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Alrighty, ladies, who doesn’t love to come home to a box of goodies waiting at the door?  I know I do!  That’s why I’m quite the fan of a few of the many monthly box subscriptions that have popped up over the past several years.  I’ve tried a number of them and I have three favorites that have me stalking my mail carrier!

My 3 Favorite Monthly Subscription Boxes

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Allure’s Sample Society:  This is a sample box that will run you $15 per month.  Allure promises to surprise you with deluxe sized samples of higher end beauty products.  The good thing about this box is that you can sample brands you might not normally buy!  The downside…you might fall in love with the product and suffer a bit of sticker shock when looking at the price of the full size product!  Allure helps you out, though, by including a $10 coupon for  you to use on a $50 or higher order.

Birchbox:  This box is also a sample box but differs slightly from Allure’s version.  For starters, it’s only $10 per month.  It also sometimes includes non-beauty items (like tea or chocolate) and may, from time to time, include samples for items you can find in the drugstore (I’m okay with this…sometimes it’s nice to find a product that you love that won’t break the bank to use!).  

Birchbox also has a program where you can earn points – 1 point per dollar spent on any item other than the boxes.  If you take the time to leave a review of the items you receive to sample each month, you will earn 10 points per item!  After you earn 100 points, you receive a $10 credit for any of their products (and you can bank these to use them together).  

Recently, Birchbox has also started providing you with the ability to select one or two of the samples you will receive, which is a fun way to ensure you’re getting items that you want to try!

PopSugar’s Must Have Box:  PopSugar’s Must Have Box is not a sample box, nor is it strictly a beauty product service.  They will send you a box filled with all kinds of goodies that range from coffee table books, jewelry, scarves, food, and full size versions of beauty products (just to name a few!).  As you would expect, the price is a little higher since you’re getting full size products (but the retail value far exceeds the cost of the box).  This one will run you $39.99 per month.  

While I have loved all of the items I have received so far, they are nice enough in quality that you can gift the items if it’s something you find you wouldn’t use, which is an extra perk for this particular box.

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