A Bracelet that Looks AND Smells Good!

A bracelet? Perfume?  Which is it…it’s BOTH!  Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or buy a gift for someone else, this little beauty packs 2 gifts into one!  Allow me to introduce you to the Perfume Bracelet by Lisa Hoffman.

This bracelet serves as both a pretty accessory and perfume!

I first discovered this bracelet through one of my blogging friends, Amy Farrell, when she shared a review for it on her blog a few weeks ago. 

I’m a total accessories girl and love a pretty beaded bracelet, but to also have a little secret stash of perfume…I LOVED the idea!  

I quickly hopped on the site Amy provided only to be disappointed that the shipping to the US from the UK was about $70-$80 (seriously??).  I commented on her post saying how much I liked it and that I wish shipping was cheaper.  Well..talk about awesome customer service…the store that worked with Amy found me on Twitter and sent me a message to tell me the designer was based in the US and I could find it online here if I wanted to order one.

Ummm…yes please!

This bracelet serves as both a pretty accessory and perfume!

I did a Google search and the only place I could find it was on HSN.com (yep, folks, that’s the Home Shopping Network).  I’ve never ordered anything from the Home Shopping Network, nor do I watch their broadcast (nothing against the Home Shopping Network, but I have too many TV shows I’m addicted to, so I tend to focus on those!), but what the heck, there’s always a first for everything, right?!

There are many different varieties to choose from…different beads, different finishes on the little charm that holds the perfume beads, and even different scents.  Check out Lisa Hoffman’s site for more options and to see her entire collection.

What’s a girl to do with so many options?!?

 I ordered two bracelets…

This bracelet serves as both a pretty accessory and perfume!

The shopping gods were certainly on my side and one of the bracelets that I loved, while $69 for the single bracelet and perfume beads, was included in a gift set containing the bracelet, the perfume beads, AND a bottle of perfume!  It was on clearance at the time for $29 (which made me wonder…was anyone actually buying the bracelet on it’s own at $40 more??).

This bracelet serves as both a pretty accessory and perfume!

For my second bracelet, I ordered a chunky silver chain with a rhinestone charm.  It was also a gift set and came with six different jars of scented beads so I could sample some of the others.  

This bracelet serves as both a pretty accessory and perfume!

So how do these work?  Let me show you!

Perfume Bracelets – How it Works

This bracelet serves as both a pretty accessory and perfume!

It’s really quite simple, folks. 

There’s a little clasp that holds the perfume bead charm to the bracelet.  Just unhook that to remove the charm.

Now, just pop it open and fill it with the scented beads of your choice.

Close it and use the clasp to reattach it to your bracelet!

Easy Peasy!

This bracelet serves as both a pretty accessory and perfume!

Out of the six different scents I received, Tuscan Fig was my favorite!  I’m not quite sure how to describe it, but it’s light and not overpowering.  Part of me wants to try mixing some of the different beads together to see if I can come up with even more unique scent options!

And if you’re not into perfume, or the particular scents they offer, you could leave the beads out and just sport the beautiful bracelets with an empty charm! I won’t tell anyone…it’ll be our secret!


What do you think? Can you see yourself forgoing the bottle perfume in favor of these little beads?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

I was not contacted about reviewing this product.  I just loved it and wanted to share it forward!  This link contains NO affiliate links…again, just sharing it because I love it :).


  1. 1


    I used to have a similar thing but it was an aromatherapy necklace with interchangeable gems. You would apply an oil to the back and it would supposedly do something for you – being in grade 7, I just went for whatever smelled the nicest. I love the idea though!

    • 2


      Hi Amy! That sounds pretty cool…being a 7th grader, I can imagine that was quite the thing (since I’m guessing wearing perfume probably wasn’t an option – at least not when I was in 7th grade, lol). Thanks so much for stopping by! :-)

  2. 9


    Wow Vicky, such a great review! So glad you like them and you were able to get such a great deal! I’m so happy my blog made you happy and you found a treat from you to you xx

    • 12


      Hey Lindsay! I’ve only worn the beaded one and since I had a sweater on that day, it was kind of covered. But, that’s okay! I knew it was there, lol :-).

  3. 13


    LOVE the idea of having perfume in a bracelet so it’s always with you. I’d never heard of these before!
    Definitely a cool idea. I’ll admit a little out of my price range :) but could be great for a gift as well!

    • 14


      Yeah, they’re a little pricey which is why I was so thrilled to get the HSN bargain! Definitely won’t be collecting the entire line, lol, but nice to have one or two to play with :).

    • 18


      Hi Sue Ann!! Right?? The double whammy of bracelet AND perfume really sets this apart and makes it so unique! If you try it out, let me know how it goes! :-)

  4. 19


    Hello! I’m coming over from Blog Love. Thanks for visiting my blog post about Rome. Funny thing, this bracelet reminded me of something my daughter purchased in Paris (that made and sold only in Paris perfume). It comes with a necklace that holds the same scent. I love these products. What beautiful (smelling and looking) bracelets!

    • 20


      Hi Melanie – that’s awesome! I love finding things like that when I’m traveling that you can *only* get there…makes it so unique and special! How fun :-)! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me!

  5. 21

    Taylor Yates says

    I didn’t even know such a thing existed – but these are really cute! I also have problems with perfume wearing off halfway through the day so I assume with one of these you’d be smelling good all day long. What a cool idea!


    • 22


      Hi Taylor! Yes! That’s so true…halfway through the day, my perfume is usually gone, so that is a nice thing about this bracelet…it lasts throughout the day :).

    • 24


      I’m the same, Andi…I don’t like strong perfumes and I love that this bracelet is definitely subtle in that department! Plus, if I were to get bothered by it during the day, then I can always just slip it off for a bit and go perfume free (which can come in handy if going into a crowded meeting…I always try to be sensitive that others my have an insensitivity to scents!). As always…thanks for stopping by! :-)

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