A Look Back at my FAVE Beauty Products!

Are you a beauty product junkie?  Do you love to try out new products?  If you are, I’m betting you’ve stumbled across some products that you can’t live without, am I right?  Since I’m focusing on Beauty Products this month, I wanted to share my pick of products that are, in my opinion, the best of the best and I definitely cannot live without any of these!!

Taking a look back at my all time favorite hair, makeup, skin/body, and other products!  These are the products I can't live without because they never fail to make me look & feel my best!

I love trying out new products, whether that be makeup, hair, or skin products.  I have a weakness for the promises of marketers touting the oh-so-amazing results of their products.

I’ve written about a number of different products since I started this blog back in September 2013 (in fact, when I first started my blog, that was pretty much the main thing I blogged about!).  I thought it might be fun to highlight those products that I still use despite trying more new products than I can count.

These products are the ones that I cannot live without and think they are worth their weight in gold! I continually get amazing results from them, so why not share these with everyone as a fun little, mid-week round up!


BB_MousseBumble and Bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse – this is by far my favorite mousse!  It doesn’t make my hair stiff, but gives it plenty of volume.

orofluido_elixarOrofluido Hair Elixir – This stuff is one of my little secret weapons.  It makes my hair look so smooth and shiny.  But, aside from what it does to my hair…it smells amazing!

Tigi HairsprayTIGI Hair Reborn Flexible Finishing Spray – this hairspray is probably my favorite thing out of all of these products! Fortunately, my hair salon carries it, so I can get it there, otherwise, I’d have to hoard this stuff!  It has such an amazing hold without being stiff or ‘hairspray-y’ and smells awesome!!


philosophy_az_creamPhilosophy Hope in a Jar A to Z Cream – I love using this when I don’t need a lot of makeup (weekends or work from home days) and it’s especially nice in the hot, summer months!

Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup – I love this stuff…I brush it on my face after I apply my liquid foundation and it does a great job of setting my makeup for the day.

Jouer-ThumbnailJouer Matte Moisture Tint Foundation – I’ve mentioned this on numerous occasions, but this stuff continues to be my all time favorite foundation! It’s creamy and has amazing coverage and just makes my skin look like silk!


caldrea-body-creme-thumbnailCaldrea Body Creme – this is my FAVORITE body cream.  It’s light, but super moisturizing and smells SO good.


formula-x-thumbnailSephora’s Formula X Polish – this stuff is seriously the BEST nail polish ever (just be sure to use their base coat for the best results!).

baby-foot-thumbnailBaby Foot – With warmer temps moving in, it’s time to get your tootsies sandal ready.  These booties, filled with ooey-gooey gel that literally eats off the dead, dry skin is the best way to get them there!


So, friends, what are your can’t-live-without products?  Is there anything you would sell a kidney for to be sure you were never out of stock of it (kidding about the kidney of course!)?  Leave me a comment and let me know! I’d love to find some new faves to add to this list!


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      Hi Angela! It’s a plastic bootie thing that comes with the gel that does all of the magic already inside the bootie. So, you just put one on each foot and then secure it closed (they include little sticky strips to do this), then sit back and relax for an hour or so. Then you just remove them, wash off your feet! You won’t see results right away…this stuff does its thing by making it slough off over the course of the next week. And it takes a few days to kick in before you see it start to work…then it gets pretty nasty before your new baby soft skin emerges, lol. I’m actually going to order another set just to get my feet in primo shape for spring (they’re still pretty good after doing this in February!).

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    If only I had time to pamper myself. I love shopping for makeup and hair products, but with twin toddlers and a budding freelance writing career, I have NO time for anything!

    All my makeup is from before the kids were born (well except my mascara. You HAVE to change that often). But, their are two products that I still use and still love:

    Laura Mercier Concealer for my circles (have to look peppy) and
    the POREfessional by Benefit.

    Both these products hide my imperfections and gives a clean slate to dab on some makeup and be outta the house.

    The Philosophy Hope in a Jar looks like that should be part of my arsenal of makeup. Will have to try it out soon.


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      Hi Elna! Oh my…twin toddlers (nuff said, right there!) and a budding new career…yep, I bet time is very previous for you! I have use POREfessional and love it as well. I’m bad about switching to something else and forgetting how awesome it is until I pick it up and try it again and wonder why I stopped using it! LOL I’m betting you would LOVE the Philosophy Hope in Jar cream…it packs a punch by acting as moisturizing, sunscreen, and a nice tint/coverage all in one and you smear it on just like a moisturizer, so you don’t have to spend forever applying it ‘just right’. Good luck with everything on your plate! :)

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      Baby Foot is AWESOME!!! Although, it’s definitely one of those products that’s best used *before* it’s warm out because for several days, the peeling and molting of your feet is pretty gross and not something you want to put on display with sandals, but if you can hide your feet for those few days (if it’s already warm there), it’s SO worth it. i doubted how effective it would be so it completely floored me with how soft it made my feet :).

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    The Orofluido Hair Elixir is my absolute favorite hair product! I got it in my Birchbox a long time ago and fell in love! It lasts a super long time too! I’ve been wanting to try the shampoo and conditioner because I love the smell so much too! I might have to try baby feet! My feet get super dry!

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      Yes!! I got my sample of the Orofluido through Birchbox years ago and well and it has been a fave since then. And you’re right…a bottle of that stuff lasts forever!! I think I’ve only had to reorder twice and the bottle I’m on now is still 3/4 full (at least!). I tried their deep conditioner and was disappointed. It smelled good, but my other deep conditioner was better, so I don’t really use the one from Orofluido (in fact I may have tossed it by now!). Definitely try Baby Foot!! You won’t be disappointed ;).

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    Those baby foot booties are really wonderful. I bought a package of them last summer and at first I was hesitant on using them, and I didn’t think they worked that well, but boy was I wrong. In a day or two my feet were peeling and it really helped with my calloused tops of my toes. I enjoyed wearing sandals again :-)

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      Exactly!! It’s almost like you can’t believe how good they work until you give it a try, then you’re hooked. I need to order another pair to do it one more time before it warms up for good around here!

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    I love the Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturizer, but I’ve never tried the tinted version. I bet it’s amazing! If L’Oreal ever discontinues their Carbon Black mascara, I will cry huge mascara-less tears forever. I try new mascara from time to time but that stuff is just it for me. I doubt I’ll ever find one I like as much and with a great price. Let’s just hope that never happens…

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      You are the 2nd person to tell me they love the L’Oreal mascara, so will be trying that once I get lower on my current mascaras! I would much rather pay the lower price and have the convenience of just swinging by Target to get more when I run out (although, it’s a toss up which would be more expensive…a stop in at Target or Sephora since both are places I can never just go in and grab the ONE thing I need, lol).

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    This is an AWESOME curation of products, Vicky! I’ve been dying to try something by Jouer, so I guess this will be my first experiment! I’ve also never tried Sephora’s nail polish, but that’s some seal of approval! I’m currently obsessed with the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry line…definitely does exactly what it says it does!


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      Thanks Erica!! The Jouer products are fantastic, but that foundation is definitely my fave. I recently heard they’ve started a quarterly subscription box and I’m resisting with all my might…I’ve got enough boxes coming my way, but sigh…it’s tempting, lol. Definitely try out the Formula X polish, but the key is the base coat…if you get nothing else, get that because it’ll help extend the life of other brands of polish that you use on top of it, but with that combined with their polish (and top coat)…perfection & long lasting mani!

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    I will definitely be checking out that Jouer foundation. I seem to not find one that I am swooning over…even though I find some that I really like. I’m still on the hunt for that perfect one for me! Thanks for the fab list!! http://www.GlamKaren.com

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      They have a few types (I can’t remember if I mentioned that in my original post, lol) and I’ve tried one other Jouer foundation because you can buy it in mini travel tubes (genius!), but I didn’t like it nearly as much as the Mattifying one…that one just seems to be the perfect one for me!

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