13 Skin, Hair, and Makeup Tips for Spring

13 Skin, Hair, and Makeup Tips for Spring via randomlittlefaves.com

Even though the temps aren’t exactly ‘warm’ here in New England, the calendar says its spring.  After all the snow this winter, I for one am ready to embrace it!  With that in mind, it’s time to ditch the winter routines in favor of Spring-friendly products and colors!  Today, I’m sharing 13 skin, hair, and makeup tips for spring so you’re not left behind when those temps start rising!

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas…Single Girl Style!


Did you know that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day?  If you’re happily coupled up these days, I’m guessing you’re fully aware and may even be planning a few surprises for your sweetie!  But..what if you’re single and on your own?  Some of you may be pretending there’s no such thing as Valentine’s Day, while others (like me) are ready to enjoy the best Valentine’s ever by being my own Valentine!!

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Am I a Winter Girl?

Am I a Winter Girl via randomlittlefaves.com

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but those of us in New England spent the past few days preparing for an epic blizzard (their words, not mine!).  Fortunately, it didn’t quite materialize in my neck of the woods, but it did get me thinking.  Ever since I moved to Connecticut, I have dreaded every winter and cursed every single snow storm.  But, this year, something different is happening that is making me wonder…am I a winter girl, after all?

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Making New Years Goals, NOT Resolutions!

Making New Years Goals not Resolutions via randomlittlefaves.com

It’s 2015!  Can you believe it!?!  Here we are starting another year….a fresh opportunity to define our path and make positive changes in our lives!  Are you a resolution maker?  Do you have your resolutions mapped out for the year?  I know some folks don’t bother, but I do think it can help you chart your course for the year and ensure you have the best one yet!  Want to hear mine for a little inspiration?

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Bye bye 2014! It was a Good Year!

Goodbye 2014 - It was a Good Year via randomlittlefaves.com

December 31…the end of another year.  Whenever I come to the end of something, I can’t help but reflect back on it, so that is what December 31 means for me.  I like to pause and look back on everything before I start looking ahead to the next year.  With that in mind, bear with me as I reflect on my blogging journey this year and share my favorite posts from the year!

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Winter 2015 Bucket List!


Do you have your winter activities planned out yet?  Just in case you missed it during all of the holiday activities this past weekend, winter officially arrived (on Sunday).  Yep…time to bundle up, heat up that hot chocolate, and basically do all things that are warm and cozy!  In spirit of the season that, I thought I’d share my winter bucket list!

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Single? Here’s how to Enjoy the Holidays Solo!

4 Tips for Enjoying the Holidays when You're Single via randomlittlefaves.com

It’s the Holidays!  Time for swapping gifts, sipping hot chocolate in front of the fire, and feeling endlessly and blissfully happy, right!?  All those twinkling lights, happy songs, and festive social gatherings makes it the perfect time of year to share with a loved one.  But…what if you’re navigating this season on your own?  Have no fear, fierce girlfriend, you can still rock it and have an awesome time!!  Read on to find out a few tips for how to enjoy the holidays solo!

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12 Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas (& cheap too)!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas via randomlittlefaves.com

Not to scare you, friends, but just a friendly reminder that we’re coming up on the last weekend for Christmas shopping!  Have you crossed everything off your list?  What about those stocking stuffers?  I don’t know about you, but stocking stuffers tend to be the last thing I remember to grab, so to help you out, I put together a list of 12 inexpensive items that you can grab at most local stores, so grabbing them last minute will be a breeze!
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