Want Baby Soft Feet? Use Baby Foot!

How are your feet right now? Be honest…are they suffering the effects of this cold, harsh winter? If so, not to scare you, but while it seems like Spring is never going to arrive, it’s just around the corner, so very soon, you’ll be wanting to get your feet in tip top shape for sandals and flip flops! And to do that…you need Baby Foot (just trust me on this one!)!

Planning a DIY Pedicure? These Baby Foot booties are amazing and made my feet baby soft!

This month, I’ve been encouraging you to take some time out for yourself and pamper yourself.  What better way than to give your feet a little extra love?!

Let me start off by saying that I take care of my feet on a daily basis. I always apply a thick body butter to my feet right after I get out of the shower every single day, so I didn’t have nasty, scaly feet before Baby Foot. But, it is the middle of a very cold winter, so I can’t claim they were in summer sandal shape, either.

What is Baby Foot?

To put it simply, Baby Foot is a peel for your feet. It literally gets your feet baby soft!

It comes with two booties that are filled with ooey-gooey stuff that works all the magic. You leave them on your feet for 60-90 minutes while relaxing in front of the TV or reading a good book. And over the course of the next week, your brand new feet will emerge like a snake leaving its skin behind (this analogy isn’t far off!).

Planning a DIY Pedicure? These Baby Foot booties are amazing and made my feet baby soft!

This is what the bootie looks like before you use it.

One pair of booties cost about $20-$25, but around here, that’s the price of a low end pedicure at a salon. Aside from not getting my toes polished, this stuff beats out any pedicure I’ve ever had anywhere (high end AND low end!).

Results should last for weeks if you maintain them with a nice moisturizer each day (I’m only about 3 weeks post use and my feet are still doing good!).

Intrigued yet?

A few notes before you start!
Just a few things to keep in mind if you want to give these a try…
  • It takes about a week to get the full results…you won’t see any change in your feet upon removing the booties, so these require a bit of patience.
  • You should start seeing some initial results after about 3 days, but generally this is the skin on the top of your foot that probably isn’t in bad shape. Just keep waiting…
  • It’s gross…but oh so satisfying (the gross factor is why I’m sparing you any photos!).
  • It doesn’t hurt at any stage. There is no burning or itching or anything like that, so you don’t have to worry about any discomfort (other than your feet feeling rather dry during that week where the magic is happening, but this is a GOOD thing!).
  • Do this before sandal season! You do NOT want to be showing your feet when the molting occurs! Likewise, if you have a big event coming up where you are wearing strappy shoes…plan to do this at least a week before the big event for best results. I was able to wear flats during this process since the tops of my feet never got scaly or nasty (it just had a few very small patches of flakiness, but you had to be close to my feet to spot that).
How does it work?

Planning a DIY Pedicure? These Baby Foot booties are amazing and made my feet baby soft!

It’s really pretty simple, but allow me to go over the steps…
  • Soak your feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes to get the skin nice and soft.
  • Stick your feet in the Baby Foot booties and use the included adhesive strips to close them around your ankles. Each bootie is filled with a thick gel that has all kinds of good stuff to get rid of super dry and scaly skin on your feet.
  • Kick back and relax for an hour (or more!) while the magic starts to happen.
  • After the designated time, remove the booties and dispose of them. Rinse your feet off to remove any remaining residue.
  • For about a week afterwards, you need to soak your feet in warm water for awhile every day. I would close off the stopper in the tub while I showered every morning to let it fill up a little so my feet could soak. I also soaked them a little some of the evenings when I had time.
Planning a DIY Pedicure? These Baby Foot booties are amazing and made my feet baby soft!

My foot in the bootie!

Tips for getting the best results…
Based on my experience and some pre-Baby Foot research, I do have a few useful tips to share…
  • Resist the urge to apply any moisturizer to your feet for the week this stuff is doing it’s thing (this was REALLY hard for me!).
  • The package says to leave the booties on for 1 hour, but I had read online that it’s okay to leave it on longer, so I left them on for almost 90 minutes (I wanted to make sure I got the most out of it!).
  • This should go without saying, but if you have any open sores on your feet, you don’t want to stick your feet into these booties. Just wait until it heals.
  • After about 3 days, you’ll start seeing a little flakiness on the tops of your feet. Just keep waiting! By day 4-5, the bottoms of your feet start to molt. No joke. And it’s pretty nasty (but oh so satisfying!). At this point, to help things along, immediately after getting out of the shower, I used a dry washcloth to very gently rub the scaly areas to exfoliate the flaky skin.

On day 7, I finally applied moisturizer since the process seemed complete and I’m telling you, my feet have never been so soft!!

I will likely do this again in late April since that’s right before it gets warm enough here to start wearing sandals. To keep things soft, I continue to use a thick body butter on my feet as soon as I get out of the shower every morning.

Want to give these a try? You can find them online at Amazon!


What do you think folks? Does this seem like something you’d want to try? Do you have any tips for getting your feet super soft and sandal ready? Leave me a comment and let know!

I was not asked to do a review of this product…I just happened to try it and love it, so I wanted to share it forward!  This post does, however, contain an affiliate link and if you purchase it through my link to Amazon, I get a few extra pennies!


  1. 4

    Taylor Yates says

    I NEED these in my life. Not only are my feet terrible right now, but I’m such a sucker for a beauty product with a very visible and tangible benefit, and this clearly fits the bill. These are a little pricy but if I’m feeling like a splurge, I may have to order, especially before the summer.


    • 5


      Hey Taylor! Yeah, they’re a little pricey for a one time use product, but this is one of those that I can say is definitely worth it. If you give them a try, let me know how it goes! :-)

  2. 6


    I bought a two-pack of Baby Foot about a month ago and I’ve been saving it! I want to try it when it’s a little closer to flip-flop season. Thanks for the tip about stopping the shower drain to soak them. I’ll be sure to do that when I try mine. I can’t wait! =)

    • 7


      Hi Miranda! You’ll love it! So smart to have picked up a 2-pack…I’ll probably do it one more time before it gets flip flop season here, which should have them in prime shape for perfect summer feet.

  3. 8


    I am SO excited you did a review about products for soft feet! This winter weather in Ohio has been KILLING my poor tootsies and I am in desperate need for a miracle product. Right now I am using a million moisturizers and that is barely making a dent! I will definitely be purchasing this! Thanks!

    • 9


      Yes! You will LOVE this, Karen…once this works it’s magic, all those moisturizers will be able to do their thing and make your tootsies even softer!! Let me know how it goes!

  4. 10


    I read about these a few months ago but never got around to trying it. Thanks for such a thorough, honest review. I will definitely check them out again!

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