13 Skin, Hair, and Makeup Tips for Spring

Even though the temps aren’t exactly ‘warm’ here in New England, the calendar says its spring.  After all the snow this winter, I for one am ready to embrace it!  With that in mind, it’s time to ditch the winter routines in favor of Spring-friendly products and colors!  Today, I’m sharing 13 skin, hair, and makeup tips for spring so you’re not left behind when those temps start rising!

13 Skin, Hair, and Makeup Tips for Spring via randomlittlefaves.com

Fall and winter gives us the ability to embrace deeper colors and heavier products to keep our skin hydrated and fresh. But, with sloughing off the extra layers of clothes and the world around us beginning to burst with colors, those are no longer practical. 

Spring is the time for lighter layers, brighter colors, and less time in front of the mirror and more time outside!

Just as your wardrobe gets a bit of an overhaul with the changing seasons, your skin, hair, and makeup routines should as well!

Skin Care

Dry, harsh winter temps leaves our skin parched and in need of an extra dose of moisture.  I don’t know about you, but I tend to go a little heavier on the moisturizer during these months to keep my skin looking its best.  With the rise in temperature and humidity, your needs will change.  Also, spending more time outside will impact your skin and using products to combat this will keep your skin in tip top shape!

1Sunscreen: You should wear sunscreen year round, but in the warmer months, be sure to increase your SPF!  Not only are the rays are stronger, but you’ll likely start being outside more often enjoying the nicer weather.  Aim for an SPF of at least 20, but up that if you’re planning to be outside for an extended period of time.

2Lighter day cream: Since your skin won’t be as dry, you don’t need as heavy of a day moisturizer as you might during the colder months.   Plus, with hotter temps and rising humidity, you’ll appreciate the lighter formula so that your face doesn’t feel like it’s shrouded in a heavy mask!

3Gel cleansers: In warmer weather skin is more susceptible to clogged pores from the pollution in the air and the sweat on your face.  Gel cleansers provide a deeper cleaning which is perfect for cleaning out the day’s gunk.  It can also help diminish shine, which is ideal when there is more moisture in the air!


Unless you’re going to a fancy shindig, the general principle for makeup in warmer months is “less is more”.  To see a full face of heavy makeup just looks out of place in warmer seasons!  So, aim for more of a natural look…not only will it fit better for the season, you’ll spend less time in from of the mirror and more time outside having some fun!

4Bronzers and Self-Tanners: As we come out of the winter months, give yourself a bit of a head start by giving yourself a little color.  Using self-tanners and/or bronzers will help you achieve this the healthy way. (and please girls…avoid the tanning beds!!)

5BB Cream or Tinted Foundation: It’s time to ditch the heavy foundation for BB Cream or a Tinted Moisturizer (this one is a good one!).  Both provide a lighter coverage, but they still even out your skin tone and provide a little color. 

6Highlighters: To give yourself a bit of a glow, use a highlighter to provide a little shimmer and life to your face.  My one word of advice…use a LIGHT hand with highlighters or you’ll look like you have landing strips on your face!

7Pretty Lips:
It’s time to set the dark, berry shades aside until next fall.  With spring, it’s all about sheer, brighter shades.  Lighter pinks, peaches, and corals will fit better for the warmer season, so slap on a good moisturizing lip balm (with SPF!) and pop on a pretty shade to brighten up your face!

Hair Care

Taking care of your hair for warmer months can be a breeze if you do it right.  Lots of product and overly styled hair just won’t do for the higher temps and humidity, so embrace a simpler look to work with the elements and save you some time!

8Texturizer: This may edge more towards summer than spring, but if you want to push the beachy look a little early, I won’t tell!  A good texturizer will help you get the beachy, tousled look.  Even if it’s not quite summer, with the windy days of spring, starting with a tousled look will fit right in once the wind does its thing!

9Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo will be your friend for reviving limp hair flattened by the heat and humidity.  Not only will it give it a boost, it can revive second day hair to get you out the door faster!  Just spritz a little on your roots, give it a few minutes, then brush it through with your fingers to revive those locks!

10Less (or lighter) Products: The humidity will start weighing down hair, so start using a slightly lighter hand with products so you’re not weighing it down even more.  Be careful with overdoing it or you’ll end up with flat, lifeless hair, which is exactly what you don’t want!

11Anti-Frizz Product: To combat the humidity, once it starts arriving, add an anti-frizz product to the mix.  Personally, I don’t get the frizzies on humid days, I get completely limp, blah hair (so, I guess the opposite of big, frizzy hair!), but I know this is an issue for a lot of you ladies, so I didn’t want to forget to mention it!

Bonus! A few other things!

I have two more tips that didn’t quite fit in the other categories (well, one might’ve fit in either makeup or skincare, so I decided to list it here to give it its own place!), so we wrap up with an ‘Bonus’ category!

12Perfume: With the change of seasons, it’s time to switch out the heavier, muskier scents for something lighter. Hotter and more humid temps will make heavier and muskier scents even stronger (and slightly oppressive, in my opinion), so do yourself a favor by using a lighter scent.  

13Blotting Tissues: Blotting tissues are a girl’s best friend!  Oily girls love them year round, but those of us with drier skin benefit from them in the warmer months as well.  There are a lot on the market, but my personal favorite is by Tatcha.  They make my skin look and feel fresh and new!


One final note before we wrap this up…

As we all know, spring time is the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning.  Cleaning out the clutter will do wonders for starting off the season right!  Not only will cleaning out the junk in your house make you feel much better, taking a little time to clean out your makeup kit will also do wonders for your skin!

Take a few minutes to toss out any old makeup that you haven’t used in a few months (or longer!), darker colors that you won’t use in the warmer months (and won’t be good by the time fall rolls around), etc.  Also take the time to clean your brushes and tools so you’re not layering on winter gunk, grime, and bacteria!  Now that your makeup drawer is a little lighter and your brushes and tools are cleaned and ready to go, treat yourself to a makeup shopping trip for some new spring colors!


What are some of your favorite products for the warmer months?  Are you looking forward to the lighter, brighter colors of spring?! I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and let me know!

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    • 17


      I just went to Ulta today looking for some springy lip glosses and brought home 2 new ones that I can’t wait to try! I may have to check out that perfume next time I’m in either Ulta or Sephora…sounds lovely! :-)

  1. 20


    These are all great tips! My hair and skin get super dry in the winter, so I’m really looking forward to not having that be an issue anymore, although I will certainly have to keep an anti-frizz product around.

    • 21


      Yeah, my skin is definitely looking forward to the warmer weather so it won’t be as dry. I can’t wait to get rid of my sandpaper hands, lol.

  2. 24

    Sara says

    Great tips! I love using dry shampoo and anti-frizz products, but they both (EVEN the anti-frizz stuff) make my hair frizzier! I think it must just be a permanent issue… are there any particular brands you recommend? I am going to try blotting tissues as well. I hate that summer shine. :)

    • 27


      I hear ya! We’re still in our winter coats in CT, too. I can’t wait to just get rid of those bulky things!! Soon, hopefully (and by ‘soon’ I mean sometime in the next month, hopefully!).

  3. 28


    I definitely take advantage of the lighter makeup, less product approach during the warmer weather. It gets so hot here that there’s really no point in putting on a lot of product just to have it melt off. I do love adding a bright pink lip color though. Especially for evenings. I love wearing red lipstick and smokey eyes all year but it can look a little odd during the summer so I switch to bright pink or coral and lighter tones for eyeshadow…

    • 29


      Ooh…I love a bright pink lip! I need to find a good one for this summer (still plenty of time in CT before it gets warm, unfortunately!). Ponytails and hats are definitely the way I tend to go in the summer…darn humidity flattens my hair in minutes!

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