Beauty Bar {Allure Sample Society} – March 2015

It’s time for another monthly subscription box reveal! This time around, we’re taking the lid off of my March 2015 Beauty Bar box by Allure Sample Society and its a good one!

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Beauty Bar {Allure Sample Society} – January 2015


It’s that time again, friends!  The past week or so has been a good one with regards to my mail!  All three of my monthly subscription boxes arrived, so I’ve been sampling things out, so it’s time to share the first one…Allure’s Beauty Bar Sample Society Box!

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Beauty Bar {Allure Sample Society} – December 2014

Beauty Bar sample box - December 2014 via

Are you still on the fence about Allure’s Sample Society monthly box?  Or, are you just curious to see what was in this month’s box?  Well…if either of those describes you, then today’s post is just for you!!  Last week, I received both of my sample boxes and Allure’s box is fantastic this month, so I couldn’t wait to dive in and give everything a try!

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Beauty Bar – September 2014 | Sample Box


Are you a fan of the monthly box craze that’s underway these days?  There are a LOT to choose from and while I’ve been tempted to try all of them, I’ve restrained myself and limited it to just two monthly sample services.  Last week, I went through my September Birchbox.  Today, I’ll walk you through the goodies Beauty Bar sent me in my latest box.

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Beauty Bar – April 2014 | Sample Box

Did you have a nice Easter?  How about a long weekend, if you were lucky enough to get Friday off?  I had a lovely weekend!  It was sunny and starting to get warmer, so I opened the windows and let the fresh air breeze on in.  I love it when I can finally do that and clear out all the stale winter air!  But, let’s get down to business, shall we?

It’s time again this week to turn our attentions to my monthly sample boxes.  I received both about a week ago and I’ve been busy putting them to use to see what gets the thumbs up and what gets tossed in the trash!  First up…Beauty Bar.

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