Weekly Highlights & Inspiration – Week 1

It’s Saturday and for the month of April, I’m going to be starting a new series every Saturday to reflect back on the week!  If I like it and you guys enjoy it, I can make it a regular thing going forward, but for now, we’re giving it a test run!

There is so much good stuff in the blog world that I want to share the best links that I find throughout the week.  I try to share things via Twitter during the week, but I don’t always have a chance and for some articles, it just needs to be shared even more!

I had some candles that arrived with broken containers.  Instead of trying to send them back, I removed the broken glass and melted them down to make my own candles! Super easy and fun! 

I signed up for Susannah Conway’s April Love 2015.  It’s not a class, just a daily sharing of love throughout the month via emails and a daily Instagram challenge (#AprilLove2015).  I am loving it!

I ordered this book this week and can’t wait to read through it (I’ve heard so many good things about it lately!).  Thanks so Amazon Prime, I received it yesterday and from flipping through it, it’ll be quick read. 


I love oatmeal, but as you know, it can get a bit boring.  So, I was thrilled to run across this recipe for Coconut Latte Overnight Oats by Fit Foodie Finds!  I am definitely going to try these, very soon!

Ever felt burned out?  Of course…we all do!  I loved this article by Gala Darling about one question to ask yourself when you do experience the dreaded burn out.

We all know washing our hair every single day is bad for it.  Kate over at The Small Things Blog is a hair master and she explains how to stretch your wash for 3 days.  If only my hair could look that cute (even on day 1!).

I’m currently in the process of planning a European vacation for later this year to Vienna, Budapest, and Ljubljana.  I was happy to see Ljubljana got the seal of approval from the World of Wanderlust!

Alright bloggers, every felt a little intimidated or uncomfortable with promoting yourself?  Then let the ladies at A Beautiful Mess show you how it’s done!

Abby is one of my newer blogging buddies and I adore her posts!  This week, she wrote a FAB article on why Being Cool Doesn’t Matter and you should just be yourself.  Amen!!


I reviewed SIX awesome books (just in case you’re in search of a good read!).
I wrapped up my 4 part Mobile Photography series with a bunch of Tips & Tricks.
I shared my six favorite bargain beauty buys.

Your turn friends…how was your week?  What inspired you this week?


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    Taylor Yates says

    The article about making your hair last was so interesting – I just wish I knew how to use a curling iron…it is seriously bad that I haven’t learned yet. Also loved the post from Abby – she hit the nail on the head!


    • 6


      As a child of the 80s, I definitely have the curling iron thing down, lol (not that I haven’t gotten more than my fair share of burns and sometimes in the most random places from those things!!). I have 2 tips for when you decide to give it a try – don’t set the curling iron too hot until you get the hang of it (or you’ll end up with singed, burned hair!) and don’t bother with those curling rod things that don’t have the little lever part that holds your hair…I still haven’t had luck with those, lol!

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