Depotting Makeup: The Key to Saving Space

Depotting makeup is the key to traveling light, staying organized, and saving TONS of space!!

Have you ever heard of depotting your makeup?  If you haven’t, it’s a fantastic way of minimizing all of the various compacts that you have filling up your makeup table or makeup bag.  If you have heard of it, but have been too scared to give it a try, let me assure you, it’s not as bad as it seems!

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8 Tips for Achieving a Work/Life Balance (+ PRINTABLE!)

Scales tipped a little too far on the work side? Read my 8 tips for how to achieve a work/life balance to fix that in a jiffy!

How would you characterize your work/life balance?  Is the scale leaning more to the work side than you’d like?  If so, it’s time to even things out, make a few changes, and get yourself on the path of having a fulfilling life outside of work! Today, I’m joining the B Bar for a Blog Linkup party and sharing my 8 tips for achieving work/life balance!

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5 Steps to Successfully Plan your Week!


Are you a planner addict?  Do you cycle through a different planner every year (or every quarter!) trying to find the perfect one?  If so, have you stopped to consider that maybe it’s not the planner?  Maybe, and this is just a friendly suggestion…it’s YOU!  

Now that I’ve been using my new planner for almost a month (and I do believe it is the perfect planner for me!), I wanted to show you how I use my Design Love Planner to organize my week.  

You don’t have to have the DLP to make this work for you, though.  

The process you use to plan your time is much more important than the planner you select. (Not that I’m going to argue that the planner is also important!!  But that in itself, won’t get you organized!)

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7 Tips to be an Organized Blogger!

7 Tips to be a More Organized Blogger via

Are you new to blogging?  Feeling a little overwhelmed yet?  If so, then today’s post will be just the thing for you!!  I’ve rounded up a few pointers that have really helped me to stay on track, so I am excited to share with you 7 tips to be an organized blogger!

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Let’s Get Organized! {12 Fave Pins}

Let's Get Organized - Favorite Pins via

Are you in the midst of trying to get organized?  Or, at least thinking about trying to get organized?  If so, then this post is going to be right up your soon-to-be-organized alley!  Today, I’m sharing some really awesome Pins I’ve stumbled upon recently that should help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming ‘get organized’ waters! So, strap on your life vest and dive on in!

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What’s in My Carry On Bag!

Opening my carry on bag and letting you take a peek inside to see what makes the list for my must-haves on board the plane!

Do you love to take a peek into someone’s bag?  I’m betting you do!  We’re all a little nosy from time to time, but beyond that, it’s helpful to see what others lug around with them when traveling!  ‘What’s in my bag’ posts are some of my favorite to stumble upon and I’ve found some really cool faves by peeking into the bags of others.  So, today, I thought I’d return the favor, unzip by bag, and allow you, dear friends, to see what’s in my carry on bag!

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Say Hello to the Spark Notebook!

Spark Notebook via

Are you still hunting for the perfect planner for 2015?  Or maybe, you have your planner all lined up, but would love something a little nicer to use in the office to manage your schedule and to cart into meetings to take notes?  If that’s you, then I have a wonderful new product to introduce you to today…the Spark Notebook!

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Midori Traveler’s Notebook

The Midori Travelers Notebook is the perfect way to organize your thoughts, notes, and schedule. via

If you’ve been long time reader of my blog, it’ll come as no surprise that I’m a lover of notebooks and planners.  Recently, I discovered yet another notebook that made me all warm and tingly!  As soon as I saw it, I knew that I HAD TO HAVE it!  It was one of those drop-everything-I-was-doing and FIND THAT NOTEBOOK!  Within an hour, I had it ordered and within a few days, I had it in my hot little hands.  And folks, it’s a total love affair.  Allow me to introduce you to my new best friend…the Midori Traveler’s Notebook!

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Depotting Makeup | DIY

Depotting Makeup | DIY

Last week, I shared my favorite makeup palette for organizing and condensing my makeup compacts – the Unii Palette. I mentioned that in order to take advantage of these cool cases, you’d need to either buy makeup that comes unpackaged (like MAC or Mary Kay), or you could depot any other makeup to customize your own compact and improve your organization and storage! There are several different types of cases you can buy besides the Unii Palette, but I found this one to be the most sturdy and secure (plus it’s really cute!). I’ve flown with these, both in my carry-on and checked, and my makeup always arrives without a scratch. [Read more…]

Paper Coterie | Review

Paper Coterie - My Life Journal


A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an awesome online shop that creates custom journals, notebooks, cards/stationary, and memory keepers (boxes to store mementos).  I fell instantly in love with their cute designs and customization options!  This was right up my alley!  This wonderful little place is called Paper Coterie.  Have you ever heard of it?  It was new to me, but I know I’ll be a return customer!

I ended up ordering two things – a custom journal/notebook and a few memory keeper boxes.  Would you like to see?  Yes?  Okay! [Read more…]