What’s in my Makeup Bag?

I don’t know about you, but I love to look into other people’s bags (with their permission of course!).  Maybe I’m nosy, or maybe it’s just the prospect of discovering new products! Either way, I think it’s safe to assume that I’m not alone on this one, so that’s why I thought it’d be fun to share what’s in my makeup bag!

I love to try out makeup products and I’m always on the hunt to find those special products that I can’t live without! I’ve gotten lucky and stumbled upon several that fall into that category, but I’m still on the hunt for a few others.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve had to travel on two trips, so I’ve had to go through my makeup and pick my faves in order to take the absolute minimums on my trips.  I figured this might make a fun post to share the products that I’ve found that work really well and make the cut as my favorites!

Ready to take a quick peek?

1| Jouer Matte  Moisture Tint
I’ve been using this liquid foundation for several years and LOVE it! Nothing compares to Jouer’s Matte Moisture Tint, in my opinion.  I’ve even tried Jouer’s other foundation and didn’t like it nearly as much.  I love the coverage, texture, staying power, and how smooth it makes my skin look.  I’ve reviewed this one in the past, so if you want more details, then be sure to check out that post.

2| Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Undereye Primer
You’ll quickly see that I’m a big fan of primers.  They just prep the skin and face for the makeup you’re about to slap on there.  Smashbox’s Undereye Primer, which I’ve discussed in the past, allows my concealer to ‘stick’ better and last longer.  Love this stuff!

3| Benefit Fake Up Concealer
I’ve tried a lot of concealers in my day. Having fair skin and a habit of not getting enough sleep, I need a good one! What I love about Benefit’s Fake Up Concealer is that it covers nicely, yet it’s not heavy and doesn’t look cake-y after a couple of hours.  I think part of the secret is the ring of moisturizer that surrounds the actual concealer.  I love this stuff so much that I have two tubes – one in my makeup kit in my bag, and one on my makeup table!

4| Bare Minerals Well Rested Eye Brightener
I’ve been using this Eye Brightener by Bare Minerals a couple of months now and really like it!  I use a light hand when I apply it and I brush it over the Fake Up concealer.  This stuff does a great job of brightening the eye area and hiding any lingering dark rings that the Fake Up might not have gotten.  You just have to be sure to use a light hand…dust on too much of this and it will look powdery and cake-y.

5| Smashbox Photo Finish Eye Lid Primer
Like I said….I love my primers!  I’ve tried several eyelid primers in the past and I always return to Smashbox’s Lid Primer!  It really evens out the eyelid and when I want to do a quick 5 minute face, this works perfectly for giving me a nice, natural lid with no shadow needed!  When I do apply shadow on top of it (which is most days), there is no creasing or caking. It holds the colors all day long!

6| Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette
I love eye shadow palettes and I have a hard time resisting new ones that come out on the market! But the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette has held my attention for the past several months and I use it almost exclusively these days.  The colors are awesome for a nice natural eye (which is what I prefer during the day).  It layers on nicely and the compact is nice and sturdy for travel!

7| Laura Geller Baked Foundation
I’ve only been using Laura Geller’s Baked Foundation for two weeks and I have fallen hard for it.  I brush this on top of my Jouer foundation to set my face and makeup.  When you first sweep it on, it may not appear that it does much, but just wait until you’re out and about and catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror.  Your skin will glow!  It’ll also look smooth and oh so natural.  I LOVE this stuff!!

8| Laura Geller Baked Cheek Color
This little sample sized Baked Cheek Color by Laura Geller came in my latest Birchbox and is what introduced me to the awesome-ness of Laura Geller products!  I adore this baked blush! It gives such a nice color and since it contains a highlighter, it gives a nice glow (better than any highlighter I’ve ever used!).

9| Laura Geller Waterproof Eyeliner & Stila Eyeliner
For my daytime look, I prefer going with a natural look. I don’t have the time in the mornings (nor the office environment!) for a heavier eye. 

I like to use a very thin black liner in the lash line to thicken up my puny lashes. This Eyeliner by Laura Geller (yep…another new love from this brand!) is waterproof so it stays put during the day (but comes off easily with makeup remover wipes). It also keeps a relatively sharp point, which I prefer.

For my upper lasers, I’ll use a darker shadow (than the rest of my eyeshadow) with a liner brush to add a little more depth. For my lower lashes, I love this Stila liner in Sepia. It’s a light brown, but adds just a touch of something-something.

10| LORAC Cobra Mascara
The LORAC Cobra mascara is awesome (although I’m still on the hunt for a mascara to fall in love with that doesn’t break the bank!). This stuff lengthens and lasts all day, all without clumping. I would like a touch more thickening, but it’ll do for now!

11| NYX Lip Gloss
I recently talked about these in my post on 6 Best Bargain Beauty Buys. I’m only showing one here, but that’s deceptive. I generally have several of these NYX lip glosses in my bag! NYX is one of my fave lip gloss brands!

12| Jouer Makeup Bag
I love almost anything in leopard print, so I adore this leopard makeup bag. It’s by Jouer but I received it in a gift set that I ordered via Birchbox last year, but fortunately, it’s available for sale on it’s own!  It’s the perfect size to hold everything I might need without adding a lot of bulk, and looks cute too!

Not pictured | Face Primer
I forgot this one…oops! Currently I alternate between two different primers and really it just comes down to my mood when I’m putting on my makeup.  I love Benefit’s That Gal Primer and LORAC’s Pore Perfection Primer. 

I feel like the Benefit one gives a little more “stick” for my foundation and the LORAC one gives a better mattifying effect.
Your turn, friends! What are your favorite products that you can’t live without? Do any of these that I mentioned intrigue you? I’d love to hear what you think, so leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. 25


    I really want to try the Laura Geller cheek color! I also am interested in how you use the Smashbox Undereye Primer…I got some free when I worked at Ulta last summer (I got so much free stuff – dream job!) but I didn’t know how to use it. It makes sense that you’d use it under some sort of concealer – duh! I always just put it on and expected something to happen, I’m not really sure what. Now I know!


    • 26


      That’s exactly what I do Taylor…after I put on my foundation, but before any powder, I apply a little of the undereye primer. Then, I apply the concealer on top of that. I find it moisturizes the skin there a little more and makes the concealer last longer and not get cakey. Hope that helps!! (and the Laura Geller check color….swoon! That stuff is seriously awesome…just be sure to get the ‘baked’ one so it has the highlighters in it..that’s the secret sauce!).

    • 28


      Thanks you Samantha! I need to branch out and try other NYX products because I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. So far, I’ve only tried the lipgloss!

    • 30


      It’s definitely a great palette!! I just checked out your post (thanks for sharing!) and I will have to try out the NYX eyeliner pencils now since you raved about them!! :)

  2. 33


    Lots-O-Laura Geller I see! I actually havent used her products, I dont think. I may need to check that out! I do use a new primer and LOVE it. Its a Stila and its the bronze color. It gives me added color (barely…just a hint) and keeps my other makeup in place. I really love it. You should test it out next time you’re at Ulta! :)

    • 34


      Alrighty….that is going on my list to try…lord knows I need a little color, lol. Laura Geller was new to me too, but I’m loving it and want to try more!! I don’t know if they sell her stuff at Sephora…I bought it at Ulta when I was at home in Atlanta 2 weeks ago. There is one in NY near the CT border, but it’s about 30 miles from me, so fortunately, I can’t just stop in on a whim, lol. Helps with keeping me in line with my beauty product purchases (and I like Ulta more than Sephora, so I’m almost glad it’s not closer to me!!).

    • 36


      Yes! If I were only limited to 3 things those are the ones I’d pick too…I’m very fair, so the blush & concealer are no brainers, and my lashes are also fair, so the mascara is necessary so I don’t scare little children, lol.

    • 40


      Me too!! I figure if someone else loves a product than I will too (that logic doesn’t always work in my favor, lol). Thanks for stopping by, Sam!

  3. 41


    So glad we are NYNB buddies since I already love reading your blog!

    Traveling is kind of great because it REALLY makes you think through the things you actually need on a daily basis. It simplifies things a whole lot, including makeup bags. :)
    I don’t think I’ve even heard of eyelid primer, but it totally makes sense why that is such a good idea to have!
    I have an NYX gloss as well and it’s running out so it’s time to buy more! Bargain products that you actually love using are the best.

    • 42


      Yes…exactly, Abby!! You can’t take your entire closet when you travel, so let me figure out my faves, and inevitably, I always go with the same items…the ones I love the most, look the best, and are the most comfortable, lol.

  4. 45


    My favorite part of rummaging through my friends goodies is trying a new shade I wouldn’t normally grab for! Plus I’m a cosmetics designer by trade, so I love any and all things makeup, feeling the textures, seeing the color payoff… it’s all good.

    You’ve got a great selection here! Some of my favorites!

    • 46


      Oooh…I want your job!! A cosmetics designer sounds really cool :). It’s definitely fun to try out new shades before buying…it’s always amazing how some products can almost change colors when applied! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. 47


    I’ve been wanting to try a new primer, I may have to take your suggestion. ;) I may also need to sign up for Birchbox because I keep hearing great things about it!

    • 48


      Birchbox is awesome!! I’ve found so many fantastic products through them and I love that you earn points for stuff you buy (1 point per $1) and from leaving reviews on your Birchbox sample box products (10 pts per item). After 100 points, you get $10 off your next order! They have so many cool things on their website too – not just makeup products. If you give one of those primers a try, I hope it works out for you! :)

    • 50


      I love the Body Shop! I haven’t really tried their makeup products though, but they recently closed the Body Shop that’s in the mall near me, so the closest one is now about 1 hour away :(. I love their body butter, so this makes me so sad, but now even more since I’d love to try their stains that you mentioned. Some day!!

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