The Epic Guide to Dating Yourself (and why you should!)

Love yourself enough to DATE yourself! Sharing why you should and a bunch of ideas for how & what to do to have the best time with YOU!

Hello lovelies!  How is your dating life going these days?  And by ‘dating life’ I’m not referring to you and certain handsome dude, I’m talking about you and…YOU!  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then stick around because today I’m sharing my epic guide to dating yourself and why every girl should!   

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7 Quick Ways to Brainstorm for Blog Post Topics

7 quick ways to effectively brainstorm for blog post ideas so you have a treasure trove of good ideas!

Do you struggle to come up with good blog post ideas, or do you have a tendency to wait until the last minute?  If so, I completely understand because I’ve been there! But, there’s a better way and today, I’m sharing 7 quick ways to brainstorm for blog post topics so you can up your game and be a better blogger!

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Every Girl Needs a Statement Ring! {GIVEAWAY}

Every girl needs a statement ring!

Do you have a statement piece of jewelry?  I will admit to having a bit of a love for statement pieces and own a few things that might fall into this category!  But, one thing I was missing was a statement ring.  Every girl needs a statement ring and today, not only am I sharing my new favorite piece, you have a chance to win one too! [Read more…]

Mega List of Tips to Pack like a Pro!

Learn to pack like a pro so you don't end up taking the kitchen sink with you on your next trip {free Printable!}.

Summer is upon us, folks, and for most of us, that means hitting the road and getting in a fun vacation with our friends or family!  With all the luggage restrictions airlines impose, I thought it’d be helpful to arm you with a mega list of tips to pack like a pro so you’re ready to go!

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Favorite Products Roundup {June 2015}

Sharing my favorite products for the month of June 2015

Over the past couple of months, I’ve happened upon some awesome new products that I am currently loving! Since I love to share good finds and products I adore, I rounded them up for your viewing pleasure!

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Why Fear is a Good Thing!

Don't let fear stop you from following our dreams! If used correctly, fear is actually a GOOD thing!

Are you someone that looks ‘fear’ in the eye and charges right past, or do you tend to give into your fears and hold back?  If you’re the former, go you! If you’re the latter, then I would like to sit down and have a little chat with you,  ok?  You probably think ‘fear’ is bad, but it’s not!  Today, I’m telling you exactly why fear is a good thing and how you can better respond to it to start chasing your dreams!

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Why Your Blog NEEDS a Mission Statement

If you want to attract more readers, you need to blog with purpose and intent. A good mission statement will get you both & I'm telling you all about it!

Hey bloggers…how’s your blog doing?  Is it performing as well as you’d like it to (have you even thought about how well you’d like it to perform)?  If your answer to this no, or if you feel your blog needs a bit more structure or a pep in its step, you might just a need a mission statement and let me tell you why (and if you already have a mission statement…it might need some fine-tuning)!  

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May Faves & June Plans

Reflecting back on what happened in May and looking ahead to what June might just bring!

It’s the 1st of the month and that means checking in on last month’s goals (to see how I did) and getting ready for June with some new objectives!  To keep myself accountable and because you guys seem to like taking a peek at what’s on my plate, I share those goals and how I did…every single month!  Just in case you’re curious how I did with my goals for May…keep on reading (spoiler alert…check, check, and check!)!
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