How to Prepare for Your Future? Follow your Dreams!

Everybody wants to ensure they have a solid future of health, happiness, and security.  But how do you prepare for your future to get all of that?  While there are many things you can, and probably, should do, there’s something I think is one of the most important, yet it’s probably one of the least considered. You want to make your future bright?  Well…follow your dreams.

Every month the ladies at The B Bar host a blog linkup with a specific topic.  This is my third time participating and I have to say, I always enjoy the topics they throw out there and it’s so fun to read through the other blogs to see the different takes on the same idea.

This month’s topic is…

At first, when I saw the topic, I was intrigued by what others would be writing, but didn’t think it was a topic to which I’d contribute. I had no particular reason why not, other than I’m currently in the midst of a mind shift as I try to figure out my future, so what could I possibly offer?

But, I thought about it a bit more and realized, that in itself can be beneficial…I’m betting there are quite a few folks out there like me, that are at various stages of their life, but are currently trying to figure out the next step or a new direction.

When thinking about ‘preparing for your future’, several things come to mind. Saving money…eating healthy…working out…paying off debt…etc. While all worthy activities to secure a better future, I couldn’t help but think about something most might not: Nurturing and following a passion.

We all have them, but how many of us actually nurture and chase something that makes our heart sing? Given how many people (myself included) are ’stuck’ in an office job doing something they aren’t passionate about, I’d say the number is low.

You might think your passion isn’t something you would want or could do for a living…but, what if it was?

What’s in my future? Bigger and brighter things!

What if you could manifest your love of ‘fill-in-the-blank’ and make it a full time career? Talk about a bright future!

Imagine waking up every morning excited about the day because you love what you do. Some folks have already figured this out and have made it happen in their lives.  If that’s you, you are my inspiration (wanna be buddies?  and since you have this thing already figured out, then go eat a salad and run some sprints!).

Like many of you, I’m currently in a transition period where I’m trying to figure it all out. I have a great job and I work with amazing people at a wonderful company. But, it’s not my passion and it’s not what I want to do for the rest of my life. Am I planning to leave tomorrow or in the near future. No. But, leave I will…someday!

Today, however, I’m making plans and laying the groundwork to make that happen. I’m under no illusions that it will happen overnight…it won’t. But, I’m determined to work hard so that it will!

For those of you in similar situations, I thought I’d share a few tips on what I’m doing NOW to make my dreams a reality! If you’re looking for a new future, these might help you prep for it so you can have the life you have only dreamed of…

number-one Listening to Myself  – In order to follow my passions, I had to first figure out what those really are and how I could apply those to a possible career.

I’ve been digging deep and keeping an open mind. If you really listen to yourself without the ‘I can’t/shouldn’t do that’ filter, you’ll be amazed at the future you can craft for yourself!

number-two Telling Myself it’s Possible  – You have to believe in yourself. No matter what you want to do in your life…you have to believe you are capable and deserving.

If you don’t believe in yourself, how can anyone else?

We all love to be around confident people, right? Confidence is merely someone believing in themselves. It’s infectious and engaging! People that are confident are like magnets…everyone wants to be around them (because most people aren’t confident!). Be that person. Work on yourself, learn to like yourself, and believe in yourself.

number-three Not Saying ‘if’, but Saying ‘when’  – What we tell ourselves is SO critical for our success.

If you tell yourself that you will fail…guess what…you will. If you tell yourself that you will succeed…guess what…you will. It may not be quite what you were expecting, but if you fail while trying, you still succeed in that you learn from your mistakes so when you try again, you will make it happen.

I do not say ‘if’ my dream career will happen, I only say ‘when’. I don’t know exactly ‘when’ will become a reality, but I won’t allow the narrow window of ‘if’ to come in and screw things up.

number-four Taking Classes/Courses  – Education is power, folks. Money spent on learning new things is always money well spent. We aren’t born knowing everything and if you want to move in a new direction, you better learn more about it.

For some dreams, finding ways to just do what you love is education enough, so just go do it. For others, classes may be a smart way to go. I happen to love taking classes, so over the past year, I’ve spent a decent chunk to learn more about the path I want to take and soaking up as much knowledge as I can. And you know what…it’s working. I can see some changes, I can feel some changes, and it’s only the beginning.  I’ve also made some amazing connections with other like minded folks on the same journey that further fuels my journey.

number-five Planning, Planning, and MORE Planning  – I am a planning machine right now! I have lists, goals, and so many ideas floating around in my head. I’m getting it all on paper and thinking it all through. I’m drawing mind maps and working on filling in the gaps.

Remember….”A goal without a plan is just a dream.” I want my dream to become a reality, so getting some plans in place is critical to preparing for my future.

number-six Letting Go of Some Long-Held Beliefs  – Without really questioning it, I’ve always assumed that for myself, an office job was the only means to success. I didn’t even consider ‘non-traditional’ options, yet, we live in a world that’s FULL of opportunities both in and outside an office, so why shouldn’t I explore that? (I hate being couped up in an office all day, everyday!).

This has been somewhat groundbreaking for me and has opened a lot of doors in my mind, so if you also hold onto a few stubborn beliefs that are holding you back, I encourage you to rethink them and consider letting them go.

So, there we go folks…do you want a future that allows you to follow your dreams and be the real you? Then, my advice is to dig deep, get to know and like yourself, tell yourself that you CAN, learn as much as you can, make plans, and open your mind to new ways of thinking.

Our time on this Earth is borrowed, so why shouldn’t we make the most of it?! Be damned to anyone that tells us we can’t! Your dreams matter and they are valid.

If you’re sitting around waiting for good things to happen to you…you’re going to be waiting a long time. If you want things to happen, YOU have to make them happen!

The best way to prepare for your future….GO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!
(and…yeah…eat your veggies, work out, save some money, and always take your makeup off before you go to sleep!)

Now, before you run off, be sure to grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and be inspired by the words of wisdom from the other lovely bloggers that are sharing their thoughts on this topic…

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So, tell me friends…what are YOUR dreams?  And, are you actively working on following your dreams and making them a reality?  I’d love to hear, so leave me a comment!

Also…because I feel so passionately about this topic, I want to do a little research to be able to provide more content to help YOU learn how to chase your dreams.  If you have a few minutes, would you mind taking this quick SURVEY to help me tailor my advice to exactly where you need guidance?  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!


  1. 1


    Great tips Vicky, this is a topic that we day dream about all the time but sometimes don’t take any real action.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Alex x

    • 2


      Thanks Alex! It can definitely be hard to take those steps, but going for it at least gives you some direction and hope! :)

    • 4


      Yes!! I completely agree, Emilie! I didn’t even think of that but you’re right…baby steps will lead to getting things done! I recently heard someone ask “What is one small thing of your big dream that you can do today?”. Do a little something every day and you can make that dream happen :).

    • 6


      Thanks Wendy! I agree…it can definitely be challenging with life always getting in the way, right?! But, I do think it’s possible to do one small thing each day that gets you closer to your dream (or several times a week if ‘everyday’ is a bit unrealistic)…those little steps add up! :)

  2. 7

    Kelly says

    Letting go of long-held beliefs can be the hardest. I love forward-looking, but if I make too “concrete” of a plan, I get stressed out if it doesn’t go the way I expected.
    Great tips!

    • 8


      Ahhh…yes! I completely understand that! It can help, though, to break down the ‘big’ project to smaller action steps so that it’s less overwhelming. I try to then focus on those steps and not the ‘big’ goal so I don’t get as overwhelmed, but it can definitely play with your mind if not careful!! :)

  3. 9

    Angelica says

    Vicky- I felt like you were speaking right at me as I was reading this. I can totally relate. Same here: at a great job with great pay and benefits (and people!) but not my PASSION. I think it’s important to take small steps every day towards your goal, that passion you’re chasing and to not beat yourself up. It does take time. Great tips!

    • 10


      Thanks Angelica!! I thought for a long time I was kind of alone in feeling this way, but I recently started taking an eCourse that helps you dig into what you really want to do and SO many people feel this week! It was both liberating, but it also made me sad that so many people are living their lives this way. I definitely agree in taking small steps each day…I failed to mention that, but not only does it help you feel like you’re doing something, those little steps add up! I hope you find your passion and make it happen, too, Angelica!! :)

  4. 13


    I relate so very much to all of this. I feel like I’m right there with you. It isn’t an easy path to follow your dreams and passions, or even just your interests, but I think it’s a worthwhile pursuit. I’m loving this posting idea and link up. I’m going to have to check out the next installment…

    • 14


      This is a great linkup! They completely different topics each month and this one, in particular, really had me thinking. Plus, it’s been fun jumping around seeing what others think on the same topic and finding other awesome bloggers! :)

  5. 15

    Rachel says

    I love all of these tips! I’ve been hung up on #1 – deciding what my passion is, but I believe I’m narrowing that down now. I think this process of thinking it through, planning, having positive thoughts will definitely keep me in the right direction.

    • 16


      Yes! My problem is I have numerous passions, so I know what you mean…it’s been challenging trying to narrow that down so I know which path to pursue :). But, you’re absolutely right, Rachel…thinking it through, planning for it, and remaining positive are key to making it happen! Good luck with figuring it out and starting on that path! :)

  6. 17


    I am totally in the same boat as you. I’ve found to really get my butt moving, I need to set lots of small goals – but attach dates to them. It’s so easy to put things off when you do have a job -at least for me that’s stable and I like, but not what I love. Until I give myself a solid deadline, I just keep making lists and daydreaming.

    • 18


      Yes!! This is exactly what I do, Carly. I take a big goal that by itself would be overwhelming and I break it down into do-able chunks with target deadlines. Seeing that things are moving along and getting accomplished without getting distracted by the big picture definitely keeps the momentum moving forward :). It also tends to make it ‘real’…like you said, without a deadline, it’s just a daydream!

    • 20


      I feel like there are so many of us that feel this way right now! But, I find it inspiring how many people are trying to make changes to craft the life they want :).

    • 22


      Yes! And sadly for some, it’s the hardest step to achieve :(. But, like I said, if you can’t believe in yourself, how can anyone else? Thanks for stopping by, Alexandra!

  7. 23


    Vicky, can we just start our own company together already? You’re like my spirit animal! I love your eternal optimism and passion and your willingness to just go after your dreams. “It’s not if, it’s when.” That’s so great! Too many people get into this trapped state of mind, and EVERYONE should read this post to get out of any slump! Tweeting this out. (:

    • 24


      Awwww….thanks Erica!! And we should totally start our own ‘YOU ARE AWESOME!’ company!! hehehehe Your kind words just warmed my soul and made my day! Thank you as always!! And thanks for sharing the post….muchas gracias!

  8. 25


    These are all such great pointers, Vicky! I think #6 hits the nail on the head…just because we’re taught that we learn, go to school and get an office job doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. I admire you for coming out and saying that!

    • 26


      Thanks Jess! #6 was such a recent revelation for me, but such a powerful one! I would say I feel like I’ve ‘wasted’ years in an office job because I didn’t realize it before, but I can’t really say that…I’ve learned so much and gotten so much out of my day job. Plus, I think things happen when they do for a reason…I don’t think I was ready to realize that earlier. But, hopefully I can shine that light on that little nugget of info for others and save them some time, lol. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. 27

    Krystal says

    Fantastic tips. #2 is the most relevant for me at the moment – I am always questioning myself and wondering if I’m doing the right thing… xo

    • 28


      Hi Krystal! Yeah….#2 is a doozy but getting over that hump definitely opens doors in your mind! :) I always ask myself what’s the worst that could happen then write down ways to combat that scenario, which helps me get past that initial fear!


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