Depotting Makeup: The Key to Saving Space

Have you ever heard of depotting your makeup?  If you haven’t, it’s a fantastic way of minimizing all of the various compacts that you have filling up your makeup table or makeup bag.  If you have heard of it, but have been too scared to give it a try, let me assure you, it’s not as bad as it seems!

I first heard of depotting makeup several years ago and it instantly intrigued me.  As a lot of women, I have a lot of makeup. Sometimes its hard to see everything you have if you have to open numerous compacts at one time.  So, I don’t know about you, but that meant I tended to stick to a specific palette at any given time.

Furthermore, when you travel, you can’t take it all with you, which means you have to pick your faves and hope they’re all in the same compact/palette.

That is, unless you depot your makeup!

This is what I started with…no way do I want to carry all of this with me when I travel!

Depotting your makeup applies to any makeup that comes in a compact.  So, think eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, and pressed powders for example.  The goal is to break them free of their containers!

So…what do you do with them after you remove them from their containers?

You corral them in a magnetic compact where YOU decide how to organize them!

BONUS! At the end of this post, I’m giving you two PDF’s with exact instructions on how to depot 2 of the most popular eyeshadow palettes out there! (if you have others, the same principles apply)

These are all eyeshadows from various brands…

Some makeup companies sell their makeup depotted already and if you use those brands it’ll save a little of the hassle.  MAC and Mary Kay are two that come to mind.  Both of these companies also sell magnetic cases where you can create your own palettes. But, even those, have a lot of wasted plastic taking up precious space.  Also, they’re specific to their brands and makeup by other brands won’t necessarily fit.

Over the years, I have acquired numerous eyeshadow palettes that I love, including the Urban Decay Naked 2 and the small Basics palette.  When I traveled, they were a pain because they were so bulky and big!  And I didn’t even need all of those colors for one trip (or I wanted a few from one palette and few from the other).

So…I depotted them!  And I haven’t looked back sense!

This is a case with just bronzers, blushes, and highlighters…

I originally wrote about this when I first started this blog back in September 2013.  I wanted to revisit this because I think it’s one of those things a lot of people still don’t know about and should!

I use a Unii Palette to store my makeup and to take with me when traveling.

At home, I use separate ones for eye shadow, blushes, etc.

But, when I travel, I use only one palette and I put in my must have shadows, blush, and bronzer.  The beauty is that I grab shadows from different brands, so I have my own customized palette!!  It basically takes my makeup bag from a bulky collection of plastic compacts, to one streamlined case.

An example of a palette I might take on a trip with me…shadows, blush, highlighter, and bronzer all in one sleek, slim case!

I’ve been using this system for two years and I’ve taken my palette with me on numerous trips – domestic and international.  My makeup has never suffered any mishaps!  This case is rock solid!

If you like to carry makeup with you to work or to the gym, this would again, help lighten the load!

One final note…I was initially terrified of getting rid of the cases my makeup came in because, well, they’re kinda pretty and if you ‘collect’ your makeup, the case is part of it, right?  Well, having ripped apart the cases, I’ve never looked back or regretted it!

I have a few new palettes that I need to depot once I have the time and it’s driving me crazy that they’re still in their own cases!

The benefit of having everything organized and much less bulk in my bag far outweighs any tears over the loss of the original packaging!

BONUS! Want to know how to depot your makeup? I’ve put together a couple of PDFs showing you exactly how to do it! Be sure to download your own copy!!


What do you think? Have you ever depotted your makeup?  Would you give it a try? Leave me a comment below and let’s chat about it!


  1. 1


    I’ve been meaning to do this myself. I’m just so lazy. I’m going on vacation next month so I better get on it. I love my makeup, but it’s true no one palette has everything :(

    • 2


      I hear you, Kat! It’s one of those things that you want to take the time to do, but it’s hard to make the time! If you get a chance before you go on vacation, you’ll love having more flexibility when you pack up your makeup for the trip :)…good luck and have fun on vaca!!

    • 4


      It really is awesome! There are some other companies that sell magnetic compacts as well, like Z Palette, but I don’t think their as secure and sturdy. But, just so you know, there are some other options out there! :)

  2. 5


    This is incredibly smart! I was just looking at my Naked palette the other day thinking about what I’m going to do when I want to travel with it -right now it’s so inconvenient! Awesome idea!!

    • 6


      Yes! That’s the main reason I love it is for traveling. While it’s not too hard to do it, it is a bit of an upfront pain, but so worth it! :)

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