March Faves & April Plans

Taking a look back on my March 2015 goals and looking ahead to what's going on in April 2015!

Hellloooooo April!!  I don’t know about you, friends, but I am so ready for April.  Theoretically, it should start getting warmer and Spring should be in the air! Since its the first of the month, I like to share a few goals and take a look back at how I did on my goals last month!

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February Faves & March Plans

Revealing Reader Faves for February 2015 and outlining my goals for March 2015.

Hello March! I’m soooo glad you’re finally here!  I am ready for that extra hour of sunlight in the evenings and to watch the thermostat start to climb out of the arctic range we’ve been stuck in this past month. As I get ready for March, I like to take a quick look back at February in order to better chart my forward course.

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5 Steps to Successfully Plan your Week!


Are you a planner addict?  Do you cycle through a different planner every year (or every quarter!) trying to find the perfect one?  If so, have you stopped to consider that maybe it’s not the planner?  Maybe, and this is just a friendly suggestion…it’s YOU!  

Now that I’ve been using my new planner for almost a month (and I do believe it is the perfect planner for me!), I wanted to show you how I use my Design Love Planner to organize my week.  

You don’t have to have the DLP to make this work for you, though.  

The process you use to plan your time is much more important than the planner you select. (Not that I’m going to argue that the planner is also important!!  But that in itself, won’t get you organized!)

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Random Roundup {January 2015}


I like to think of myself as a bit of an enabler.  Sorry, folks, but there’s just something fun about inspiring others to buy things that I love!!  Today…it’s one of those posts, so if you are trying to hang onto your cash, then proceed with caution (and consider it an exercise to test your will power…you can thank me later!).

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How to Set Goals that you WILL Achieve {Part 1}

How to Set Goals that You Will Achieve via

It’s January, which means people around the world are trying to get themselves organized and making some goals.  Woohoo!  If that’s you, let me ask you a question – how are you at finishing those goals?  If you’re like most people, I’m betting the answer isn’t positive.  But, no need to throw in the towel, I’m here to help you learn how to set goals you WILL achieve!

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Making New Years Goals, NOT Resolutions!

Making New Years Goals not Resolutions via

It’s 2015!  Can you believe it!?!  Here we are starting another year….a fresh opportunity to define our path and make positive changes in our lives!  Are you a resolution maker?  Do you have your resolutions mapped out for the year?  I know some folks don’t bother, but I do think it can help you chart your course for the year and ensure you have the best one yet!  Want to hear mine for a little inspiration?

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Say Hello to the Spark Notebook!

Spark Notebook via

Are you still hunting for the perfect planner for 2015?  Or maybe, you have your planner all lined up, but would love something a little nicer to use in the office to manage your schedule and to cart into meetings to take notes?  If that’s you, then I have a wonderful new product to introduce you to today…the Spark Notebook!

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