specific, then that’s okay!)

I have been using the Passion Planner as my blog calendar and its working perfectly for me!!  This year, they sold a compact version and that’s the one I carry with me and use daily.

I also use a Blog Planner notepad as I’m finalizing my posts for the week.  Generally my drafts are in Evernote, so I copy it out to WordPress, edit it, then add my photos (and edit/proofread some more!).  As I complete each task, I can check it off on my notepad and I’m also reminded to set up my corresponding Social Media posts.

7 Tips to be a More Organized Blogger via randomlittlefaves.com

I bought this notepad on Etsy from Heart & Arrow Design Boutique, which appears to be on a short break.  But, if you’re interested in the notebook,  you can opt to get a notice for when they re-open their shop!

Tip #3: Schedule social media ahead of time!

7 Tips to be a More Organized Blogger via randomlittlefaves.com

This tip is particularly helpful if you work full time outside of blogging.  If you’re at work, chances are  you can’t be hopping on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to tweet about your latest and greatest blog post!  

That’s where planning everything in advance and setting up your tweets, Instagram pics, Facebook messages, etc. will save you huge amounts of time and will prevent you from forgetting to post something!

While there are a plethora of scheduling websites out there, these are the services I currently use and love:
  • For Twitter, I use Buffer App.  I played with Hootsuite for awhile, but just didn’t love it, so I shopped around some more.  I really like how easy it is to use Buffer App so I’m going to stick with this for now.  
  • For Instagram, I use Latergramme. While this service won’t actually post it to Instagram for you (that’s against Instagram’s policies), it will walk you through the process of uploading your photo and adding your comments and tags.  Once it’s scheduled, you will get a popup alert on your phone telling you it’s time to share your photo.  You simply tap the reminder and it opens within Instagram with your text and tags already loaded, so all you need to do is hit button to post it!
  • For Facebook, I use Facebook.  They have a great scheduler already built in, so no need to use a third party (I’ve also heard that Facebook doesn’t like it when you use third parties.  I have no actual proof of this since I’ve never bothered, but why poke the sleeping giant, is my opinion!).
  • For Pinterest, I just found out about Viralwoot.  I haven’t really had a chance to play with this one too much, but it seems pretty cool.  They do have a scheduler, but they also help you get new followers, which I find intriguing!  I’ll play around with it and if I love it, I’ll be sure to do a more thorough review!
Tip #4:  Schedule time to blog

7 Tips to be a More Organized Blogger via randomlittlefaves.com

If you want to stay ahead and stay organized, you need to treat blogging like any other task that you have to get done.

Schedule blogging into your calendar!

If it’s on your agenda, you’re much less likely to fall behind (that is if you stick with it!).  If possible, try to create a distraction free zone (if you have kids, I realize this one may be tricky!).  What works best for me is to close out of all social media, email, extra webpages, etc.  If I see other things, it is so easy to pull me out of my zone and then what should take me an hour, takes me three!!

Tip #5: Make use of Twitter Lists

7 Tips to be an Organized Blogger via randomlittlefaves.com

If you follow a lot of people, chances are your Twitter feed is always booming!  You’re likely missing cool tweets because there is just so much Twitter activity!  If you have never used the ‘Lists’ feature, then it’s time to start making use of those!

I happen to belong to several blogging groups.  We tend to try to follow each other on the various social media platforms and sometimes, I want to see what’s going on with those folks!  

By creating lists for the various groups I belong to, I can quickly and easily narrow my feed to just those in that group!

This really helps when you want to engage with other bloggers to either share their content or to share yours.  

So, if you’re not using these now, it’s time to get your Twitter feed organized!!

Tip #6: Develop your personal style for your images

7 Tips to be an Organized Blogger via randomlittlefaves.com

For this one, I’m not referring to your photography or editing style.  I’m talking about the text you overlay to provide a title, your website or watermark, etc.  Adding these little extras on top of your photos can take quite a bit of time!

I LOVE Canva for adding graphics to my images…they make it so easy and have tons of cool options (if you’re new to Canva, check out my tutorial on how to use it!)!  Because they have so many options, it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole trying everything and several hours later you still don’t have your images ready!  

Figure out a specific style or look and stick with it!

That way you can save a template within Canva and all you have to do is just swap out the image and update the title.  Easy peasy!  (Bonus:  it’ll help you develop your personal brand and make your images recognizable!)

Tip #7: Keep track of expenses

7 Tips to be a More Organized Blogger via randomlittlefaves.com

If you are brand new to blogging and monetizing your blog is not even on the horizon or, regardless of how long you’ve been in the game, if you aren’t planning to make money, you can skip this one!  

If you have plans to try to make money this year (this is where I am at right now), it’s in your best interest to keep your expenses organized now!

That way if you start making money, you will have everything already organized and documented!  Being that its January, this is the perfect time to make sure you are keeping records of all of your expenses for the year.

Set up physical folders or a binder to save invoices and receipts for each month.  You can also save any invoice or receipt you receive via email as a PDF for future reference.

Getting organized with this now will make your life much easier later on!


That’s it folks!  The big take away to being an organized blogger is that you just need to plan ahead and stay on top of everything!  Sometimes that’s easier said than done and as we all know, life can throw us some unexpected curve balls, but if you’re ahead of the game, you’ll be able to stay afloat when those occur!

If you have some big goals for your blog this year and need to map out those objectives, be sure to sign up for my newsletter to receive a FREE copy of “How to Set Goals that you WILL Achieve! (learn more about the worksheets)

Be sure to come back tomorrow, because if you’re ready to get your time organized this year, then you will LOVE the GIVEAWAY that I will be announcing (just a hint…the product was featured in today’s post)!!

Your turn!  What are some of YOUR tips for staying organized as a blogger?  Is there anything else you would like me to write a future post on with regards to blogging?


  1. 1


    Great tips, Vicky! I always found it to be frustrating that Pinterest doesn’t support scheduled pins, but from the business survey they just sent out this morning it looks like it could be one of the newest developments in the near future! Fingers crossed :)

    • 2

      Vicky says

      Hi Em! Thanks! :) That’s FANTASTIC news!! Pinterest definitely needs to get on that, so excited to hear that may be in the works!

  2. 3


    Awesome post!! So many great ideas that I will definitely be looking to add to my list. I’m actually in the process of designing a blog planner :) Might need some people to test it out 😉 I like my Passion Planner but I think I need something tailored a little more to me. Love your Canva tutorial and you may have noticed I’ve used it a few times :) I need to be more consistent though and find a logo that works with my “brand”. xo Liz http://www.4evermysweetpea.com

    • 4

      Vicky says

      So glad you found this helpful! I know what you mean about blog planners…it is tough to find one that works! Fortunately, I do most of my notes & post planning in Evernote, online, and really just need something to note what’s posting when, social media shares, and where I can list my (very long list) of to-dos!
      I hear you on the logo…I actually don’t really like mine, so I’m working on a rebrand with a new logo and a freshened up look for the blog! I’m hoping to get that done in February! :) Keep playing with ideas and you will definitely land on something that just makes your heart shine and you’ll know you’ve got the right logo/look!

    • 8

      Vicky says

      Awesome!! Hope some of these help! I know some people say it’s better to use ONE planner for everything, but I just can’t. I like to have my blogging planner on it’s own, my work schedule is all digital on my computer at work, and I have a separate planner for my personal life. That just helps me stay better organized! I’d feel crazy overwhelmed if I melded all three into ONE planner which would mean I’d get nothing done, lol.

  3. 9


    These are great tips! I need to get better at scheduling my social media. I work with my calendar all the time (and occasionally ignore it). I couldn’t handle twitter without my lists – and actually, I need to go through and update some of them. Thanks for the reminder!

    • 10

      Vicky says

      Hey Jen! Yeah, scheduling Social Media has been a godsend for me. Without it, I’d never get any of my posts tweeted!! I’m not naturally a social media person (I’m one generation too late for it!) and I do like it, but I don’t really think on-the-go ‘i should tweet that…’. I’m better with IG, but even that has room for improvement, lol.

  4. 11

    Rev. Donna Mulvey says

    Love this! Although I do some of these already on a regular basis. I have a small pad and penS in my bag just for a lot of reasons including bloggin…thanks for this LOL


    • 14

      Vicky says

      Awesome! I’m so glad you found these helpful! Yes, my calendar is my main tool. If I could only keep one thing…it’d be my calendar!! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

    • 16

      Vicky says

      Yay! So glad these are helpful, Sierra! Before I really got into blogging, I had no idea how all consuming and overwhelming it can be (in a very good way, of course!), so if these tips can help, I’m glad to pass it along! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. 17


    This is a great post! There actually is a program that schedules Instagram posts for you. It’s called Schedugram. I wrote an article on it awhile back. It’s not a free service, though, because I’m pretty sure that their employees have to manually post everyone’s scheduled posts since Instagram doesn’t allow for scheduling. But it’s a great service for big companies who man multiple Instagrams! :)

    • 18

      Vicky says

      Now, that is great to know!! I had no idea and that’s really interesting that they have actual people doing the posting. I’ll have to check out your post. Thanks for the heads up! Thanks so much for stopping by, Chloe! :-)

  6. 19


    Great tips! I really need to do this soon. I have so many pretty planners I have to use. :)
    Love that what notebook with the gold dots!!!

    • 20

      Vicky says

      I know exactly what you mean, Kat…I have so many notebooks and planners, LOL. But, at least I am using them, so that’s something (well…I will confess…I do have a small stack of notebooks that I don’t quite have a use for *yet*, but I will!!

  7. 21


    Awesome tips for a new blogger. I currently just have a notebook with an ever growing list of ideas. I was actually wondering what to do with them! Can’t wait to get a planner started, How do you pick and choose what to write about that day? For example I have 3 ideas for books but, should I do them all in one week or spread them out say over the span of 3 Tuesdays? Sometimes I feel the urge to write more ha.

    • 22

      Vicky says

      Hi Shawna! I try to spread out similar posts, but really you could do whatever feels right for you. If, for example, you post only 3 days a week and you have 3 ideas for book posts, you could either spread them out over 3 weeks, or you do them on each of your 3 days during one week and just say ‘hey, this week is going to be all about books!’ and run with it :-). You could also do it as a Part 1, Part 2, etc. and then link to each post within the other so you’re driving folks to the other posts (if that makes any sense!). Hope that helps!! If you have other questions, though, just let me know!!

  8. 23


    This is a great list. I found it through The Blogging Elite. Do you have a twitter list for The Blogging Elite? I feel like someone has probably already set one up. I know I would love to keep up with what everyone is tweeting. Thanks for the post. Pinning to my blogging board on Pinterest.

    • 24

      Vicky says

      Hi Bobbie! I’m so glad you’ve found this helpful and thanks for pinning it to your board! I do have a twitter list for the group :-). As I add new people, I add them to the group, so I may not have everyone, but I have a lot to them! Here’s a link: https://twitter.com/randomlilfaves/lists/the-blogging-elite
      Looking forward to connecting with you more through Blogging Elite! :-)

  9. 25


    These are all great tips! I for sure need to work on my social media. Twitter is the hardest one for me. I never liked using it as a personal account (before I created my blog) and am still having trouble remembering to tweet. Using the groups on Facebook really help when supporting other people’s blogs! I also try and write most of my blogs on Sundays for Monday-Wed and on Wed for thursday and friday. I can never just sit and write a weeks worth of posts in one sitting. I always need to spread it out to keep the inspiration going! Love the tips!

    • 26

      Vicky says

      Hi Olivia! Omg…I’m the SAME way! I try to get a full week of posts written and scheduled the prior weekend, but usually I get M-W, then I write up Th-F on Tues and Wed nights, lol. I have on rare occasions gotten a full week done & scheduled by the Sunday night, which is always my goal, but it’s definitely hard!! I really like Twitter, but I’m not a natural social media person, so I don’t tend to think as I’m going through my day ‘let me tweet this’, lol. I want to get better at that, but seriously, how interesting is it if I’m just eating my salad or reading emails at work! 😉 Glad there’s someone else out there like me!

  10. 27


    I’m definitely glad that I always have a whole ton of random notebooks/scraps of paper with me! 😛 I use both an actual notebook and a document on my computer! :] I reallyy need to get on using an actual calendar though, and also with using Twitter lists! I’ll definitely have to check out Viralwoot! Thanks so much for this post!

    • 28

      Vicky says

      You’re very welcome, Farrah! Glad it was useful :). I’m glad I’m not the only one that carts around multiple notebooks, lol! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. 29


    this is a fantastic list of blogging to dos! lots of points I never even thought of! thank you for such a thorough and well put together post, I am definitely going to adopt these tips in my blogging life :) #feelgoodblogging

    • 30

      Vicky says

      Awesome! So glad this is helpful for you Ashley and I hope some of these tips work well for you on your blogging journey. Yay for #feelgoodblogging!! :-)

  12. 31

    tanya says

    This is awesome. I so agree about planning and having a calendar with topics etc it makes life easier. Then fail you can focus more on getting your content shared.

    • 32

      Vicky says

      Thanks Tanya!! My calendar is my everything…if I lost it I’d probably end up walking in circles and mumbling to myself, lol.

    • 34

      Vicky says

      Hi Christina! Yes! Exactly…that’s what happens to me. I *think* I’ll remember it because it’s such a great idea, then hours later I [might] remember that I had a good idea and I’m like ‘but…what was it?’. LOL

    • 36

      Vicky says

      Hi Angie! Yay! I’m SO glad this is helpful for your :-)…I would never have thought blogging could be overwhelming but once you dive in, holy moly is there a lot of things to keep track of, lol. I’m happy that this may have helped a little! :-)

    • 38

      Vicky says

      Thanks Andi!! I LOVE Canva!! I’m trying to fine-tune my image style now (in prep for a bit of a sprucing up here on the blog). It’s HARD to commit to just one (or two) styles, lol!

  13. 39


    Thank you so much for all these great tips! I’m new at blogging and it’s really is hard trying to manage all of it so this really helped me. I just found your blog via twitter and I’m exited to continue reading it!

    • 40

      Vicky says

      Hi Mariana! Welcome to my blog! I’m so glad you found me through twitter :-). Yes, it can be VERY overwhelming when starting out. Who knew there would be so much involved with blogging, right? lol You’ll definitely get the hang of it! My best advice is to join a few FaceBook blogging groups (I have one called “Blogging Babes” if you want to join that one). That’s a great way to network with other bloggers. I just took a look at your blog and it’s really cute! Very well done…I wouldn’t have guessed you were a new blogger by looking at it :-). Good luck on your journey and I’ll continue to share more blogging tips from time to time, so I hope you visit again!

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