What’s in my Purse?

Do you ever look at other girls and wonder what’s in their purse?  I’ll admit it…I do (although, I’d NEVER peek in another woman’s purse…that’s sacred territory!).  My curiosity is piqued because I just want to know what items are their must-haves because maybe I need it too!  Ha! So, just in case you’re like me, or you’re just nosy, today, I’m unzipping my purse and letting you poke around to see what’s hidden in there!

Previously, I’ve shared what’s in my carry on bag and what’s in my makeup bag!  Today, I thought it’d be fun to continue the [unofficial] series and share with you what I carry in my purse!

I’m a self confessed bag lady.  I LOVE me a good purse and have more bags, purses, and totes than I will admit to (a nice leather bag is such a weakness…you understand, don’t you?).

But, I am pretty picky when it comes to my purses!  I like organization and being able to find what I want when I need it.  I can’t stand a purse that opens up to a cavernous hole.  I like lots of sections and pockets.  It’s hard to find a good purse that fills that desire, so when I do, I snatch it up quick (provided it’s also pretttyyyy!)

So, without further ado, let’s take a peek inside my purse!  What goodies do I haul around with me everywhere…let’s take a look!

  1.  Wallet  – Since everyone carries some type of wallet with them, let’s start with the obvious!  I use a Mighty Purse clutch/wallet and seriously ADORE this wallet!  I got it last September and cannot live without it.  What’s so great about this wallet you might ask? Well, it contains a backup cell phone charger in here…yep!  That means I always have extra juice for my phone, which tucks nicely inside the wallet.  It also holds a ton.  I did a review on this wallet last fall and I am still in love with it! 
  1.  Sunglasses  – I have to have my sunglasses with me!  I have light blue eyes, so they tend to be somewhat sensitive to the sun, so if I’m out and about during the day, I have my shades on!  I got these a few years ago from the Ralph Lauren Outlet store and LOVE them!
  1.  Midori Traverler’s Notebook (passport size)  – While I have the regular size Midori Traveler’s Notebook, it’s a tad too big to carry in my purse, so I use that for my regular journal and when I travel (and LOVE it!).  So, I treated myself to a passport size Midori Traveler’s Notebook.  The Midori notebooks are my FAVORITE notebooks (and if you follow me on Instagram, you know I have a *slight* obsession with notebooks, so this is saying a lot!).  I love to use this to jot down notes on the go that pop into my mind!
  1.  iPhone  – This is another obvious one since everyone carries a cellphone with them.  I have the iPhone 5s, but will be due to upgrade this fall when I assume an updated version of the iPhone will be released.  I’m already trying to decide if I want the bigger version or not (Opinions?  Is the 6 plus too big??).
  1.  Makeup Essentials  – I try to keep it pretty minimum on this front.  I don’t need my entire makeup bag, but I do like to keep a few items for touching up during the day or in case I go out after work.  My basic kit includes (my makeup bag came from Pottery Barn and it’s on clearance for $9.99 right now! (I got it for $14.99 and it’s definitely a much higher quality than this price, so snap it up!):
  • Tatcha blotting papers – I love, love, LOVE these blotting papers!  I’ve tried many in my day and nothing compares to how awesome these are.
  • Laura Geller baked powder & brush – I wrote about this in my post sharing what’s in my makeup bag and I’m still loving this stuff 2+ months later.  It smooths your skin and makes it glow without looking shiny or powdery/cakey.
  • Concealer – I keep an extra tube of this awesome concealer by Benefit because the concealer portion is wrapped in a circle of moisturizer! Perfect for little touchups mid-day!
  • Sample size of mascara (whatever the latest I’ve received from one of my sample boxes)
  • Lip balm – I can’t stand dry lips, so I always have a tube of lip balm with me.  I’m not necessarily partial to a particular brand, so its usually whatever I grab that’s in the checkout line at Target.
  • Lip glosses (typically several shades from NYX) – I’ve mentioned before that I have an obsession with lip glosses, so my bag always has my 2 or 3 favorite shades.
  1.  Other Must Have  – I try to keep a spare pen or two on hand since I’m always leaving them around my house or at work.  My pen of choice is the Pilot G-2 series – both black and the various color options!  I also like to have gum on hand and a pair of earbuds for listening to music on the go.



So friends, tell me…what do you carry in YOUR purse?!  What can’t you live without and do you have a messy purse or a neat purse? Leave me a comment and we can chat it out!

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  1. 1


    Thanks for the peek inside! I just checked out NYX lip glosses (thank to YOUR rec!) and LOVE them! I actually got a kit of them at Nordstrom Rack and love ALL the colors that were included. My purse has pretty much the same stuff as yours does – but I also carry in there a small pink coin holder that actually carries ALL of my store cards. I must have 1 mil cards to stores – so I carry them all in this one cute container. Easy! xx, Karen // http://www.GlamKaren.com

    • 2


      Ooh…yay! So glad you like the NYX lipglosses…they’re addictive, so fair warning, lol. Lucky you on scoring a kit of them!! That’s so smart to carry a second little pouch for the store cards…I have SO many it’s crazy and it makes my wallet very thick. Very smart!!

    • 4


      So glad there’s someone else that shares my love & weaknesses for a leather bag, lol. Fortunately, there’s TJ Maxx where you can good deals!! The bag in the photos is actually a camera bag that can convert to a regular purse. I don’t actually use it every day. I just treated myself to a new bag for the summer because I just didn’t have one that was working for me! I’ve ordered several things from this shop and she’s FABULOUS!! Her stuff is pricey, but the quality is nicer than anything at twice the price!! This is a link to the one I’m currently using and loving: http://roughandtumbledesign.com/products/copy-of-sling-tote-set-5 (and she routinely sends out 10% off coupons if you sign up for her emails, so I always wait for one of those!).

  2. 5


    We have similar content in our purses, but yours is much neater. I have a smaller notebook, and also in the little zippered section in the back of my purse carry a few things like tylenol, tummy med, and a couple band aids. I’ve been able to help out a lot of people with those.
    You talked me into trying the baked powder now too.

    • 6


      That baked powder is fab!! I just used it after my quick workout at the gym before heading back to work and my face looked picture perfect…I don’t know how it does it since it’s not a heavy or thick powder!! I hope you love it!!

    • 10


      Yeah…receipts end up clogging up my wallet until I’m finally like, enough!! lol. Mom’s definitely have the added challenge of including things their little ones need which leads to all kinds of goodies :).

    • 12


      Lol…I know exactly what you mean, Shayne! Mine is hte same way…those darn receipts are the bain of my existence :). I should get in the habit of taking them out every night, but sigh…you know how that goes :).

  3. 13


    Bag ladies unite! 😛

    I generally drag around a bunch of pens, my wallet, keys, phone, and either my tablet or a review book. (Exams are looming, so I feel guilty if I’m not constantly studying. 😡 )

    • 14


      I definitely have my tablet in there sometimes, too! Depends on if I want to try to get some blog work done on the go :). Good luck on exams and hope they fly past quickly so you can enjoy a little bit of summer at least!

    • 16


      Yay for a fellow Pilot Pen lover! I swear those are the BEST pens! I just bought another pack of them at Target since I’m running low on them (i.e. they’re scattered around my house and I can’t find them, but I know they’re there somewhere, lol). Definitely get yourself to Ulta, Erica and try Laura Geller’s makeup!! It’s been a long time since I loved a brand as much as I’m loving on her. I have to resist going on her website, or I will just order a bunch of stuff everytime and I’m trying to save money, not spend money, hehehe.

  4. 17


    You are the only other person I know who also uses Midori Travelers Notebooks ! I love mine!

    Have you checked out May Design notebooks? I have an addiction to them and keep them in my Foxi-Dori.

    • 18


      Oh, Naomi! I did NOT need to do a google search on May Design notebooks and especially not on Foxi-Dori, lol! I love them! I don’t think the May Design notebooks will fit in my Midori (I think they might be a smidge too wide :( ), so of course I had to check out the Foxi-Dori and my little notebook loving heart skipped a few beats when I saw those! Sigh…lol. Thanks for sharing because I may just have to give them a try (for “research” purposes, of course, 😉 ).

  5. 19


    i <3 purses!!!!!

    I currently have been switching back and forth between two purses. I recently bought a nice business-y type bag to use for when I am working. My everyday bag is a coach messenger style. I got it at the outlets plus a matching wallet for $100.00 talk about huge score!
    I don't keep the same things in my bag every day. I tend to purge things on a daily basis if I go out that day.

    I definitely like a bag that is easily organizable, that is a huge plus for me. Thanks for sharing whats in your purse with us. :)

    • 20


      That’s a great score from Coach!! Totally jealous :)…I go through phases where i get tired of carrying 2 bags to work (work bag + purse) and I’ll steamline my purse ‘needs’ to carry it in my work bag, then I get tired of not having my purse, so I’ll switch back to carrying a purse with me, lol.
      Love fellow purse lovers!! :)

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