Am I a Winter Girl?

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but those of us in New England spent the past few days preparing for an epic blizzard (their words, not mine!).  Fortunately, it didn’t quite materialize in my neck of the woods, but it did get me thinking.  Ever since I moved to Connecticut, I have dreaded every winter and cursed every single snow storm.  But, this year, something different is happening that is making me wonder…am I a winter girl, after all?

Allow me to explain…I grew up in Atlanta, where a few times (if that!) each winter, we get ice, sleet, and what I call ‘crunchy’ snow (aka…frozen snow!).  I’d never experienced the powdery stuff until I moved to Connecticut almost 17 years ago (side note…how in the world has it been 17 YEARS!!)

During my first several years here, in the week following a snow storm, I’d always kick the drifts of snow outside of my apartment building.  I found it endlessly fascinating that it didn’t break my toe because it was still so soft and powdery!

Needless to say, after this much time in New England, I’m used to the snow and the winters.  I don’t really like it (at least, I *think* I don’t!), but I’m used to it.

Let’s examine this a little more closely, shall we?

Butttttt….I’ve started realizing that I may just like the snow and winter a little more than I want to believe!

I LOVE winter clothes..sweaters, boots, scarves, and hats!  Oh, the hats (I’m a total hat girl!).  I don’t really enjoy being cold, but when you’re bundled up enough so that you’re not cold, there’s something incredibly cozy about being outside when the temperatures have fallen (keep in mind I’m NOT referring to when the temps are in the teens or lower…that’s just unpleasant no matter how you dice it!)

Once I get past the dread and the complaining about an impending snowstorm and it’s started, I’m usually inside with a cup of something warm (I’d like to say that’s hot cocoa, but let’s be real…it’s coffee, even though I have tea in my hands in the photo above!), with a fire in the fireplace, and I’m snuggled under a blanket on the sofa…and  you know what…it’s actually really nice!  It’s cozy and the forced hibernation is usually a welcome break from being on the go, go, go!

And…have you ever gone for a walk in the freshly fallen snow?  I’m talking before cars have gotten out and caused the snow to turn gray and yucky, before there are footprints marring the scenery, and while everyone else is still tucked inside their homes?  If not…you haven’t really experienced snowy weather.  That is THE most peaceful time.  The world is completely quiet and it just looks magical with the snow covering the bushes and the tree limbs!  Do this at night and it’s even better!

When it comes down to it…if faced with the option of being in 90+ degree weather or 20s-30s degree weather, I don’t even have to think about that…I’m going with the colder weather.  WHATTTT??? 

Could I possibly be a winter girl??

How could I like winter after *hating* it for so long?!  It boggles my mind!

Like I said, though, I don’t like being cold, but I also don’t like being hot.  Being cold is an annoyance to me, but I HATE being hot!  Sweaty and melty…just not my thing.  

And to be fair, let’s not forget the flip-side.  I don’t like how gray it is during winter.  It’s like the world is black and white (which is why I LOVE wearing color and rarely will you spot me sporting a black coat!).  I don’t like how early it gets dark here.  I need sunshine!  And when it comes to snow…I don’t like how it completely and unexpectedly screws up your schedule (I can’t tell you how many flights I’ve had to rebook because of snow!).

I guess the golden rule here is that regardless of where you are (seasons, in life, etc.), there are always positives and negatives.  If you focus on the positives, think how much more fun each day will be?!  

So…I don’t think I’ll ever say that I love winter, but after 17 years, Old Man Winter…you’ve gotten your hooks in me!


What about you?  Have you ever realized that you actually don’t dislike something as much as you thought you did?  Was it hard to let go of the negative and embrace your new found love/like?  I’d love to hear your story, so leave me a comment and let me know!

*btw…I took the snowy photos featured in this post in Zermatt, Switzerland in 2013.  It was the very end of May (like May 27 or 28) and was GORGEOUS the day before (and not really that cold), but we woke up the next morning to this!!  Zermatt is the cutest little ski town in the Swiss Alps (although I don’t ski) and is on my list of top 5 favorite places.  You should definitely add it to your bucket list of places to visit!


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    Elizabeth Zimmerman says

    I am definitely a 100% winter girl! I would so much rather be cold and layered up than hot and stuck with too many clothes on!! :) Fun post! Thanks for sharing.

  2. 21


    I love winter weather but it is something you have to work up to. I grew up military and lived all over and always loved living in places that had seasons. I now live in California and hopped over to Detroit for a week this past month and I can tell you, when you don’t ease into winters it is quite shocking! So glad you are embracing this season!

    • 22

      Vicky says

      You definitely have a great perspective, Andi, having lived all over! I do like having seasons. It might be nice for some of the seasons to not be quite so extreme, but I definitely agree that you get used to it. What my family (down South) calls ‘bone-chilling’, I merely call ‘a little chilly’, lol.

  3. 23


    Since I live in Wisconsin I definitely have a love hate relationship with winter. I agree that some days, when it’s snowing like crazy, I like to curl up and read a good book with Miss Aayla snuggled in next to me. On the other hand…I can’t stand driving in it, I hate being cold, and it make everything a wet, muddy mess when it starts melting lol. I honestly have just learned to deal with it and continue to love/hate it :) Beautiful photos by the way ;) xo Liz

    • 24

      Vicky says

      I definitely agree with ALL of that!! I always think of late February and early March as the ‘muddy’ season when everything starts melting and it’s just damp and muddy everywhere! And I definitely agree with the driving bit…growing up down South has pretty made me avoid all driving when there is any snow. Fortunately, I have a very cool boss and he knows if there’s even a flake falling, I’ll be working from home, lol.

    • 26

      Vicky says

      Absolutely! We’re gearing up for another round tonight, which means I can work from home tomorrow, which I never mind! It’s the digging out part afterwards, that I don’t particularly look forward too :-). But, I’ll enjoy it up until that part!

    • 28

      Vicky says

      LOL….I pretty much agree with that (except for my walk in the snow). I will not drive in it! Fortunately, I am able to work from home whenever I need to, so if there’s even a flake falling, I hunker down at home! :)

  4. 29


    I used to love Winter, but then I moved to Idaho for awhile and it lost most of its luster. Still, I absolutely agree with you about walking in freshly fallen snow (especially at night). There is just something sacred about the silence and the cold that you can’t experience any other time. As a matter of fact, this last year I realized that the main reason I wasn’t in the Christmas spirit was because I hadn’t spent any time at all outside in the cold after dark. Being alone with the crisp air and clear sky, even if only for a moment, is the best part of Winter. Better than summer for sure, but I’d take Spring or Fall any day. :)

    • 30

      Vicky says

      Exactly, Bobbie!! I think ‘sacred’ is the perfect word to describe that snowy night walk when all is quiet. It’s amazing how just temperature can impact that Christmas spirit…I definitely like it cold around Christmas or, I agree, it just doesn’t feel like the holidays. I went to Miami for New Years and there were still Christmas decorations everywhere and it just seemed so weird to be in short sleeves and flipflops with giant snowmen in people’s yards, lol. It definitely didn’t feel like Christmas!

  5. 31


    I am SOOO jealous of all the snow some of my friends and family are getting. I moved from the midwest in my teens and I still miss winter so much. I too LOVEEE all my winter stuff…boots, scarves I knit, hats, and all that. Nothing is better than snuggling under a warm blanket and drinking hot chocolate.

    Only…I live in the pit of the sun now…Arizona, and it has been hot enough to wear shorts and tan. Ugh.

    • 32

      Vicky says

      Oh, I can’t even imagine it being warm enough to wear shorts right now! But, you’re right…while that sounds nice, I can’t imagine that for winter!! And I also think if I ever moved away from here, I would be jealous when hearing of the snowstorms rolling into these parts (well…maybe until I remembered all the shoveling that has to be done, lol). Thanks for stopping by, Shawna! I’ll cross my fingers that you guys get a freak snowstorm in Arizona before the winter is out ;-).

  6. 33


    I’m not a winter person. I LOOOOVE winter clothes, though. I just hate being cold, cold icy wind. Oh and humid chill is the worst for me. It’s lovely in photos though. It was just 60 the other day here in Miami. I had on long thick socks, and thick PJ’s. Oh it was funny layering my super sheer long sleeved shirts. I only have extreme heavy coats for when I travel and Miami summer clothes. ;)

    • 34

      Vicky says

      60 is probably pretty cold for Miami, I’m guessing! For me, though, I think I’d be running around in a tank top right now (although, if it’s the middle of summer and it drops to 60, then it’s ‘cold’! lol). Humidity regardless of hot or cold is something I really don’t enjoy! My hair doesn’t frizz, but it does go completely limp, like wet noodles! I was in Miami for New Years (to go to the Orange Bowl) and LOVED that I could wear flipflops to ring in the New Year! I kept forgetting it was New Years Eve because it was so warm and I’m used to FREEZING on New Years Eve, so I did love that :).

  7. 35


    I love the snow and winter weather! More than snow, though, I love the rain. We don’t get enough of it here in California and our winter is basically cold chill, high winds and the occasional downpour so that’s what I’ve come to expect during the winter. I don’t like ice cold winter, but snow every now and again would be nice :) lovely photos!

    stop by and chat ♥

    • 36

      Vicky says

      Yes! A good rain storm can also be nice! I don’t think I’d want to live where there’s a ton of rain all the time (like Seattle…even though I love visiting Seattle). I need sunshine, so the occasional rainy day is very nice! I love to sit near a window and listen to it pour while reading a good book! Thanks for stopping by Tianna!

  8. 37


    Being a Cleveland girl and attending UConn grad school… I’d say I’m a-OK with winter. I love all the things you mentioned. Love the winter boots and cute winter accessories. I’m all about fake fur scarves. I love being bundled under a blanket while I watch snow falling from my window. Its so cozy. But, I also love the warmth of the beach in the summer. I’d say that I am a “seasons” girl. I love each of the seasons for a variety of reasons. It keeps things fresh! :)

    • 38

      Vicky says

      I didn’t realize you had attended UConn! Nice! Yes, between Storrs and Cleveland, I’d say you’re a winter expert ;). I LOVE the idea of a “seasons” girl…that’s a great way to describe it! I do love having all seasons and I don’t think I’d enjoy living somewhere that doesn’t get to experience that (visiting it, however, is a completely different story ;)).

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