What 30 Days of Blogging Taught Me…

For April, I attempted to complete a challenge of 30 days of blogging.  All I needed to do was blog every single day of the month. Easy, right?! Ha! As any blogger out there knows, that is quite an undertaking and not.easy.at.all!  So, let me tell you all about it and share what 30 days of blogging taught me…

Before I dive in, let me tell you how I did.  To be frank…I didn’t quite succeed.  I missed 4 days, BUT, I’m still happy with what I did accomplish and consider it a success and not a failure!

I definitely blogged more and I learned a few things from the process that will help me going forward.

The good…

1.  Consistent Writing Habit  – I was writing all the time!!  Granted I was barely staying above water, but it got me into good habit.

2.  More Focused  – You know how it goes, you sit down to write your blog post(s) and then you check your email, then Facebook, and finally you start to settle back in.  Then your phone buzzes and a friend has texted you, or a tweet has come in, or whatever…some rabbit hole opens up and two hours later you realize you haven’t finished a single thing!

Sound familiar? Well…when attempting to publish a good quality post every single day, you have to learn to get focused.  This month taught me to turn all of that off, set a timer, and GO!  This will be a skill that I will definitely carry forward (not that I won’t stillget distracted by other things…it happens!).

3.  Developed a New Series  – Since I was going to be writing 7 days a week, I needed something to fill in those weekend days.  I’ve always loved reading weekly insprirational posts sharing other bloggers’ content and links.  I am always finding good stuff when reading blogs throughout the week, so while it’s not a new concept, I jumped on the bandwagon with my ‘Weekend Reads’ series (note…I don’t love the name of that and I’m trying to come up with something better!)

4.  Gained More Readers  – If you write it they will come.  Well, it’s not quite that simple, but there is truth in the more you write and publish (provided it’s still good content), the more people will read your blog. 

Let’s talk some numbers, shall we?  

I finished March with ~8,500 page views for the month (which was up from February).  I always apply a 25% growth rate to my stats at the month end to get my goals for the month ahead.  That meant my goal for page views for April was ~10,700.  

I finished April with ~15,300 page views.  

Yep…I increased my page views by 80%!  

Now…I don’t think just writing every day was the secret sauce.  My daily numbers started ticking up in mid-March as I was wrapping up the Badass Babes e-course and I think THAT had a lot to do with it because I was now writing posts for topics I had brainstormed on during the course (i.e. better topics…stronger content).  But, I do think blogging more played a part in the jump in my numbers!

The bad…

There was really only 1 ‘bad’ thing and it was that writing blog posts was pretty much ALL I was doing.  My time for all of my other blogging tasks was severely restricted.  

I love to read other’s blogs, but I just couldn’t stay on top of that as much as I wanted to this month.  

I also couldn’t dedicate time to making other changes and improvements to my blog.  I have a long list of other things I want to do to improve my website and add more value for you guys, but I could only scratch the surface.  This is the main reason I’m looking forward to scaling back a bit in May.

What got reinforced….

1. Having a well planned and thought-out editorial calendar is the only way to post consistently and to have good content.  Blogging on a whim and coming up with topics the night before you post may work for the rare few, but the vast majority of successful bloggers that have the readership we all covet….plan ahead and think ahead.  

I’ve been making an editorial calendar for months, so I think that’s what made this somewhat of a success for me.  When I had time to write, if I wasn’t working on a post to be released that week, I was writing ahead for upcoming posts that I knew were coming.

2. Posting 7 days a week is not for me.  Ideally, I’d love to post 5 days a week, but I’m not even sure if that’s really realistic.  But, I’m still aiming for that and at a minimum, I’ll post 4 days a week.  This was my schedule prior to the challenge, so I’m not changing anything up there…just returning to what works for me.

3. Reading and commenting on other people’s blogs is still a great way to connect with others and drive traffic to your site.  There was one week that I did have a bit more time that the other weeks and I was visiting and commenting on a lot of blogs.  That week, not coincidentally, had my highest page views and visits of the month.

Would I do it again?

With all of this said, I do think it was a good exercise and I’m going to try to plan to do this once a quarter just to shake things up!  I think it’ll also be good to continue reinforcing the good practices I established during this past month.  Next time, though, I’ll likely start planning well in advance so I already have some drafts in place (if not completed posts) by the time the month begins.


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I’ve read several of their eBooks and have gained new insight and skills that has enabled me to improve my blog and see results.  Last month, Ponn, one of the co-founders stopped in and did a guest post as part of their blogging tour to kick off their latest gem…Blogger Building Blocks.

One of the eGuides included in the Blogger Builder Blocks kit for this month!

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If you’d like to sign up, just click HERE to get started!!


What about you? Have you ever attempted to blog daily?  How did it go?  Would you do it again?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Note: This post contains an affiliate link.  Purchasing products through that link does provide me with a small commission.


  1. 1

    Daffney says

    I can’t imagine posting daily!! Posting weekly gets challenging sometimes. I would love to have more content nailed down and I really REALLY need to be better about posting on the regular or creating fun categories. Thanks for the kick :)

    • 2


      It was quite the experience, Daffney!! One exercise I do to come up with content ideas is to spend 1 Saturday morning a month with notepad & coffee in hand. I create a page in my notepad for each category. Then I take a look at my stats from the past few months to see what did well and then I start brainstorming for each category! That process will generally give me quite a bit of content ideas…some that I end up writing and posting on, some that I leave marinating for awhile, and some that get trashed. But, at least there are ideas on paper! :)

    • 4


      I was SHOCKED, Erin!! That completely blew my expectations and so far, now that we’re in May, my numbers are staying steady, so I’m thrilled. Definitely give it a try!

  2. 5


    Hi Vicky! I’m new to your blog but I’m loving it so far. :)

    I have tried blogging daily too and I feel like when I do that I’m unable to provide as much value as I’d like (my life isn’t that exciting most of the time, lol!) and it’s also very time consuming – as you said – so time is taken away from doing other blogging-related things. I do think that posting more frequently does seem to bring more visitors though – you had great growth! I like to take weekends off and then sometimes one weekday. I find that 4-5 posts/week seems to be my personal sweet spot!

    • 6


      Hi Mindi! Welcome to my blog and glad you’re liking it so far!!
      4-5 days a week is also my sweet spot…more than that, as I discovered, is a tad too much, lol. I can’t really say I have an exciting life right now either, lol (although I am enjoying life!), but I definitely have a lot of opinions on things, so that comes in handy! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope we get to connect some more!

  3. 7


    Whew, blogging every day.. CONGRATS girl! That is definitely a lot of writing, but I can definitely see it making you better (and even quicker) at writing posts in the future. And I have heard alot of people say the more often you do it the more likely people are to stumble upon what you are writing!
    Gonna check out the ebooks link, because that is a price I can definitely afford. :)

    • 8


      Definitely check it out, Abby! I wasn’t sure what to expect but was shocked when I saw how much content comes in the kit! It’s definitely a steal at $5 (even $9 would be a bargain for the amount of info!). One other thing I’ve found from so much writing that I completely forgot about when writing this up is the amount of new ideas I now have. I have so much buzzing around in my head that I want to write about or do on my blog, it’s almost frustrating because finding the time to accomplish all of that is challenging (but it’s also exciting :)).

  4. 9


    You are a go-getter Vicky! I’m happy with one post each blog per week hehe. You always push out so much content and that’s awesome!

    5 days a week is just fine 😉

    • 10


      Thanks Kat!! Whenever I try to cut back to 3 days a week, I feel like I have so much that I want to share, so I want to do more, lol. But everyday is definitely WAY too much…4-5 days a week is about perfect for me :).

  5. 11


    Very impressive blogging every day for a month! I happy with 3-4 posts a week!

    Honestly I haven’t found much success in blog commenting. I don’t troll and comment on 10 blogs a day, but I really try to read a few good posts a day and leave my thoughts on each one. And from my google analytics I don’t see much traffic from these sites at all.

    I am curious as to what you use to track your pageviews? Google Analytics? Because I am on blogger now and the difference in pageviews between that and GA is astronomical. So I never really know how much traffic I am actually getting. Because a lot of online users these days are disabling cookies and so forth and these will not be tracked by google. On the other hand I know blogger tracks certain web bots so I really can’t gauge my actual traffic.

    I enjoyed reading this and would like to hear your input on the traffic….

    • 12


      Thanks Martin! For me, 4-5 days a week is do-able…every day was quite the challenge, lol.

      For the commenting, I’m like you it sounds like…I don’t just leave comments for the sake of leaving them and I never expect or look for that person to return the love. I only leave comments if I truly feel a calling to join the conversation or say something. I belong to a few blogging groups on Facebook and that helps with the commenting and it’s definitely more beneficial when I have more time to comment on others.

      I use GA to track my pageviews. I’ve never really understood the algorithms behind the scenes or why different tracking services return different values (I can’t quite figure out why they’d be different!). I tend to stick with GA since it’s the ‘industry standard’ and because you can do some really detailed analysis on your site, which is cool.

      I didn’t realize Google doesn’t track those that disable cookies! I guess there’s no perfect way to go about the tracking. I think if you pick one, you can at least monitor it over time and look for trends which will tell a story in and of itself.

      Great questions!! I hope my answers are helpful, but feel free to leave more :).

    • 14


      Awesome! Let me know what you think if you decide to sign up! I’m still going through all the materials in the 1st eKit (I’m going to do a more indepth review on it next week…but so much goodness!). Have a great weekend :).

  6. 15


    I totally agree with the editorial calendar, it safes me a lot of grief and makes planning so much easier! I tried blogging 7 days a week when I started, but I ended up having to drop down to 6 days because I needed a break day to catch up on other things, like reading blogs!

    • 16


      7 days is definitely hard…I have a new found appreciation for those bloggers, lol. 6 days is still a lot, so go you on making that happen!! But, yeah, the editorial calendar is the total life saver no matter how many days a blogger blogs…gotta get your thoughts organized! :)


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