Random Roundup {January 2015}

I like to think of myself as a bit of an enabler.  Sorry, folks, but there’s just something fun about inspiring others to buy things that I love!!  Today…it’s one of those posts, so if you are trying to hang onto your cash, then proceed with caution (and consider it an exercise to test your will power…you can thank me later!).

My original purpose with this blog was to share all the random things that I find and love!  Sometimes that warrants a full blog post, but sometimes it’s not really ‘big’ enough for a full write up on it’s own.  So…..that’s what today is all about!!

It’s a RANDOM ROUNDUP of the various things I’m loving this month!

So, what am I crushing on this month? Well…let’s dive in, shall we?

EOS Hand Lotion

Random Roundup - January 2015 via randomlittlefaves.comThis EOS Hand Lotion is the best! With the weather turning frigid the past two weeks, my hands have started resembling sand paper!  So, I pretty much have hand cream on me at all times!  You may recognize EOS as the maker of those cute little lip balm ball thingys that everybody loves, well, they also happen to make an amazing hand cream!!  

I’ll be honest, the container is what first drew me in (I mean, seriously, how cool is the container?!), but after giving it a try, I LOVE how creamy and moisturizing it is without leaving my hands greasy.  It also has good staying power.  I don’t know about you, but I HATE it when I put on hand cream and 30 minutes later my hands feel dry again.  With this stuff, my hands stay soft until I wash my hands, which is when I reapply (after washing my hands, that is!).

I haven’t seen these all over the place like the lip balm, but I’ve gotten my at Target in the check out aisle.  So, keep your eyes peeled on your next Target run and pop one in your basket!!

Stila Eyeliner (color:  Sepia)

Random Roundup - January 2015 via randomlittlefaves.comThis eyeliner is a recent discovery and I’m loving it! Sephora describes this color as a metallic golden dark beige.  I describe it as just awesome (very scientific!).  Since I have fair lashes and puny ones at that, I like to use a dark liner just along the lash line to ‘thicken’ up the appearance of my lashes, but then I use either a shadow with a liner brush or another eyeliner pencil to add a little more pop.  

I don’t like a super dark color for that part and this one fits the bill perfectly!  It gives my eyes a little shimmer and color, without being too overwhelming.  It’s a great day liner and the dark beige really pairs nicely with my blue eyes!

Even if this color isn’t floating your boat, the eyeliner itself is awesome!  They have a TON of colors and I highly recommend the staying power of this liner, so if you’re in need of a new eyeliner, this is a good brand to check out (another bonus…you don’t have to keep a sharpener on hand for this one since you just twist it to get more!)!

Q&A a Day – 5 Year Journal

Random Roundup - January 2015 via randomlittlefaves.comRandom Roundup - January 2015 via randomlittlefaves.com
How cool is this little daily journal?  I picked this book up on a whim while in Atlanta for Christmas.  I have used a 5 year journal in the past where you just write whatever you want every day for 5 years, but I didn’t stick with it because let’s face it…somedays there just isn’t anything to really write about!!  

I love that this one gives you a different question every day of the year and each year, you answer the same question on the same day!  For example, a few of the questions are “What’s your favorite question to ask people?”, “What’s the next book you want to read?”, “Who do you miss the most right now?”.  I think it’ll be really interesting to see how my answers will differ over the years (or stay the same!).

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm (Color: Rose)

Random Roundup - January 2015 via randomlittlefaves.comI first received a sample tube of this lip balm in one of the many Sephora freebies that I’ve gotten over the years (I think it was one of the birthday month gifts!).  When I looked at it in the tube it looked really bright so I never really used it.  Fortunately (or unfortunately!), I tend to be bad about tossing makeup I don’t think I’ll use and I’ve hung onto it for the past year or so (unused!).  

Recently, I was in a hurry and grabbed it by mistake, so I gave it a try (like my hands…my lips get dry in this weather!).  And….I LOVED it!!  It’s not bright at all…it’s very sheer and just gives a hint of color, which brightens up my face.  Plus, it’s incredibly moisturizing and just feels awesome!  Right now, I’m still using the mini sample tube (a little seems to go a long way!), but once I’m down to the lipstick nub, I will definitely be picking up a full size tube of this little gem!

Lara Casey’s Powersheets

Random Roundup - January 2015 via randomlittlefaves.comI love, love, LOVE my Powersheets by Lara Casey!  I first ordered them last August and used them for the last 1/3 of 2014 and knew I had to have them for 2015 to get the year started off right!  So, I ordered these babies as soon as she opened up preorders in the fall.  Unfortunately, they are sold out right now, but she will get them back in stock (one set will only take through 6 months, so she’ll definitely have more come mid year for those of us that need our second set!).  

I spent about a week or more filling these out to get my year going and now that I am all caught up, I feel so organized with my plans!  I just love how her questions really make you think about what you want out of life (I feel her Powersheets are for more than just ‘goals’, they’re for how you want to live your life!).

Moonstruck 3D Fiber Mascara by Younique

Random Roundup - January 2015 via randomlittlefaves.comRandom Roundup - January 2015 via randomlittlefaves.com
I’ve only been using this mascara for a couple of days and so far, I’m really liking it!  I had heard about this one a couple of months ago and finally took the plunge and ordered it for myself.  I have really puny lashes, so I am always on the hunt for good mascara or eyelash products (if you have any that you love, please let me know!!).  

This stuff comes with two tubes, which intrigued me!  The first tube is what they call a ‘transplanting gel’.  This basically looks like traditional mascara to me, but I’m sure it has some really awesome powers to warrant the fancy label!  You put that on first and while it’s still wet, you use the ‘natural fibers’ in the second tube to add a little fullness to your lashes.  You finish off with another swipe of the transplanting gel to seal in the fibers.  

My verdict…this stuff works!!  My lashes look much fuller and just prettier!  So, I’m sold!  Plus, it comes in this really nifty case (what is it with me and packaging?!)!


Your turn, folks…what are you crushing on lately?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  I LOVE to find new products and things to entertain me! :-)

Note:  There are no affiliate links in this post…I’m just sharing what I love to share it forward!


    • 14

      Vicky says

      They are pretty awesome…they really make you think and after investing the time to go through the initial steps, you’re pumped for making it happen!!

  1. 15


    Well alright, you’ve convinced me that I want every single thing listed here! I’ve been wanting a Sugar balm for forever, so now I’m going to take the plunge. That, and an eOS hand lotion…gotta pick that up on my next Target run! If you ever feel like sending a care package my way with all of the above, I would be 100% not unopposed. (;


    • 16

      Vicky says

      Ha! That would be a fun care package! :-) The Sugar Balm is definitely worth the splurge in my book! If you get it and try it out, I’d love to hear what you think!

  2. 17


    Wow I adore sugar chapstick! I have to be super careful about what i put on my lips, though, because the area around my mouth breaks out so easily! I use the EOS chapstick sometimes, and yes, I bought it because of the adorable egg shape. However, I’ve found that I’m having to stick to Vaseline Lip Therapy more than anything, because it doesn’t build up gunk and create lip pimples like the other stuff does.

    • 18

      Vicky says

      Yeah, Vaseline lip therapy is awesome!! You’d think it’d be relatively easy to find lip balms since that’s a pretty simple thing, but it so isn’t!! I’m experimenting with making my own lip balms, but I haven’t quite gotten it so it’s what I like! I’m not giving up yet, though :).

    • 20

      Vicky says

      Thanks Olivia!! Yes, the journal is really cool!! I look forward to answering the day’s question every night before I go to bed :-)!

    • 22

      Vicky says

      Hi Tianna! Yes…I *may* have to check out their other colors next time I’m at Sephora, lol. I’ll swing by for a visit! :-)

  3. 23


    You did it again! I’ve added yet another thing to my list of I Need to Have That! That Q&A A Day is awesome and would definitely help me get back in to journaling. I’m loving my powersheets as well and LOVE Leonie Dawson’s 2015 Create Your Shining Year. I’ve been filling in multiple goal gribs and love the different approaches each seems to offer. Great post :) xo Liz http://www.4evermysweetpea.com

    • 24

      Vicky says

      Oh no! I’m sorry (hehehehe)! I have not heard of the Create Your Shining Year, so I MUST google that (and you’re likely returning the favor by giving ME something to add to my list, LOL). Thanks, my dear!

  4. 25


    LOVE that you wrote about that EOS hand lotion. I have been super curious to test it out, but havent. I think I will need to put one of those in my cart the next time I’m at Target (which will probably be today…haha!). I also am all about using eyeliner to plump up the look of lashes… glad you are loving the Stila one. I use Bobbi Brown. Kinda obsessed with her products!

    • 26

      Vicky says

      Oooh….I love me some Bobbi Brown!! I used to use her stuff all the time, but then it got a little hard to find it around me, so I bailed! I’ll have to get reacquainted with her line! They sell it at Sephora now, right? If so, then that works! If it isn’t at Sephora, I usually don’t buy it (since it’s so convenient to just get everything at Sephora!).

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