Hot Accessories for Spring 2015

When it comes to clothes, I’m pretty casual and I don’t really get too dressy, too often, so I am definitely not a fashionista.  I do, however, LOVE accessories and shoes!  Jewelry, bags, hats, etc…basically all the thing little extras you can use to jazz up an outfit are totally my thing, so I guess you could call me an accessorista! With Spring arriving at the end of next week (woohoo!), I’ve been checking out the fashion reports for what will be in and rounded up a few hot accessories for Spring 2015 that I’m crushing on right now.

Hot Accessories for Spring 2015 via

Have you heard of the ‘third piece’ rule? It’s a little fashion rule for helping you to always look polished and together.  The premise is that you add a third piece to pull your look together.  

Your shoes and any coats worn for the weather to stay warm or dry, don’t count.  Your pants/skirt and shirt are your first and second pieces.  Then you add a third piece! It could be a piece of statement jewelry; a sweater, blazer, or vest over your shirt; a hat; etc. Basically, an extra piece to take it from blah to wow!

This is where your accessories really come into play!  You’re not limited to only adding one extra piece, but the idea is that you add at least that third item.  You could wear a cute blazer or sweater over your shirt as your third piece then add a statement necklace, for example.

Apparently, a lot of the retail stores have this in their dress code guidelines for their employees (just in case you always wondered why they look so polished and together!).

To get you ready for Spring, I’ve rounded up just a *few* accessories to get you going!

First, though, let’s take a look at the ‘in’ colors for 2015 based on Pantone’s research (in the order of the most popular colors).  

Pantone 2015 Spring Color Palette via

This year it’s all about soft, earthy colors.  As you can see, various shades of blues/greens are going to be hot this year!

As for the fashion reports, I did a little research and bucket bags and crossbodies are still in.  Clutches with handles or straps will be big, as will saddle bag inspired crossbodies.  Metallics and prints will be big for bags, as will round bags (which looks very vintage 60s to me).

For jewelry, gold/brassy colors will be hot and chokers and wrist cuffs look to be popular statement pieces.

I saw a lot of tassels…on bags, scarves, and even jewelry, so look for those little embellishments when picking up your spring accessories.

Based on all of this, I scoured a few of my favorite shopping sites to start compiling my Spring wish list and here are a few of my favorites…


1. Leather Tie Multi Strand Necklace  |  2. Leather Triple Wrap Bracelet  |  3. Bright Tassel Bead Necklace  |  4. Modernized Pearl Ring  |  5. Open Cuff Bracelet


Bags for Spring 2015 via

1. Embossed Leather Bucket Bag  |  2. Riley Top Zip Bag (color: mint green)  |  3. Fold Over Clutch

Hats, Belts, and Scarves

Hats, Scarves, & Belts for Spring 2015 via

1. Geo Print Pom-Pom Scarf  |  2. Knotted Belt  |  3. Lace Tube Scarf  |  4. Crocheted Lace Fedora 


While I’m seriously loving all of this, my absolute faves are the crocheted hat, the pearl ring, and the pom-pom scarf.  A lot of stores are already having sales, so I might just have to pick up a few of these, even though I won’t get to wear any of them for another month or two.  But who can pass up a good sale!?

Your turn friends…what’s on your fashion wish list for this Spring?  What are you thinking about the ‘in’ colors this season? And…does anything on my list tickle your fancy?  Leave me a comment and let me know!!

Individual images courtesy of Ann Taylor Loft, H&M, Banana Republic, Fossil, and American Eagle Outfitters.


  1. 15


    Love spring accessories! The warmer weather always makes me want to dress cuter haha. I’m loving the statement necklaces and the bucket bag!

  2. 17


    I love the jewelry! I really want to start buying spring clothes and accessories!! I think I also need a new purse for spring …


  3. 19


    Oh yes! We need to be better friends, because accessorizing is so NOT my thing! I have been getting better about scarves (and sometimes belts), but that’s about it. Haha! But spring is a perfect time to practice! Thanks for the tips!

    • 20


      Lol, Rikki! Accessorizing is definitely my favorite part of an outfit and what I love shopping for…clothes on the other hand…I hate shopping for, lol! Yes! Spring is a perfect time for practice with all the fun colors!

  4. 21

    Taylor Yates says

    I love the #2 spring bag – the mint one! Classy, cute, and a fun color! Great guide!

    • 24


      I love that about scarves!! I love how they can add that pop of color that can completely jazz up an outfit!! White capri pants are so perfect for summer….can’t wait until it’s warm enough to indulge in those!

  5. 27


    LOVE that bucket bag… but I have so many bags (wait…did I just say that?!) that I really shouldnt purchase another right now. But I do love hats and its fun to wear those in the summer so perhaps I can sneak that into the closet! :)

    • 28


      A girl can never have too many bags, is my working philosophy (its the only way I can justify the number of bags I own, but I’m trying to get better, lol)! I’m thinking that hat is going to be making it’s way to me soon…can’t stop thinking about it!! lol

  6. 29


    teal, custard yellow and the almond colour are massive for weddings this year. A lot of people are going mismatched brights too. One of the most interesting parts of the job!! Glad to see it’s flitering through to fashion!

    • 30


      Those are gorgeous colors for weddings! And I love the idea of mismatched colors, especially for bridesmaids. I’ll have to be on the lookout for those this spring! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. 31

    Katie says

    Oh How I am ready for Spring and Spring clothes!!! Love this post. I wish I could pull off hats like the cute one you shared… they usually don’t fit :(

    • 32


      Hi Katie! I LOVE hats, but I don’t remember to wear them too often in the summer. My problem is my hair…it gets squashed under hats, so when I wear one, it’s a total commitment for the day, lol. But…I do think I need this crocheted hat. I can’t stop thinking about it! Thanks so much for stopping by! :-)

  8. 33

    Dana says

    I love your term “accessorista” :) I’ve noticed a lot of tassels too…I may need to add some to my accessory collection. I don’t think I have much of anything in the color palette for Spring in my closet either! I have a lot of shopping to do 😉

    • 34


      Hi Dana! Yes…I have much shopping to do, lol (if I must, well, I guess I must!). I was on the fence about the tassels when I first starting noticing them, but now I’m on board! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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