Checking out the 1st Blogger Babes Blogger Building Blocks!

Are you a blogger that is ready to take your blog to the next level?  Have you been wanting to take a course, but can’t quite part with that much cash right now?  Then, listen up! Blogger Babes has just released their first Blogger Building Blocks…a monthly eKit training resource that will help  you achieve your goals and be a better blogger!

Blogger Building Blocks #1 from Blogger Babes - a monthly training resource for bloggers to grow their readers, work better with brands, and increase their income! If you read my blog regularly or you’re active in the blogging world, you have probably heard of Blogger Babes.  Their mission is to “help women bloggers transform their hobby of writing into a profession that let’s them live life on their own terms.

In the past, I’ve shared reviews of some of their eGuides that help you start a blog, start an email list (and why it’s important to do so!), and tips & tricks for attracting more readers.

These ladies spell it out and tell  you exactly what you need to do to grow your blog!

Over the past several months (actually, longer!), they have been working on their latest learning tool…monthly Blogger Building Blocks!  These are a monthly training resource that will help you grow your traffic, work better with brands, and increase your income!
These monthly eKits will provide you with a slew of information to help you grow your blog and reach your goals.  As soon as they released the first kit, I couldn’t sign up fast enough!

Today, I want to walk you through the first kit in case you’re wondering what it’s all about and if it’s worth the money (spoiler alert:  it totally is!).

With this being the first eKit in Blogger Building Blocks, it’s laying the foundation for blogging the ‘smart’ way.  The focus for this kit is on how to be an efficient blogger!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I could definitely use some tips on how to up my game and do it smarter and more efficiently, so with my cup of coffee in hand, I dove right in and soaked up as much new knowledge as I could!

Blogger Building Blocks #1 from Blogger Babes - a monthly training resource for bloggers to grow their readers, work better with brands, and increase their income!

Before I start singing it’s praises, why don’t I just jump to the last page of the book and tell you how this ends…this eKit is SO good!  I got on board when the price was just $5/month and it is worth SO much more than that!

If you’re on the fence about it, but really want to learn more to improve your blog and your skills, I can’t recommend this eKit strongly enough! It’s a fraction of the cost of most blogging courses, yet it’s full of strategies and suggestions that the writer, Ponn Sabre, has successfully utilized to run over 2 DOZEN blogs!

What’s in the eKit…

There are six modules within this eKit and they clock in at over 100 pages! To put it mildly, this eKit is chock full of goodness.

  • Module #1: How to Write your Blog Posts Fast: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
  • Module #2: Your Blogging Calendar
  • Module #3: 21 Fast & Simple Ideas to Write your Blog Posts Faster
  • Module #4: Your Blogging Worksheet
  • Module #5: Your Blogging Checklist
  • Module #6: A Blogger’s Essential Resource List

Each module is provided as a separate PDF, so you could print these out and start your own binder for easy reference as you add each new kit (this is probably what I will do!).

Even though there are over 100 pages, it’s not all lessons and pages of reading.  There are workbooks and worksheets to fill in to figure out key aspects of your blog and blogging style.

Blogger Building Blocks #1 from Blogger Babes - a monthly training resource for bloggers to grow their readers, work better with brands, and increase their income!

What I liked best…

While I thought the entire thing was fantastic, these in particular were my favorites and were worth the price of admission:
1.  Blogging Checklist (module #5)  – so many good things on this list that I routinely forget or hadn’t thought about, so this will be printed and will live right next to my computer for easy reference!

2.  The Essential Resource List (module #6)  – this ‘list’ (I put that in quotes since this module is about 27 pages long!) contains so many suggestions that I hadn’t heard of, that I had to take a few notes and will need to refer back to it, to fully explore all of the suggestions!  This alone, is worth the price, in my opinion.

3.  The Keyword and Researching Suggestions in Module #1  – I’ll admit, I don’t do a good job of thinking through my keywords.  I consider them at the end and kind of in passing (tsk tsk…bad blogger!).  I also don’t currently do a lot of outside research on my posts because I like to write about what I know, so the suggestions for these areas were particularly helpful for me.

Blogger Building Blocks #1 from Blogger Babes - a monthly training resource for bloggers to grow their readers, work better with brands, and increase their income!

Where can I get this eKit?!

Each month a new eKit will be released and will have a new focus to help you build a better blog. Right now, it’s $7/month for each kit, but on Thursday, it goes up to $9/month.

If you decide to sign up later on and want to backfill with prior kits to complete your set, you’ll be looking at paying $37/eKit, so it really does pay to get on the monthly train now, as opposed to waiting.

With over 100 pages of lessons, worksheets, and resources, it’s really a steal at just $7!

If you can’t quite afford the pricey blogging courses that are currently available, this is a fantastic alternative for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Sign up to get the monthly Blogger Builder Blocks NOW and lock in the $7/month price!
You can get on board by clicking right HERE!

Blogger Building Blocks #1 from Blogger Babes - a monthly training resource for bloggers to grow their readers, work better with brands, and increase their income! 3dots
Your turn friends…where are you on your blogging journey and what is your biggest obstacle or frustration these days?  I’d love to hear more about it, so leave me a comment and let me know!
Note: This post contains affiliate links.  Purchasing products through that link does provide me with a small commission.


  1. 1


    I wish I could make time for this! I have meant to focus more on my blog for months but school gets in the way and I don’t want to spend 10 hours a day in front of my computer! This ekit look great! I may purchase it and save it for later 😉

    • 2


      I hear you!! You can easily save the content for when you do have time. It’s definitely better to get it when it’s $7 as opposed to $37! :) I hope you get some down time from school over the summer so you can indulge in other things you enjoy!

  2. 3

    Sheryl says

    What a great product! I am going to consider it. Summer is coming and that means forking out $$ for summer stuff for my boys.

    • 4


      I completely understand…there’s SO much going on in the summer with kids! If you feel like you can swing, it’s definitely worth it and a good investment, but totally understandable with so much coming up! Sounds like a fun summer, though :).

  3. 5


    I have looked over their stuff and am considering it as well! The keyword and researching stuff is something I have not been doing at all, so I figure the only way with that is up! Lol I’m still at that stage of knowing I want to blog because I love writing, but a little conflicted on how seriously I want to take it. There’s just something so icky about some of the promotion in blog world, but blogs like yours give me hope that you can do things a better way and do them well! :)

    • 6


      I know what you mean, Abby and it is a fine line to tow. It’s one of my concerns as I blog…I want to let people know about great products, but I don’t want to seem like I’m just pushing stuff to get people to buy stuff. I really only recommend the stuff I love, so I hope that comes through and cuts out the ick factor, lol. I appreciate your very kind words!! Makes me feel I’m doing it the right way! lol! Thanks so much!!

    • 8


      That’s awesome, Erica!!! Yeah, Blogger Babes is an awesome organization and they have so many amazing resources for us blog girls! :)

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