Why Your Blog NEEDS a Mission Statement

Hey bloggers…how’s your blog doing?  Is it performing as well as you’d like it to (have you even thought about how well you’d like it to perform)?  If your answer to this no, or if you feel your blog needs a bit more structure or a pep in its step, you might just a need a mission statement and let me tell you why (and if you already have a mission statement…it might need some fine-tuning)!  

If you want to attract more readers, you need to blog with purpose and intent.  A good mission statement will get you both & I'm telling you all about it!

Every company and organization has a mission statement.  It defines what the company does, who they’re trying to reach, and why.  It gives you direction and purpose.

That’s why every blogger, even hobbyist bloggers, need a  mission statement!

When I first started this blog, I had no concept of mission statements or ideal readers or planning ahead.  I didn’t blog with purpose, I blogged on a whim.

It should come as no surprise that nobody was reading my blog.  While I had folks finding me through google searches, they didn’t stick around. 

After deciding that I wanted to do more, I started taking classes and while there were a lot of factors that went into turning my blog around, one of the main things that helped me was crafting a well thought out mission statement.

Once I had a mission statement that I knew felt right, it made this whole blogging thing a LOT easier!

Within a matter of a month or so, I more than doubled my daily page views and my monthly stats were reaching numbers I hadn’t thought were possible!

And my numbers are still climbing… 

To give you a bit of perspective, as of January 1, my page views for December were around 4,500.  I wrote my mission statement and started blogging with intention based on this statement around February/March.  With May in the books, my page views for the month of May rang in just hair under 20,000.  

 Over the course of 5 months, I QUADRUPLED my monthly page views. 

Want to know what my mission statement is?

The Mission of Random Little Faves

Busy on-the-go women that love to pamper themselves will find tips for making life a little sweeter on Random Little Faves. I encourage you to love and accept yourself in order to live life to the fullest because making the time to take care of YOU is the foundation for a positive and fulfilling life.


If the term ‘mission statement’ is new to you, have no fear!  For most of us, when we started out, a ‘mission statement’ was not even on our blogging radars!

A mission statement is a short statement that summarizes who you are, why you do what you do, and for whom.

It’s your opportunity to define, from a high level, your overall goal for your blog.

A good mission statement will define your purpose.  You may choose not share your mission statement on your blog and that’s okay!  But your blog will reflect your mission statement if you’re using it to your advantage.

Some people do choose to share their mission on their blog (typically in their ‘about’ page) and that’s fine too!  Do what feels right, but the main thing is to have a mission statement.

Mission statements will evolve over time as you grow and change and that’s okay!  I try to check in on mine every few months to see if it needs a little tweak.  With my impending rebrand and new website, I know my mission statement will need some refining to better reflect my new purpose, but I don’t anticipate a major overhaul in the mission.  Just a little refresh!



I mentioned that a good mission statement will give you purpose, but it does so much more than that.  

For starters, to craft a good statement, you have to do some internal digging.  You have to shine a light inside yourself to figure out why you’re doing something.  In the process of writing a mission statement for your blog…you learn more about yourself, which is pretty freakin’ cool!

But, from a business/blog perspective, a mission statement will…

  •  Give you a road map for where you’re going  – If you go on a road trip without a map, you’ll likely get lost, right?  It’s the same with blogging.  With a mission statement you’ve built yourself a road to follow because you know where you want to go.
  •  Keep you motivated  – Let’s face it, it’s not always easy coming up with great post ideas, right?  If you’re lacking for content or topics to write about, read your mission statement and think about who you’re writing for and you’ll likely come up with a few new ideas.  It’ll also reignite the passion for why you’re doing this and will keep you moving forward.
  •  Keep you focused  – One thing that will keep a blog stagnant is not feeling connected.  With a mission statement, gone are the days when you’ll be writing about every random topic under the sun! Your content will be focused which will help you produce higher quality information.
  •  Provide your blog with structure  – People inherently like structure.  If your blog is all over the place, most people can’t connect with you…they won’t know if your blog is going to help/entertain them or not, so they walk away in a state of confusion.  Having a mission will help you keep everything structured and, dare I say again, have a purpose.
  •  Drive every decision you make for your blog  – Once you know who you’re writing for and why, you will use it to pick your topics, decide on posts, and if you’re smart, even your overall design will reflect your mission.

Without my mission statement, I was writing about TV shows, random things I was doing that wasn’t really interesting, and topics completely unrelated to what I was passionate about!  Once I had my mission statement set, I had a laser sharp focus and new ideas for content started coming in floods (and it still is!)!



When you hear ‘mission statement’ you may think that is just something that big companies do…but I’d argue that everyone needs a mission statement.  Companies (big & small), organizations, clubs, schools, and blogs are just a few examples.

I’d even argue that each of us as individuals should have a mission statement (I’m fine-tuning mine now!).  It’s all about giving ourselves, our business, and our blogs a purpose and a direction.



Now that I’ve convinced you to put pen to paper and write a mission statement, you might be wondering where to start!  

The first thing you need to do is find a quiet spot on your on, grab a notepad, your favorite pen, and a cup of coffee (or your beverage of choice).  Take some time to answer the following questions.

  •  Why are you blogging?  Really dig deep here…if you say ‘I want to share what’s going on in my life”…okay…but why? Is it to inspire others to live like you, to become an ‘expert’ on a particular topic, to connect with other like minded people?  Even from there, you can go further…why do you want to inspire other people, why do you want to be seen as an ‘expert’ for that topic, why do you want to connect with others?  Keep going until you figure out exactly why you’re blogging and what you want to get out of it.
  •  Are you trying to answer any questions? If so, what questions?  Are you writing just to entertain people with your funny stories, or are you trying to solve some problems?  In other words, if you are a food blogger, are  you sharing recipes for busy moms without much time, or detailed gourmet dishes for other foodies like you?  Both are fine, both are food blogs, but each are answering very different questions and have very different missions.
  •  Who do you want to read your blog?   (notice I said who do YOU want, not who is currently reading your blog!)  If you are the food blogger that’s sharing recipes for the stressed out mom, gourmet chefs are probably not who you want reading your blog (well…it might be nice to have a gourmet chef reading it, let’s be honest, they’re probably not going to get the most value out of your knowledge).  It’s important to know who you want to read your blog and who you think would gain the most benefits. And don’t say ‘everybody’…’everybody’ is not going to want to read your blog and that’s perfectly okay!
  •  Keep it short  – Taking all of this amazing insight, it’s now time to craft your mission!  A good mission statement is only 1 to 3 sentences, so we’re not writing a novel here.  Based on your answers, try to fill in this general statement:

          I do ______ to help _______ do _______ because _______.

Want an example?  Let’s go back to our food blogger for busy moms.  Using our general statement, she might come up with a mission statement like this:

I create amazing recipes that are quick to prepare and nutritious so busy moms can feel confident they’re feeding their family good food without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

With that one sentence, she clearly has a focus and a purpose for her blog!


I hope I’ve convinced you to get to work on your new mission statement (or revisit and refine your current one!).  It’s so important as bloggers to have that purpose and focus, not only for your benefit, but your readers as well!

If you want to connect with more readers so they’re coming back more often and sharing your content with friends, you have to start with a mission.



 Want to learn more on how to take your blog to the next level? 
I am currently putting together an e-Course for lifestyle bloggers that will launch later this summer!  It will be 4 weeks of fun with a community of other lifestyle bloggers that are sharing the same struggles and questions that you have.  We’ll come together as a group and make some magic happen on your blog!

Why lifestyle bloggers?  I feel like lifestyle bloggers are particularly vulnerable to writing all over the map with no purpose.  So, my hope is to share my secrets and what I’ve learned through lots of trial and error so your blog can be a well oiled machine and reach the right readers.  

If you’d like to get on the early list for more information, sign up below and you’ll be set for getting the first peek of what will be in the class and an early bird discount!

(By adding your email address you’re not registering for the class, so don’t worry, you won’t have a bill coming your way!  You’re simply putting  yourself on the list to get more information when I’m ready to start launching the course!  You won’t be added to any other mailing lists and I never give out email addresses to anyone else!)


So friends…do YOU have a mission statement?  If so, what is it, if you don’t mind my asking (I’m unapologetically nosy!)?  If not, have I inspired you to craft one of your own?  Leave me a comment and let’s chat some more!


  1. 19


    Ah thank you so much for this post! It is pretty much the essence of what I need to be doing, what I’ve been meaning to do for weeks. But somehow life totally got in the way of that project. Luckily one project will be finished soon, and I will have plenty of time to find my misson statement and give my blog a whole new meaning.
    Thank you so so much for your inspiration!
    xoxo, Ronjan

    • 20


      Hi Ronja! You are SO welcome! Life definitely has a way of getting in the way of these kinds of things don’t they, lol. It took me months to come up with mine, so I completely understand, lol. Glad to hear that you will be tackling this one soon! I think you’ll love how much of a impact it has on your blogging going forward (and I love your blog now!). Have fun crafting your statement! :)

  2. 21

    Chelsie says

    This has been on my list of “to-dos” for a while now and I’m going to have a mission statement done by the end of this week! I know it’s super important and I have a good concept of it in my head, but I know by writing it down and fine tuning it will truly help me grow my blog!

    • 22


      Yes! Love hearing this, Chelsie! :) For some reason getting it down on paper (real or virtual!) just makes it more ‘real’, so good for you for making that happen this week! :)

  3. 23


    Thanks for this post Vicky! I’ve been trying to pin down the angle of my blog for some time – I know generally where I’m headed but it’s hard like you said to laser focus! This was an awesome reminder that I should spend some time doing that and the questions you’ve included are helpful as well.


    • 24


      Awesome! I hope this does help you get there…it took me MONTHS to come up with my initial mission statement, but I see now it was because I just didn’t have clarity on what I wanted to do. Once I sifted through the fog and figured that out, it all fell into place :). Good luck on writing yours!!

  4. 25


    I had a mission statement for a while, but murdered it a month(?) ago because I was updating my about page, and it didn’t encompass everything to do with my blog. I’ll have to work on dreaming another one up, along with my lovely to-be personal statement! :O

    • 26


      Yay! I know you’ll come up with a kick ass mission statement, Farrah! Since you’ve had one in the past, and recognized that it didn’t fit anymore, you have a good understanding of what you need/want it to be and that’s half the battle, lol . Have fun coming up with a new one!

  5. 27


    This is something I’ve struggled with for a while! I had no clue what direction my blog should go in because I’m interested in so many things, and more importantly, I was totally unsure of what I could offer readers. I’ve read countless hours of blog advice, and still I know that unless I decide who I am and what I offer, it’s just not going to work. Your question of “Why am I blogging?” led me to think a little more deeply about this. . . my posts that I am most proud of deal with issues I’ve had and, from the perspective of an introverted/shy artist/creative person, the way I faced and dealt with them (even if it was just to show readers they’re not alone). That in turn led me to think . . . I wonder if there are blogs that address how creative people tend to see/view/approach life a little differently and how there can be a lot of issues/angst/insecurity stemming from that. So it’s a new perspective I hadn’t thought of before to explore that could lead me to a clearer idea of how my blog can help others. Thank you!

    • 28


      Hi Jaime!! I LOVE your idea of a possible new direction. I’m an introvert and while there’s starting to be more of a positive focus on our unique (and shall I say incredibly awesome) tendencies, I think there’s so much room for more. I love that your idea targets a specific market of those that are on the creative side. I think you’re on to something there. If you decide to go that path, especially with prior experiences, it’ll open up so many doors in your mind for ideas on what to post and share.

      I just took a look at your blog and you’re a great writer! I definitely want to dive into this more and read more of your posts (I could so identify with your post on the wedding you called off – I should’ve done that when I got married instead of doing what I was supposed to…would’ve prevented having to go through a crappy marriage and ultimately a divorce! Needless to say, though, I learned SO much from it!).

      Keep diving deeper with that…I would love to read more posts on topics for that idea! :)

      • 29


        Thanks so much for your reply and for the blog love! I’ve been searching for a direction for a while and only recently feel like I’m finding my groove, so to speak. Your posts have been very helpful & have got me thinking in new ways, so thank you!

    • 31


      Btw…forgot to mention I really love your tag line!! I have a half drafted post for next month that talks about introverts in an extrovert world!

    • 34


      Thanks Miranda!! Your blog is already so tight I would’ve totally bet that you had one, lol. So, nice job on doing such a fantastic job without a mission statement!! Hopefully this will help you get pen to paper and come up with the perfect one for you and Miranda Writes! :)

  6. 35

    T Austin at Good Enuf Mommy says

    I never thought of formalizing a mission statement but you make a really good point! I have always had one in the back of my head, but as my husband says: It doesn’t count unless you write it down! :)

    • 36


      Exactly! There’s something about putting pen to paper that ‘formalizes’ it and makes it real :). Get that awesome mission statement out of your head and onto paper, girlfriend!! :)

  7. 37

    Katie says

    This is a great post. I need to work on my mission statement. The course sound great. I often wonder if my blog is to broad but I don’t want to limit myself to much .

    • 38


      Hi Katie! I think you can definitely cover a broad range of topics if you have something unifying and tying them all together. That’s exactly what I’ll be talking about in my upcoming course! It’s so easy for lifestyle bloggers to end up all over the map, but if approached correctly, they can be a powerhouse of amazing content! :)

  8. 39

    Ashley L says

    I was talking to a friend of mine (brand new blogger) a few days ago and she was telling me how she was already prepared to quit because she felt like she didn’t have anything unique to offer the blogging world. I know that’s not true and I told her we’d mind map together and get her focused. The first thing we did was prepare her mission statement which she said instantly made her feel better and like she knew what she doing now. They are SO critical to success!

    • 40


      That’s awesome, Ashley!! It is so critical for not blogging all over the map and for staying focused!! Glad your friend had you to turn to so she stays on the blogging path :).

  9. 41


    Excellent post! My first blog was all over the place and nobody sticked around. Shocking, I know. When I deleted it and started thinking about mistakes I made, I realized that not having a clear vision for my blog was one of them. I still need to work on my mission statement but my misssion is still clear in my head: I want my readers to realize that you can live well and still be smart about money. It’s simple but it works for me!

    • 42


      Thanks Emilie!! I love that mission! I totally take that approach when I travel…I’m always on a mission to find accommodations that are really really nice, but reasonably priced (airbnb is becoming my favorite tool for this!). Glad to hear you have your mission in your head :)…that definitely helps when you go to write posts, I bet!

    • 44


      Thanks Leanne!! I hope they help you create a mission statement for your blog :) (if you don’t already have one, that is!).

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