Birchbox Sample Box {January 2015}

Are you a sample box nut like me?  If not, what are you waiting for?!  It’s like Christmas morning every month when my box arrives…I can’t open it fast enough to see what goodies are inside!  Today, it’s time to take a peek inside my January Birchbox Sample Box!

Usually, Birchbox sends out their monthly box and I have no clue what’s inside.  Sometimes, they do give you the ability to choose one of your items if you reply fast enough.  This month, however, they gave you the option of going with the standard box and be surprised, or you could pick the Gym Bag Beauty Essentials box.  

I loved the idea of getting some goodies to toss in my gym bag, so I opted to go that route!


And the verdict?  I’m a happy girl!!

Ready to take a peek?!

#1: Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

I’m a HUGE fan of this dry shampoo!  I’ve been using it for several years and it’s the best dry shampoo out there, in my opinion.  In fact, I did a review on this stuff last year, so if you want to read more about this particular product, just check out that review HERE.  

Long story short, I hoard this stuff and won’t use any other dry shampoo.  I was beyond thrilled to get a travel size in my box this month.  I keep a small can of this in my gym bag for after workout touch ups since I try to hit the gym during lunch on my workdays (‘try’ being the operative word there ;)).

#2:  Coola After Sun Lotion

I like the idea of this stuff…it’s supposed to provide soothing moisture to your skin after you’ve spent a little too long in the sun.  Being that I’m pretty much a cousin to Casper (the friendly ghost), I am more than familiar with that after sun discomfort.  

With that said, I can’t really comment on the effectiveness of this product because, well, it’s January….in CONNECTICUT!  There is no sun!  Well, at least not most days, and when it does make a rare appearance this time of year, it’s too freaking cold to go outside to take advantage of it!!  

So….I’ll report back on this in about 6 months, okay?

#3:  Coastal Scents Revealed Palette

I actually received this exact same sample in my October box!  I’m guessing since this was a special box, that’s why it was duplicated.  Prior to this, I have never gotten dupes before.  But…in this case, I totally don’t mind because I love this little palette!  Let’s revisit what I wrote about in October, shall we?

I’m a sucker for neutral eyeshadow palettes and I LOVE this set!  They’re perfect for day wear and if you layer up, they can be transitioned to a nice smoky evening look.  I am very tempted to order this one on the spot!  The only thing holding me back…I have quite a few neutral eye kits, so do I really need another??  If you’re in the market though, this is a good one and the colors stay on all day and nice and true! (and how cute is that mini quad of shadows!!)”

Yep, this all still applies and now that I have TWO of these little palettes, I won’t have a need to order one and yes, I can toss this one in my makeup kit in my gym bag!  

#4: Aquareveal Soft Water Peel for Face

I love trying exfoliators and anything that promises to make my skin softer and brush away the dry (dead) skin cells.  I have to admit, I am currently using some new face products that I absolutely adore!  So much so that I was a tad reluctant to skip my other product in favor of this one, but in the name of research, I did just that.  

After washing my face, I patted it dry (as instructed) and applied some of this gel.  It had a very fresh scent, but I found it to only have small traces of any exfoliator properties.  I know it’s supposed to be a ‘soft’ peel, but honestly, I didn’t get the ‘peel’ side of things.  

After washing this off, my face didn’t really feel any different, except for a little tight within few minutes.  Since my skin errs on the side of dry, this doesn’t make me happy.  Fortunately, after slapping on some moisturizer, it was all good.

But, sadly, this one underwhelmed me and won’t be staying in my stash!

#5: Whish Body Butter (Scent: Lavendar)

I’ve tried several of Whish’s products in the past and have enjoyed all of them. I’ve even ordered a few, so when I saw another Whish product in my box, I was a happy girl!!  That is, until I squirted some of this in my hand.

First off, the scent was not for me.  It says it’s lavender, but it smelled a tad bit more like Vicks Vapor Rub (not quite as bad as that, but there was definitely a whiff!).  Secondly, I love body butters.  What I love about body butters is how thick and creamy they are!  This was not thick enough to classify as a body butter to me.  

I should’ve been clued in on that by the fact that it’s squirtable.  Most body butters come in a tub for a reason…it’s too thick to squirt! (and that’s the third time I used the word ‘squirt’ – make that four! – in one post, which may be a record! It’s a bit of a weird word when you think about it..seriously, say it to yourself a few times in a row and tell me you’re not saying ‘ewwww’ to yourself right now!).

Also, in my opinion, body butters are very moisturizing and keep your skin hydrated for hours.  Not so with this stuff…it was more of just a standard lotion.

Given that I have loved their products in the past and my expectations were high, I was definitely disappointed in this one.


With the exception of the Whish Body Butter and the Soft Water Peel, I’m pretty pleased with everything else (even though I can’t really try the After Sun stuff for awhile, I love the idea and almost can’t wait to get a slight burn to give it a try!).

If you want to check out reviews of past boxes, be sure to check out my Monthly Subscription Boxes page!  It has all the details for all of the boxes I currently receive!

And if you like the idea of these boxes and want to give it a try, you can sign up here -> Birchbox


What you do think?  Are you a subscriber to a monthly box service?  If so, which one?!  I love hearing about new products and services!


    • 12

      Vicky says

      I love lavender too, but for some reason, this one was a little weird smelling to me (and maybe it’s just me! i didn’t check out other people’s reviews to see if I’m alone on that one, lol). If you give the dry shampoo a try, let me know what you think, Christina! :-)

    • 14

      Vicky says

      Awesome! I’m sure there are some people that don’t like, lol, but for me, it’s the best! I just love that it doesn’t weigh my fine hair down and simply freshens it up and gives it a little more life. What more could you ask for in a dry shampoo? lol

    • 16

      Vicky says

      Hey Erica! I haven’t been able to find this stuff in any stores which is the one part that sucks about this particular brand. Usually, when I’m running out I order it from Birchbox (you don’t have to get their monthly boxes to order from them) or I just google it to find who has the best price. Hope you like it!

  1. 17


    I just got a full size of that dry shampoo after getting it in my box a while ago! I also got the little eye shadow palette this month too! I’m excited to try it!

    • 18

      Vicky says

      HI Emily! I think you’ll love the eyeshadow palette (unless you’re into a bold eye instead of a more neutral eye, lol). Yeah, that dry shampoo is awesome, right?! So fun to try all of these things out and then to compare with other Birchboxers, lol! :-)

  2. 19


    I’m ALWAYS searching for amazing dry shampoos! Right now I use one by KEUNE that I love… but this will be great to have as an amazing backup! And how funny that your lavender scent was more like Vicks Vapor Rub! haha… That is hilarious…and gross. ;) Thanks for letting us peek into the Birchbox! :)

    • 20

      Vicky says

      Lol! Yeah, wasn’t digging the Vicks Vapor Rub scent, and I usually like Lavendar, so they must’ve had something else going on in there! Hmmm…in hindsight, maybe I should’ve hung onto it for when I have a cold! lol
      I haven’t tried the KEUNE (or heard of it!), so I might have to check that out. I love how light this one…I have fine hair and I’ve had so many dry shampoos weigh my hair down (could be user error though and I’m using too much, lol!).

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